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If you prefer your X-Files episodes dark and serious, then this week's joyfully funny, high camp adventure won't be for you. "The X-Files" The Calusari (TV Episode ) on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. User Reviews. Review this title. 15 Reviews Was this review helpful?. "The Căluşari" is the twenty-first episode of the second season of The X-Files. Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully review a photo from the scene of the.

Golda watches Mulder and Scully. Mulder inquires into paranormal occurrences around the home; as he does, the fire alarm triggers and the lights go out. When the lights return, Golda appears and accuses Maggie of having a devil child. The agents interview Steve Holvey to discuss Golda. Scully refers Steve to a social worker and asks that Charlie is brought to see her. Should've worn a bowtie, Steve. Before he can eat, Steve takes him to see the social worker; something Maggie is adamantly opposed to.

While in the garage, Steve is killed trying to reset the malfunctioning garage door. Meanwhile, Mulder discovers a grey powder in the garage. Mulder shows the substance to Chuck, who identifies it as an apport — something which can appear from thin air. As ever, Scully remains skeptical.

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Meanwhile, the social worker Karen Kosseff arrives. Furious, Maggie enters the room and demands that everyone leave. Golda grabs Charlie, locks the door, and prepares a ritual blade.

Meanwhile, the social worker calls and informs Mulder and Scully, who have just arrived. As she turns to face Charlie, he thrusts the dead roosters at her, who return to life and attack her. The agents breach the door; Golda is dead, as are the reanimated roosters. Maggie reveals the ceremony Golda was performing is designed to cleanse the house of evil. Suddenly the boy begins to convulse.

Maggie tries to stop it, dismissing the mystics, but Golda refuses to comply; she grabs Charlie, locks her door, and attempts to finish the ritual. Suddenly, Charlie brings a pair of sacrificed chickens back to life and they kill Golda. They explain that they were attempting to stop "an ancient and unrelenting evil" with their ritual. Kosseff later sits Charlie down and inquires about the struggle, but the boy swears that it was not him in his grandmother's room, but rather another boy named "Michael".

Terrified, she insists that she and Steve never told Charlie. After Charlie was born, Golda tried to perform a ritual that would have separated the spirits of the two boys.

The Căluşari

However, Steve would not allow it. Charlie seizes again and its taken to a hospital. However, Michael convinces Maggie, by pretending to be Charlie, that he wants to go home. Scully witnesses what is happening, and informs Mulder, who is certain that the spirit of Michael, and not Charlie, is killing people.

The two agents split up: Maggie returns to the hospital and is reunited with Charlie. The episode was written by Sara Charno and directed by Mike Vejar. Fox's standards and practices department, on the other hand, took issues with the initial cut of Steve's strangulation scene; in the end, the sequence was kept but the actor's face was obscured to "soften the impact".

This is an episode that falls heavily to subjective interpretation. The two called it a "pale retread of The Exorcist" and noted that many of the episode's elements, like the chicken-sacrificing grandmother and the Calusari members, were "tremendously crass". Regardless, however, the duo concluded that "there's something stale and pointless at [the episode's] heart.