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Thursday, March 24, KT STABL'- ED 18G7. WILMINGTON, N. C. THURSDAY MARCH 24, SENATOR MILLS LORD SALISBURY'S REPLY. Chapel Drive, Box , Duke University, Durham, North Carolina All undergraduate residence halls and Central Campus apartments are have been designed to meet a wide spectrum of student needs and consist of Windows, .. level (other than FLAC courses) cannot be used to satisfy. In Beaufort, North Carolina, at the Marine Laboratory, the Pearse Memorial Library All undergraduate residence halls and Central Campus apartments are wired for The labs have been designed to meet a wide spectrum of student needs and .. Foreign language courses below the level (other than FLAC courses).

It was a piece I used to play in pubs when I was very young. Warmly received, they were also written during the summer of as Eric grieved.

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And I wouldn't want to insult them by not sharing my grief with them in some way. So I do intend to make these things known and I will play the songs in concert and put them on record. It is a healing process for me, and I think it's important to share that with people who love your music. It was part of my early repertoire. I played it unaccompanied and it was one of the first songs I felt I could sing because it was a melodramatic song. I could put all this angst into it. The biggest surprise of the night was next.

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It was also a song that had been recorded by The Dominos. Eric said "Layla sort of mystified me I've done it the same all these years, and never considered trying to revamp it. A lot of artists do that. Bob Dylan, for instance, changes everything every time he plays a song. I thought this was another great opportunity to just take it off on a different path and make it into a shuffle.

For a start, making it acoustic denied all the riffs which would have sounded a bit weak really on the acoustic. It just seemed to become jazzier somehow. The Sun, in typical tabloid form, took a huge amount of poetic license with this moment when they reported it on 27 January So I wrote this song about that.

Cut from the broadcast and omitted from official releases, Eric would perform it on stage regularly over the next several years.

I thought it was good to include it. Although it would become commonplace in succeeding years, this was the first time fans got to see and hear a song performed in this manner by Eric. It's a piece I've played since I was 14, but I only recently decided to start singing it. Like all of the cover songs in the set, it was another that Eric had heard during his youth that he always wanted to do. The seasoned musicians quickly picked up on it and the crowd clapped along. The director, realizing what a gem this was, signaled the crew.

The latter is one of the high points of the night, with Eric taking his usual long improvised solo during the song. It was captured in one brilliant take at the very end of the evening.

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