When did star trek first meet the borg

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when did star trek first meet the borg

The Borg are a fictional alien group that appear as recurring antagonists in the Star Trek The first encounter between humans and the Borg is depicted in the 2nd season of the series The complete phrase used in Star Trek: First Contact is: We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. (Star Trek: First Contact) Drones were typically humanoid, although the It was not until subsequent encounters that Starfleet learned that the Borg do not when Q took the USS Enterprise-D to meet a Borg cube near the J system. The Borg appear in twenty-one episodes of Star Trek and in one movie. This list shows every encounter with the Borg in chronological order from A two part story which was the last in season three and concluded as the first.

They generate new technology inside a Borg when needed, as well as protecting them from many forms of disease.

Borg nanoprobes, each about the size of a human red blood celltravel through the victim's bloodstream and latch on to individual cells. The nanoprobes rewrite the cellular DNAaltering the victim's biochemistry, and eventually form larger, more complicated structures and networks within the body such as electrical pathways, processing and data-storage nodes, and ultimately prosthetic devices that spring forth from the skin.

In addition, the nanoprobes work to maintain and repair their host's mechanical and biological components on a microscopic level, allowing regenerative capabilities.

Though used by the Borg to exert control over another being, reprogrammed nanoprobes were used by the crew of the starship Voyager in many instances as medical aids. The capability of nanoprobes to absorb improved technologies they find into the Borg collective is shown in the Voyager episode " Drone ", where Seven of Nine 's nanoprobes are fused with the Doctor's mobile emitter which uses technology from the 29th century, creating a 29th-century drone existing outside the Collective, with capabilities far surpassing that of the 24th-century drones.

The Borg do not try to immediately assimilate any being with which they come to contact; in fact, Borg drones tend to completely ignore beings that are identified as too weak to be a threat and too inferior to be worth assimilating.

Captain Picard and his team walk safely past a group of Borg drones in a scene from the film Star Trek: First Contact while the drones fulfill a programmed mission.

when did star trek first meet the borg

In the Star Trek: Voyager episode " Mortal Coil ", Seven of Nine told Neelix that the Kazon were "unworthy" of assimilation and would only detract from the Borg's quest for perceived perfection. Travel[ edit ] The Borg are a spacefaring race, and their primary interstellar transport is known as a "Borg Cube" due to its shape.

A cube was first seen in the Next Generation episode " Q Who? Common capabilities of cubes include high speed warp and transwarp drivesself-regeneration and multiple-redundant systems, adaptability in combat, and various energy weapons as well as tractor beams and cutting beams.

Additionally, different types and size of Cubes have been observed as well as Borg Spheres and some smaller craft. Assimilation[ edit ] Assimilation is the process by which the Borg integrate beings, cultures, and technology into the Collective. The Borg are portrayed as having found and assimilated thousands of species and billions to trillions of individual life-forms throughout the galaxy.

The Borg designate each species with a number assigned to them upon first contact ; humanity being 'Species '. When first introduced, the Borg are said to be more interested in assimilating technology than people, roaming the universe as single-minded marauders that have assimilated starships, planets, and entire societies to collect new technology.

They are discriminating in this area, finding certain races, for example the Kazonto be technologically inferior and not worthy of assimilation. The Borg then place the assimilated children into maturation chambers to quickly and fully grow them into mature drones.

The method of assimilating individual life-forms into the Collective has been represented differently over time. When we see the Borg in Star Trek: The Next Generation, assimilation is through abduction and then surgical procedure.

First Contact and Star Trek: Voyager, assimilation is through injection of nanoprobes into an individual's bloodstream via a pair of tubules that spring forth from a drone's hand. Assimilation by tubules is depicted on-screen as being a fast-acting process, with the victim's skin pigmentation turning gray and mottled with visible dark tracks forming within moments of contact.

After assimilation, a drone's race and gender become "irrelevant". After initial assimilation through injection, Borg are surgically fitted with cybernetic devices. First Contact an assimilated crew member is shown to have a forearm and an eye physically removed and replaced with cybernetic implants. The Borg also assimilate, interface, and reconfigure technology using these tubules and nanoprobes.

However, in Q Who? Some species, for various stated reasons, are able to resist assimilation by nanoprobe. Species is the only race shown to be capable of completely rejecting assimilation attempts. Other species, such as the Hirogenhave demonstrated resistance to assimilation as well as Dr Phloxwho was able to partially resist the assimilation process in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode " Regeneration ". The Ferengi were originally intended as the new enemy for the United Federation of Planets, but their comical appearance and devotion to capitalist accumulation by free enterprise failed to portray them as a convincing threat.

The Borg, however, with their frightening appearance, their immense power, and their sinister motive, became the signature villains for the TNG and Voyager eras of Star Trek.

In Voyager episode " Q2 ", even Q tells his son "don't provoke the Borg. The Next Generation TNG writers began to develop the idea of the Borg as early as the Season 1 episode, " Conspiracy ", which introduced a coercive, symbiotic life form that took over key Federation personnel.

Plans to feature the Borg as an increasingly menacing threat were subsequently scrapped in favor of a more subtle introduction, beginning with the mystery of missing colonies on both sides of the Neutral Zone in " The Neutral Zone " and culminating in the encounter between Borg and the Enterprise crew in " Q Who? First Contact Before the film Star Trek: First Contactthe Borg exhibited no hierarchical command structure.

Star Trek Borg Queen

I am the Collective. Voyager, " Endgame ".

when did star trek first meet the borg

The character also appeared in Voyager's two-part episodes " Dark Frontier " and " Unimatrix Zero "but was portrayed by Susanna Thompson.

In First Contact, the Borg Queen is heard during a flashback of Picard's former assimilation, implying that she was present during the events of "Best of Both Worlds". The Borg Queen is the focal point within the Borg collective consciousness and a unique drone within the Collective, who brings "order to chaos", referring to herself as "we" and "I" interchangeably.

In First Contact, the Queen's dialogue suggests she is an expression of the Borg Collective's overall intelligence, not a controller but the avatar of the entire Collective as an individual.

This sentiment is contradicted by Star Trek: Voyager, where she is seen explicitly directing, commanding, and in one instance even overriding the Collective. The introduction of the Queen radically changed the canonical understanding of the Borg function, with the authors of The Computers of Star Trek noting "It was a lot easier for viewers to focus on a villain rather than a hive-mind that made decisions based on the input of all its members.

Moore have defended the introduction of the Queen as a dramatic necessity, noting on the film's DVD audio commentary that they had initially written the film with drones, but then found that it was essential for the main characters to have someone to interact with beyond mindless drones.

The Next Generation second-season episode " Q Who? This also suggests that neither Guinan nor any other El-Aurian refugee e.

Tolian Soran living in Federation space had discussed the Borg with Starfleet or any official representatives of the Federation. This is consistent with their reclusive nature. However, the first inconsistency with this appears in the Voyager episode "Dark Frontier" part 1. Magnus Hansen, a Federation exobiologist and the father of Seven of Nine, says the following in a flashback: The Federation Council on Exobiology has given us final approval. Starfleet's still concerned about security issues but they've agreed not to stand in our way.

We've said our goodbyes, and we're ready to start chasing our theories about the Borg. Chronologically, he made these remarks inten years before the events of "Q Who".

The next discrepancy occurs in the episode "Regeneration" of Enterprise. Inhuman scientists at an arctic research station discover functional Borg drones who survived the destruction of the Borg sphere that went back in time to the 21st Century in First Contact.

Captain Archer and his crew subsequently encounter the Borg in space. Phlox is exposed to Borg nanoprobes and almost becomes assimilated. He experiences brief periods of the Borg "hive mind".

Borg history

Surely, these experiences would be included in their logs and reports. Riley admits that they were Borg and that an electrokinetic storm broke their link with the hive mind. A Borg sphere travels back in time dragging the Enterprise E along with it. The Borg attempt to change the history of the Federation by preventing mankind from taking their first warp flight which will in turn mean Earth is ignored by a passing Vulcan ship and humans will miss their opportunity to make first contact with an alien race.

Voyager enters a sector of space occupied by the Borg but are able to find a narrow path through the sector that is free of the Borg. Before Voyager can safely make it in to the passageway they encounter15 Borg cubes, but moments after they show up on the scanner they are destroyed by a "bioship" piloted by Species Eventually Voyager reaches the safe passage, only to find a fleet of bioships waiting for them and Captain Janeway suggests an alliance with the Borg in order to continue their journey safely.

Voyager - 'The Raven' [S04E06] Having recently liberated Seven of Nine from the Borg collective, she begins having hallucinations involving Borg and a large black bird.

Without warning one of her Borg implants burst through her skin and she threatens to assimilate Neelix.

Complete List Of Appearances Of The Borg In Star Trek

The Doctor figures out that Seven's Borg nanoprobes have reactivated and are taking over her body again. Voyager - 'Drone' [S05E02] Seven of Nine and Voyager's holographic Doctor are onboard a shuttlecraft but suddenly need to be transported back to the ship in an emergency. During transport a malfunction occurs which briefly merges their patterns together, the error is corrected and everything seems normal but the crew is unaware that the Doctor's holographic emitter has been infected by Seven's Borg nanoprobes and it begins assimilating the equipment in the science lab.

They uses this data to locate a heavily damaged Borg sphere nearby and Captain Janeway formulates a plan to invade the Borg craft and steal its transwarp coil, a device which could shave about 20 years off Voyager's journey home. Seven meets three men at the Markonian Outpost Space Station who eventually reveal themselves as former Borg and part of her unimatrix. The strangers want to connect with Seven to establish what happened some years ago when a Borg scout ship they were on together crashed on an uninhabited planet.