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That's why I'll be handling the WildStar​ review as a Review In Progress, with frequent updates on my I'm playing an Exile Spellslinger named Adonnis. I like the characters I'm meeting and performing quests for — I can say that. . Lance Liebl. Ray. If someone asks if you are a god, you say, "yes!". If you play Dominion, you'll do good but Exile players are absolutely shit . slots. also gamma rays sucks in my opinion T8 Quantum Cascade is just better. Perhaps you'll have better luck, meet up with a group or circle that. WildStar is an MMO in development at Carbine Studios! Watch our . Dominion is the good side because the Exiles is made up of outlaws outlander. Speedy.

Logic Elemental spell, Deconstruction's, visual effect for player impact now functions correctly. Logic Gate's 'green orb' visual ends appropriately when the spell is interrupted.

Data Rush cone visuals now end correctly when the spell is interrupted. Dimensional Slam's telegraph now has the correct outline.

Grazer Guardian spell, Logic Crush, impact effects should now display correctly Gronyx spell, Ambient Absorption, beam visuals should now last through the entirety of the spell. Fixed a text issue in Ambient Absorption's tooltip. Increased cast bar display time for Orbitog spell, Rumble Wave.

Caster animations for Tri-Blaster have been synchronized to the spell visuals. Dark Enigma's cast animations now complete correctly before it starts inflicting damage. Replaced 'ice' visual effects on humanoid caster spell Flash Freeze. Liquid Armor should now behave properly when interrupted.

Nourishment should now behave properly when interrupted. Cycle of Life should now behave properly when interrupted.

  • Patch 09/29/2015
  • WildStar Official Trailer

Align should now behave properly when interrupted. The Life Elemental spell, Restless Roots, will now correctly hit its entire telegraph area.

Superheated should now behave properly when interrupted. Siphon Mind no longer inflicts root and damage over time. Instead, this spell now briefly blinds the Player.

The Fiery Arcs spell now deals less damage. Group content creatures' such as World Bosses auto attacks should no longer hit as hard as they used to. Invert's tether is now easier to target and destroy.

For the Scorchwing and Grendelus encounters, several Area of Denial spells now have the possibility to crit. Fighting Dirty's telegraph timing is now more accurate. The humanoid spell, Cold Snap's, final telegraph no longer waves twice for only a single application of damage.

The creature Doomsting is now more appropriately sized to match his attack telegraph size. The timing of Leaping Swipe's telegraph now coincides with damage output. Adjusted the shape and visual effects of Life Elemental spell, Grasping Vines' telegraph.

Adjusted the timing and visual effects of buzzbing spell, Stinger Torrent's telegraph. Characters Telegraphs no longer get stuck being displayed after combat. Added new character hair options in Character Creation.

WildStar Official Trailer

Character Creation now offers various body types for all races and genders. Updated all dye item icons with new art that displays their color.

Players can now delete characters from the character selection screen, even after that character becomes a home owner. Players can no longer have numbers in their character name. Characters with numbers in their names will be forced to rename themselves. A second tab for creating a character no longer appears in the character selection menu when logging in an account with no characters Foreign language characters are now allowed in character names. Players using their Recall ability inside of a cross realm instance should now be returned to the correct realm.

Items Tech Boost - Fixed a tooltip error with the duration. Renamed head armor items that were incorrectly labeled as shoulder armor. The item Frosted Radiant Hand is no longer restricted to Engineers.

The cost of dyes has been revised so the cheapest price has increased, and the most expensive has decreased. Fixed a tooltip error with the duration on Finesse and Insight Boosts Food has received a balance pass. Potions Potions have received a balance pass. Potions no longer break Stealth unless they deal damage. Potions are now usable while casting.

Unstable Potions now have a 3 minute duration, up from 60 seconds. Item Specials and Rune Sets should no longer break stealth. Gadgets Gadgets have received a balance pass. Gadgets are now usable off the GCD. All gadgets now share a cooldown. Gadgets no longer break Stealth unless they deal damage.

Gadgets are now usable while casting. Break Free can now be used while under all Crowd Control effects. The Break Free gadget now displays the correct amount of Absorb. Fixed names on various items as well as renamed some items at were incorrectly labeled.

Updated loot pinata icons for salvageable cloth items. The 'Manta Hoverboard' has had its price changed from credits to elder gems. Foulpads will now correctly appear as boots on your character. Informant's Helm now correctly appears as a head item on the Player's character, and no longer appears as pants. Protostar Moddable Repeater is now correctly a Heavy Gun weapon. Adjusted prices that vendors offer for a wide variety of items such as Armor, Gadgets, Gems, Ore, Food, Omniplasm, etc.

Darkspire Slank Pumps will now properly display as boots instead of gloves. Pricing and prerequisites for Elder Gem items have been updated. Datacore Fissionist's Respirator now properly displays as head armor instead of boots. Flamesmoke Headcover no longer appears in the Feet slot when equipping. Reduced the regular world drop rate of Epic items. Fixed several quest rewards that were not the correct item level. In almost all cases, items are more powerful than they were before. For Grimvault vendors, Faerybloom Medispray will no longer appear in the Meals and Ingredients section.

It will now cost credits to dye equipment regardless of how the item was obtained. At vendors, items that cannot be purchased are now highlighted in red. Fixed a crash that occurred when dragging the 'Widowmaker' item around in the inventory. Players should now be able to consistently purchase stacks of items from a vendor if they have enough credits. Frame rates should no longer dip when the player salvages items in their inventory. Equipped items purchased with elder gems will no longer display the tooltip saying the item can still be sold.

Fixed a crash caused when Players use an item with multiple charges and log off at the same time. Individual items can once again be repaired through the vendor UI. Impenetrable Cover item now displays correct name. Level 50 Veteran quality Rare and Epic gear on the Elder Gem vendor now all have the correct purchase requirements. Rare quality Elder Gem rewards now require the achievement for killing the final boss in the Veteran dungeons.

Epic quality Elder Gem rewards now require the achievement for getting a Gold Medal in the Veteran dungeons and adventures. The exact requirement varies from item to item. Seeds have been removed from the Chest of Crafting Components rewards on Challenges. Classes General Updated the Stuffed! Using Void Slip no longer makes some objects disappear.

Assault Power and Support Power now give more stat per budget point; 1 stat per point up from 0. Cooldown timers will now appear on spells fired because of ability queuing. All class Cleanses and Purges will now remove High Priority effects first. Heal Debuffs can no longer be Deflected but are now set to High Priority. Many powerful class buffs and debuffs have been flagged as High Priority. Fixed a number of debuffs that were not dispellable when they should have been. Fixed a number of Crowd Control effects that could have missed when Blinded.

Stances can now be changed while mounted without causing issues. Overloaded shields can no longer be healed. Stun Breakout Gameplay has been changed based on feedback. This change is intended to remove the button spamming, while also making keyboard macros less viable.

Players no longer have to rapidly press the interact button to get out of Stuns. Now a random movement button Forward, Backward, Left or Right is selected. Holding down the corresponding button will allow you to get out of the stun faster. Spells that show an 'animated field' visual effect should now cast properly. AMPs have received a major balance pass. In general, they were previously much stronger than intended. Fixed an issue where certain AMPs would cause some collapsible sections in vendor menus to automatically close.

All of the new AMPs listed in their Character sections also have tradable versions that drop from World loot.

Ensured that AMPs that should proc off heals only proc off direct heals. Ensured that AMPs that should proc off damage, only proc off direct damage. Fixed an issue causing some AMPs to persist through swapping action sets.

Abilities can now be purchased directly from the Action Set Builder, rather than requiring an Ability Vendor. Resets now cost credits. Cooldown Reduction AMPs will now only reduce the cooldown on class abilities.

They will now display that they are an AMP, and for which class in their tooltips. They should also now appear in the Auction House correctly. New AMPs are available at vendors throughout the game.

Engineer General When a channeled spell reaches its maximum, it should no longer print to the combat log. Bot summon cooldowns will now reset after being mounted for 2 seconds.

Engineer Bots no longer cause Daze. Abilities Now grants the correct amount of Absorb. The Defense Buff now displays the correct amount in the tool tip. Disruptive Module The Tier 8 bonus now activates when you are between 30 and 70 Volatility.

Fixed the tooltip to more accurately express what the ability does. Quick Burst Fixed a bug with the Tier 8 bonus that prevented the increased damage from applying. Innate Exo Suit visuals now appear in PvP areas. Zap Tier 8 no longer deals base damage.

Certain creatures in the starting areas have been changed to neutral. Objective arrows on the quest Powering Down now point at the nearest uncompleted target, instead of always at the closest.

Changed the fire effects on burning dreg tents to reduce frame rate drops on the quest Fire and Brimstone. Players will no longer get a comm call for the quest "Mind the Mines, Scrap the Scrab" by simply traveling to Levian Bay. Increased size of Chua Explosives on Dregs and Thieves, and added more spawn points. Ordinance Recovery Reduced size of quest indicator radius, and moved targets that were outside the indicated area inside it.

Spatial Anomaly Added a story panel to remind players about double-jump when they take the quest. Venomous Intent Added more trapped researchers on the far side of the Dreg camp. Added an indicator location to point to this area. Removed kill objective from the quest "Up in Flames". Minor spawning and spacing adjustments in Bloodtalon Perch. Reduced frequency of Razortail banana tossing. The Settler Taxi node in Feralplain Collective now displays an appropriate recommended level range. Skeledroid Terrorizers are now slightly less mean and nasty.

Fixed issue with a Garr spawned floating in the air. Wildlife in starting areas are now neutral to players. Grounded some flying Razortail near Metal Maw. Arrival of the Luminai: Fixed an issue where voiceover would get cut off if the language was set to French or German.

Fixed an issue where Councilor Vaelan would attempt to moonwalk away from Arkos' cage. Adjusted required level for the quest Your Service is Required to be consistent with quests given in the area. Added an optional objective to the quest "Surface to Air" to help players better complete the main objective. Adjusted breadcrumb quest levels to Feralplain Collective to be consistent with quests offered in that area. Adjusted objective indicators for the quest Delivering the Bad News Update to more clearly indicate where quest objectives are located.

Objective indicators for the quest Getting the Band Back Together in Leviathan's Rest should now more accurately point to quest objectives. Quest objective indicator for Stick It To Them in Leviathan's Rest should now more accurately guide the player out into the playspace. Fixed non-player facing spell description when failing the interaction with Exile Communications Relay during the quest Communications Blackout.

WANTED quests and their associated item-delivered versions are no longer exclusionary, players can do both but not at the same time.

Minor spawning adjustments in Witchwake Ridge and Leviathans' Rest. Added location links to long objective text on the quest "Simple Samples". Changed the quest receiver for the quest "Emergency Support" to improve quest flow in the area. Fixed incorrect location link in long objective text on Hunting the Mercenary.

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Witch Doctor Shami will now give credit for the quest Mojo Moodies. Papyrus plants along the river in Deradune will no longer hinder the player's movement or camera. The tooltip for the spell "Agility of the Gnarlfoot" now properly displays the Dash Regeneration percentage. Fights of Passage Updated long objective text to specifically mention completing the public event.