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OFFICIAL SUPERNATURAL CONVENTION PRE-REGISTRATION TIMES ANNOUNCED . world, and we can't wait to meet all our fellow Supernatural fans overseas! .. your own) and compete for the audience's applause to win great prizes! .. SUPERNATURAL VIP EXPERIENCES/MEET & GREETS AT. In fall of , I was reaching the end of my educational career. . And I think it is great a Supernatural alumni is continuing to develop their career. .. I would have loved to buy a couple meet and greets, buy all the photo-ops. News, conventions, photos, Find all the information about Jensen Ackles on Roster Con.

The fans interact with the actors in ways that show a familiarity - probably all false. They know the names of wives and girlfriends, and ask about them. They know about pranks played on set.


They know about favorite foods and drinks, and will bring gifts of bottles of liquor so much so that the rules now make you check in your gifts at registration and not to bring them to the photo ops or autograph sessions. For some of the actors this seems like a rare moment to shine. When Traci Dinwiddie, who has appeared in four episodes of Supernatural, took the stage with a bunch of West African drummers and, without an intro, just started doing a drum circle thing, the audience ate it up.

I was kind of mystified - what the fuck is this nonsense, I wondered - but everybody else seemed to have fun. I love doing Monsterpalooza, an annual convention dedicated to monsters and make-up.


I regularly attend The Hollywood Show, a bizarre autograph-seekers convention that unites people from B-movies with bit players in Hollywood Golden Age films. I like the enthusiasm at conventions; sometimes I enjoy it ironically, sometimes it gets me a little energized. I like seeing the celebrities, especially the fading or faded stars - getting a picture with Rip Taylor beats any Hollywood A-list celeb. The fans were enthusiastic - they giggled and squealed at anything that could have been seen as mildly suggestive from Jensen and Jared, and they even emitted a kind of jealous sigh when Jared ran from the stage to give a little girl a hug.

The stars were gracious beyond belief, and they treated the fans with kindness and appreciation. But everything else was tragic, and it soon became clear that this convention was about one thing and one thing only - taking money from fans.

The convention, which is held in the basement of a Marriott next to LAX, has three areas: If you pay for the dollar Gold Pass you get an assigned seat in that ballroom. Jensen pulling out his phone: Oh, here, let me show you something.

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That was an adorable fanboy moment. Speaking of fanboy moments, someone also asked what possessed him to crash The Vampire Diaries convention in Las Vegas. They apparently had no idea he was going to crash their panel and were genuinely surprised.

The CW is a small world. Another fan asked something about pranking Misha. Jared said that he and Jensen are fully expecting Misha to get them back during the last season with an absolutely epic prank.

Start planning now, Misha! And then there were the show questions, which are always my favorite. One fan asked about difficult scenes to film. Jared said he was very nervous doing that bad acting scene in The French Mistake, which I guess was actually very difficult to do — but it sure turned out wonderfully! He also laughed at himself for forgetting himself and leaping out of the way when the bowl of blood Sebastian was supposed to paint sigils with fell off the table during the filming of that episode.

Jensen at the time: I also got to ask Jared about that pivotal scene in the premiere.

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Jared answered, then added that fatherhood has also greatly affected Supernatural. Now I get it, that Sam would do anything for Dean. Jared said that with so much emotion, and once again, I lamented my lack of tissues. A fan asked what made Jared want to do Supernatural, way back when. But he had an insatiable curiousity about things like archetypes, so he was drawn to that about Supernatural.

You could tell the women and the crowd were all excited, with great fan questions about the show. Next up was a panel consisting of Rob, Rich, and Matt Cohen.

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Jason was extremely nice and I introduced myself and thanked him for the interview he just did with us and Louden Swain. Jason was at his table a lot over the course of the weekend, and was just a fantastic person and really took his time to talk to everyone. For this convention, the vendor area was a little small so there was a patio right outside that they tweeted they would be at.

When we arrived, there were a few fans and more and more starting coming. The cool thing was everyone was really calm and collected — people were respectful of giving space when needed and everyone was just talking to each other. One of the most fun things was us waiting on the patio for Louden Swain to arrive and Misha Collins walking by with his meet and greet group — which he usually ends up taking on an adventure.

He was walking around the hotel with his group, chatting excitedly. I was surprised — how many other conventions offer fans the opportunity to do this? Louden Swain came out and then Jason came out and sang with them and the whole little crowd that had gathered was singing and it was just one of the best experiences of the convention.

Since the vendor area was small, they were signing in the back of the theater. Again, props to Creation for having every volunteer on top of it — anyone who asked was told exactly where the signing was, even though the schedule said something different. Their excitement was infectious, all of them took the time to talk and it was honestly one of the highlights of the convention.

After the signing, we had an interview set up with Matt Cohen you can see that here! Saturday was just about wrapped up, with Misha Collins having the last panel.