What score did meet the robinsons got for wii reviews

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what score did meet the robinsons got for wii reviews

Meet the Robinsons is a American computer-animated science fiction comedy film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures on March 30, The 47th Disney animated feature film, it was released in standard and It was the first film released after then-Pixar executive John Lasseter became. Read Common Sense Media's Meet the Robinsons review, age rating, and parents guide. Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. In the Wii version, panning the camera with the Wii remote isn't very easy and Sometimes, especially in the beginning of the game, players will spend a lot of. movie to get a game conversion is entitled Disney's Meet the Robinsons but the enemy's shields, once you do that you will try to score a goal. As you are.

Disney's Meet the Robinsons

Wilbur meets Lewis at the orphanage and asks him to repair the scanner. Lewis agrees to do so only if Wilbur can prove he is telling the truth, which Wilbur does by taking them to the year in a second time machine.

what score did meet the robinsons got for wii reviews

When they arrive, he and Wilbur get into an argument and crash. Wilbur asks Lewis to fix the time machine, but Lewis has another condition: Wilbur has to take him to visit his mother afterwards.

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Reluctantly, Wilbur agrees and hides Lewis in the garage. Lewis does not stay there for long, however, and ends up meeting the rest of the Robinson family except for Cornelius, Wilbur's father, who is away on a business trip. The Robinsons offer to adopt Lewis, but change their mind when they learn that he is from the past. Wilbur admits to lying to Lewis about taking him back to see his mom, causing Lewis to run off in disgust. Playing as Wilbur Robinson - a headstrong future child from light-years beyond - the game takes players through an alternate story from the Disney film.

In the movie, Wilbur acts as a supporting character, but designers opted to give him the star treatment in the game, as he makes for a more adventurous and action-based character.

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The game's story is set as a parallel to the movie, so core elements are taken, but the story drives itself. In the game, Wilbur has possession of the Robinson time machine, and is using it to travel around the world through time. Even though the story is essentially just a setup for labyrinth-based action - similar to a more kid-friendly Zelda adventure - the game's presentation has definitely taken notes from the franchise, as the game's menu interface, character performances, voices, events, and attitude is all within the Robinson theme.

what score did meet the robinsons got for wii reviews

You'll travel around the Robinson mansion as a main hub to the game, you'll blast around in the protectosphere, and talk with supporting cast such as Carl, Cousin Laszlo, Grandpa Bud, Uncle Art, Aunt Billie, and Wilbur's mom Franny.

The game has the look and feel of the Robinson world; something that in a licensed game is nearly as important as the game itself especially considering the audience. When it comes to the main gameplay, Meet the Robinsons is pretty formulaic, though what's there still feels fine.

what score did meet the robinsons got for wii reviews

Both Wilbur and Lewis are able to create and activate several different inventions by finding invention pieces throughout the levels. In addition, InventCo Egg-Timers and Gift Boxes are hidden throughout; collecting enough of these will unlock special "Goodies" on the main menu.

In addition, a "Battery" meter serves as both a life gauge and a power gauge for the many different inventions. The events of the game take place immediately after the movie, rather than before like in the Buena Vista Games version. Inexplicably, this is also the only Meet the Robinsons game which features Lewis as a main playable character.

Meet the Robinsons Game Review

Due to the limitations of the Game Boy Advance, no voice-acting is featured. Nintendo DS version[ edit ] The Nintendo DS version is a third-person shooter with a simplified version of the console storyline, borrowing familiar game elements, such as the Dissembler and Charge Glove as well as adding exclusive ones. It follows the console version in four different worlds; Egypt, Lizzy, Stanley, and finally the Bowler Hat Guy's robotic hat- Doris, that ensures a final battle for the future.