The mentalist meet red john full episode

the mentalist meet red john full episode

The Mentalist Red John Episodes. However, the case causes the real Red John to come back and meet Patrick for the first time face-to-face. Full name, Thomas McAllister. Aliases, Roy Tagliaferro; Dr. Joe N.H.; McAllister; Jay Roth. Gender, Male. Occupation, Sheriff of Napa County, California. Nationality, American. Red John is a fictional character and the primary antagonist of the CBS crime drama The Mentalist for the first five seasons and half of the sixth. In the season 6 episode "Red John", the eponymous. During The Mentalist's hundred plus episodes, there have been numerous instances in which Jane has spent his entire time at CBI obsessing over Red John.

Just not this much. In an interview with reporters about this episode, creator Bruno Heller made a stunning admission: That explains a lot about why the Red John story became so impossibly loopy. For at least three seasons, the show gave us Red John clues without knowing who Red John was. The Mentalist is show about mysteries! This is the one that matters the most!

No wonder Red John could seemingly be anywhere and do anything — when a character has no identity, they have no limitations. Looking back, that food court confrontation with Whitford should have ended the Red John story. Sure the name sounds like a condo management company. That McAllister is a cop, at least, felt on target. The format of The Mentalist is that each week a killer is revealed and then captured or killed in rapid succession. Baker said something similar during our interview — that he wished the show could have explored a style serialized format when chasing Red John, but lamented that since The Mentalist is on CBS, they had to stick to a procedural format.

That would have then made Jane capturing him so much more satisfying. Jane learns that Red John visited her as a patient under the alias "Jay Roth". He is described as being middle-aged, in good health, victim to certain phobias, an excellent whistler, and slightly narcissistic.

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Charlie - Charlie was a guest at a wedding in Napa County. At the wedding chapel, he tried to steal a very expensive Bible, but was caught in the act. He therefore killed the only witness, Uncle Larry. When Jane and Lisbon discover that he is the killer, he takes Jane hostage.

This is the second time that Red John has saved Jane's life. Kira Tinsley - Tinsley was hired by an unknown client to play a love interest to Cho.

As a private investigator, she planted a listening device in the CBI offices. When Jane discovers that it was not the "Visualize" church who employed Tinsley, he concludes that Tinsley was either hired by Red John or is one of his many operatives.

He hurries to rescue her, but is too late and arrives just as Tinsley is about to die. She reveals to Jane that her attacker has a tattoo on his left arm of three horizontal dots, which she draws on her arm using her own blood. Bret Stiles - The ambitious leader of the independent church known as "Visualize".

During the meeting with the five remaining Red John suspects, a concussion bomb goes off. This knocks out everyone in the room except Red John, who knew of the bomb in advance. Since Red John knew that he was no longer safe because he possessed the "Blake Association" tattoo, he faked his own death. By doing this he knew that the one of the two other members present in the room, Gale Bertram or Reede Smith, would be pinned as Red John. Red John dragged Jane, Bertram, and Smith out of the room where the second, lethal explosion would go off, one which killed Bret Stiles.

Since he and Stiles weren't members of the "Blake Association", Red John figured he and Stiles had to die, in order to protect himself. In season 4, it is revealed that Deutsch had removed evidence from the scene that would have confirmed Jane's account, including Carter's cell phone and gun. Deutsch is electrocuted in his bathtub by Red John or another Red John operative. Baris Acar - A morgue attendant who lets Jane look at Timothy Carter's corpse and whose face Jane has the blind Rosalind Harker feel to examine the features, which Harker confirms are not those of "Roy" the alias by which she knows Red John.

Acar's body is later found dead in Harker's closet. It is not clear why he was killed, as he had no new information to provide, but his death directly resulted from Darcy's interference in Jane's activities.

Martin Talbot and Alan Charney - Two members of a fictitious cult-like group, "Visualize", who lived and worked at Elliston Farm, a farm owned by the cult, ina decade before "Red John" became known as a serial killer.

The decomposed bodies of the men are discovered in the season 5 episode " The Red Barn " and subsequently identified as possible early victims of Red John, as the barn in which their bodies are found bears the characteristic bloody "smiley face" design, albeit on its outside wall.

Michael Kirkland - In the season 6 episode "Red Listed", Bob Kirkland explains that his brother joined Red John's following after their mother had committed suicide to escape from their abusive father who later drank himself to death.

Kirkland states that, after his brother had joined Red John, he never saw or heard from him again and believes him to be one of the countless victims. Almost all die after serving their purpose s. Dumar is shot moments later by Jane. They are all killed by Bosco's secretary Rebecca Anderson, who tells Jane: I got rid of Bosco and his team so that you could have the case back. Red John misses you. And it's what you wanted too. Madeline Hightower is later framed for the Johnson killing.

Manuel Montero - A successful archaeologist and friend of Todd Johnson - they were on the same football team. Montero was found dead in a museum. It is unknown if he was killed by Red John or one of his operatives, such as O'Laughlin. Alan Dinkler - In the episode "Strawberries and Cream - Part 1", he is killed as a pawn to get information, via a bomb vest that explodes while he is wearing it.

Anthony Gupta, who detonates the vest, is another Red John associate. Gupta himself is fatally shot by Agent J. LaRoche Pruitt Taylor Vince in an escape attempt. The young woman leaps to her death from a hotel window rather than allow herself to be taken into custody by the CBI.

Luther Wainwright - The young CBI supervisor is found gagged and bound in the backseat of the limousine driven by Red John's operatives: Julia Howard - Howard worked at the women's shelter where Lorelei Martins' sister stayed temporarily.

When Lorelei discovered that she was involved with her sister's death, she tortures her, then kills her. Appearances, accomplices, and copycats[ edit ] Face-to-face[ edit ] At the start of the series, Red John was initially known as simply a serial killer who tortured and murdered mostly women, with at least eleven confirmed victims by the series' premiere. However, Red John's persona would become much more mysterious as any individual who would come close to disclosing any crucial information regarding the killer to Jane would wind up dead themselves, implying that Red John is far more than just an average serial killer and has deep connections throughout the state.

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It would later be revealed that Red John has a multitude of followers that see him as a savior who gave their life a purpose and willingly aid him in his various plans and murders in gratitude for what he gives them, which can range from a new life, an occupation, or some form of compensation. His followers do not simply aid him, but worship him and willingly give their lives for his cause, refusing to ever reveal any information about their leader or how they met him. Jane soon realizes that Red John is more powerful than he could ever imagine, having connections in law enforcement and an entire cult of brainwashed followers under his complete control and at his beck and call.

The character of Red John himself remained largely unseen from the beginning. His face was confined in the shadows when he escaped from the abandoned house in the first-season finale. He may have appeared as a slim, dark-haired CHP motorcycle officer blue turtleneck, rather than blue tie to poison Rebecca using his left hand in "His Red Right Hand"; in the same episode, he is also seen in flashback.

In the second-season finale, "Red Sky in the Morning", a man claiming to be Red John appears in the flesh, wearing a black sweatshirt, apron and pants, black rubber gloves, a pair of charcoal boots, and a grotesque rubber mask that covers his face, making him look slightly similar to what many believe the real life serial killer Jack the Ripper donned during his murder hunts.

During the encounter, Red John keeps his face hidden behind a mask, preventing Jane from identifying him. This poem is alluded to numerous times throughout the series, before and after its reveal to Jane, with its contents making up the backbone of Red John's philosophy implying the reason for why it is his favorite poem of there being no such thing as life without death or light without darkness, something he tells his followers to get them into the correct mindset for their murders and exploits.

There have been further developments in season 5. In "Red Sails in the Sunset", Lorelei Martins reveals, in a moment of pique, that Red John is someone Jane knows by telling him that he and Red John are very much alike and she is surprised that they didn't become best friends "as soon as they shook hands". This prompts Jane to compile a list of men he has shaken hands with, which would eventually be narrowed down to seven names.

After being locked in a holding cell in the CBI headquarters, Johnson says he will only talk to Jane, as he claims only Jane will understand what he has to say.

When the guard returns with Jane, Johnson has been set aflame and is writhing on fire. The reason behind Todd Johnson's cop killings is left unclear, but later seasons along with Johnson's knowledge of the phrase "Tyger, Tyger" would imply that their deaths were in some way connected to the "Blake Association". Red John most likely ordered Johnson to murder various police officers who were close to discovering his society or were members themselves perhaps indicating why one of Johnson's victims was burned alive, probably in order to hide the organization's tattoo, which is marked on all members to better ensure loyalty who failed to complete their orders or were planning on turning themselves, and the association by extension, over to the authorities.

When Johnson realized that Red John would never let him live while he was in custody and surrounded by potentially corrupt officials, he was prepared to reveal everything he knew to Jane, before he himself is killed by another Red John operative, but still managed to utter the society's main form of communication to Jane.

Jane then begins a secret investigation of his own to track the killer. Red John, in the meantime, decides to exploit the opportunity to use Johnson's murder as a means to target another individual close to Jane and additionally cover up the identity of Johnson's true killer, who also served as his secret informant on the CBI.

Meanwhile, Special Agent J. With Jane's help, Hightower stages a hostile escape and is advised by Jane to remain in hiding, not only to evade the police but due to the danger imposed by Red John. Hightower goes to stay with her sister. Jane, on a call with Lisbon during the shootout, tells her to use O'Laughlin's cell phone to redial the last number and tell the one who answered that O'Laughlin is dead.

When Lisbon does so, a phone rings near Jane and is answered by a man Timothy Carter, played by Bradley Whitford reading a newspaper and speaking in an odd, high-pitched voice.

After ending the call, Jane approaches the man and questions him. At first, the man appears upset and threatens to call security, but then smiles and says he was joking and claims he is Red John. The two talk; the man reveals to Jane that he has a gun concealed in a folded newspaper and states that he is tired of killing and wants to start a new life, and encourages Jane to do the same.

Jane says he will not be able to move on until Red John is dead. The man begins to leave, but at Jane's insistence answers a question, revealing details about Jane's wife and daughter that Jane mistakenly presumes only Red John could know.

Jane vengefully shoots Carter with a gun he has hidden in his pocket. In season 4, Carter is shown to have been a Red John operative imposter. Red John still at large[ edit ] In reference to the season 3 finale, the series creator, Bruno Heller, has stated: The viewer is supposed to be convinced. Patrick Jane is certain it's Red John The thing is, Red John is a master of the mind game. If Red John wanted to die, maybe this is how he wanted to die.

Or maybe he just wants Jane to think he's dead. Jane comes to believe the man he shot was not Red John, but Timothy Carter, a sadistic businessman who, with his equally twisted wife, Sally, had kidnapped a young woman Debbie Lupin, in whose search the couple cynically pretended to join. Jane tricks Sally into revealing the girl's location.

Sally is arrested by Lisbon and taken into custody, not to be heard from again, as she commits suicide in jail. Jane convinces a jury that Carter was Red John and is acquitted, although Jane is already beginning to have doubts about that. LaRoche, who is apparently leaving Major Crimes, to see Sally Carter, who committed suicide by slitting her wrists with a sharpened spoon, leaving a note about how lost she was now that her "God" by which she presumably means Timothy Carter is dead.

She feels his face and told him that she had never met the man before, confirming Jane's suspicion that Red John is "still out there somewhere".

The Mentalist Red John Episodes

One of the people believing Red John to be dead is James Panzer, a blogger pretending to devote his life to find a serial killer known as "the San Joaquin Killer" abbreviated SJK, who has killed at least five young women. In reality, Panzer is the killer. Jane suspects Panzer but initially lacks the proof to expose him. Panzer rises to the bait, making bold statements that the SJK killings were the work of a genius and Red John by comparison is a "common sociopath, lazy, sloppy, delusional" and already forgotten since Jane killed him.

Panzer then makes the same mistake made by Jane and Kristina Frye: A couple of hours after the television appearance, Panzer is found murdered, with Red John's smiley face painted in blood on one of the walls near his body. Panzer's murder proves Jane's theory that Red John is still alive. This makes Panzer Red John's ninth male victim.

At this time, Red John is shown to be stalking Darcy via an uploaded video called "I Dare You" on the Major Crime server, which shows her in her apartment, unaware that she is being filmed. The cameraman uploads an infobox saying, "She's cute, this is going to be fun". Jane reluctantly frames the late Thomas Maier, father of Panzer's first victim, for killing Panzer as revenge for SJK's victims - Maier had recently committed suicide.

The FBI closes the case, presumably leaving Darcy safe, as she will presumably drop her inquiry. In the episode " Red is the New Black ", Jane's efforts are later exposed and undone when Darcy refuses to let the case go after finding too many discrepancies. Darcy interviews Rosalind Harker, Red John's blind ex-girlfriend and also the attendant of the morgue that Timothy Carter's body was taken to following his death.

Darcy subsequently realizes that Red John was still alive even though Jane has kept up the deception. Later, Harker contacts Jane and happily reveals Red John, once again under the alias "Roy Tagliaferro", has come to visit her for tea, promising to "sort things out" with Jane and Darcy.

As Harker speaks on the phone, a slim man, holding a tea cup in his left hand, and dressed in a smart, dark-coloured suit, is sitting nearby; Harker, when asked, confirms that "Roy" is present and listening.

Upon arrival, they find Harker alive and unhurt, playing her piano alone, seemingly sad that Red John "couldn't stay". In the cemetery where Jane's wife and daughter are buried, a little girl named Hailey Emma Rayne Lyle approaches him and says, "Hello, Patrick. She says, "He told me to ask you a question Lisbon says to Patrick that Red John wants to play with his mind. It's just a game, and he keeps winning.

The only way for me to stop him is if I stop playing. Lorelei bails him out, and the two have sex in Jane's apartment. The next day, Lorelei reveals herself as an associate of Red John and says her presence in Jane's life is "a gift". She brings forward Red John's proposal for friendship and a 'change' in Jane's lifestyle to help him overcome his depression.

Jane is shocked and tells Lorelei to get out. However, he later confides to Lisbon that his breakdown had been tailored to get Red John to believe Patrick was really giving up. Red John communicates through Lorelei that he will only meet Jane in person if he kills Lisbon and brings him her head as a "present".

the mentalist meet red john full episode

The CBI team executes a plot where they fake the murders of Lisbon and Rigsby at the hands of Jane, and the team goes into hiding. On hearing this over the news, Red John sends a message to Jane to meet him in Nevada. Darcy is investigating the apparent deaths of Lisbon and Rigsby. She discovers that the body found does not belong to Rigsby and gets arrest warrants issued against the entire team involved in the deception.

Meanwhile, a limousine pulls over in the middle of a deserted street where Jane is waiting.

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Lorelei and a huge, armed man emerge from the car, and she claims Red John is inside. Lorelei looks at the box Jane is bearing and asks if it contains a football or a cabbage. He tells her it is a melon, specifically a honeydew. She does not react angrily, apparently since Red John and thus she became aware of Jane's deception.

Lorelei does have her assistant beat Jane up "a little". Jane sits in the front seat of the limo while a dark, shadowy figure sitting in the back whose voice is distorted with a radio transmitter, and whose face is not visible, greets Jane.

He tells Jane that he was fooled for a while by Jane's plot but was apprised of the truth by a "good friend" inside the FBI.

At this moment, Lisbon and her team, who were to move in and arrest Red John, are arrested by Darcy and her squad. Lisbon, cuffed on the side of the road, tells Darcy about the plan and the imminent danger to Jane's life. The FBI fire bullets at the fleeing limousine, which stops. Darcy opens the back door, which reveals CBI Director Luther Wainwright, bound and dead, with a cell phone attached to his body.

She refuses to speak about Red John but tells Lisbon that she and Jane have been lovers, calling Jane "lover" frequently. Jane tells Lorelei that she will eventually reveal what she knows and walks out of the room, ending season 4. Jane discovers Lorelei previously had a sister, who was murdered some years prior.

Lisbon faxes him a photo of the crime scene where the word "ROY" can be seen scrawled on the floor next to the sister's body — information that had been withheld from the public at the time of the murder.

This suggests to Jane that Red John who has used the alias Roy Tagliaferro was the killer, a fact that Jane reveals to Lorelei, who, angry at an earlier deception by Jane, tells him that "you're just like him, you know that?

I only wonder why the two of you didn't become lifelong friends from the moment you shook hands.

the mentalist meet red john full episode

However, Lorelei refuses to believe Jane about the murderer. Alerted to Jane's whereabouts, the CBI begins to close in on the pair, but Jane allows Lorelei to escape, telling her to "find the truth" for herself and come back to him when she realizes Red John used her.