Scum of the earth hitler stalin relationship

AP European History - Hitler and Stalin Converse

scum of the earth hitler stalin relationship

Stalin argued that even Adolf Hitler would not start a war against a united Europe. And I distrust her motives, which seem to me to have little connection with our . the meeting of the 'Enemy of the People' with the 'Scum of the Earth' in the. Prof Rempel on the Nazi-Soviet Pact . It shows Hitler, who is saying: 'The scum of the earth I believe?' and Stalin, who replies: 'The bloody assassin of the. Embedded text or transcript, The scum of the earth, I believe division of Poland) served to regain territory lost in the aftermath of World War I. Hitler and Stalin remained ideologically opposed, as the captions suggest. International relations.

This pact also contained secret details on how to split Eastern Europe. With this treaty, Hitler sealed his Eastern front and could concentrate his efforts on France and Britain. This meant that unlike WW1 when Germany had to fight a two-front war, they could now concentrate all of their resources on the west. Hitler finally got the breathing space he needed to take Poland and strike France with all his might.

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Stalin, on the other hand, had just purged his military of all top officials. He needed time to build up his army without the threat of an attack. It was a win-win situation for both dictators. The Nazis were against the spread of communism, and the Soviets were against Nazi ideologies. Duringboth of these nations had their reasons for staying neutral, but once those reasons were gone, it was only a matter of time before they clashed with each other.

Even while fighting in France, Hitler had his doubts about Stalin and stationed some reserve troops on the Eastern border. If the war in the west had lasted longer and Germany had grown weaker, it is very likely the Soviets would have invaded them.

This is the reason Hitler wanted to finish off France as soon as possible. By doing so, he could secure both of his borders.

scum of the earth hitler stalin relationship

Hitler also knew that Stalin could not be trusted and wanted to make a preemptive attack to knock out the Soviet superpower before it could recover. Hitler planning an attack with his generals. This included food as well as oil, essentials for a war effort. These raw materials were imported from the Soviet Union in exchange for technology, but if this trade was stopped, Germany could not continue to fight. This concerned Hitler, as he did not trust Stalin to keep his promise.

The only way to secure his supply of raw materials was to attack the Soviet Union and capture its fields and oil reserves. Meanwhile, the Soviet Union was building up its army.

Before long, they would be able to overpower Germany in terms of numbers and technology. Hitler not only wanted to but needed to neutralize this threat before the Soviets had the time to build up their military strength. Even though France had been defeated, without air superiority the Germans had no way of invading Britain. This goal could not be achieved for various reasons, making it virtually impossible to capture Britain. What's more, Hitler wanted the vast extent of the Soviet Union as a living space to be repopulated by the German people.

He also wanted the resources present in the Soviet Union, especially the oil reserves. He hoped to swiftly capture Moscow before the onset of winter, and he expected the Soviet Union to collapse like it did in the first World War.

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A casualty during Operation Barbarossa. He predicted that his blitzkrieg attack would take the Soviets by surprise and that they would capture Moscow before the onset of winter.

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With the capture of their capital, the Soviets would lose their will to fight and surrender to the Germans. But even though there was a major success in the initial stages of the war, the Germans gravely underestimated the resources the Soviets had. When they failed to capture Moscow before winter, their army was ill-prepared for the extremely cold conditions, and as luck would have it, the winter of was the coldest of the 20th century.

The Germans planned and prepared for a quick blitzkrieg war. Their army and infrastructure were not built to handle a long, drawn out war. And with the failure of their blitzkrieg attacks, things slowly began to turn in favor of the Soviets.

Stalin moved his factories to the far east and with American aid, they started building tanks and planes in the thousands for a counterstrike. There are various reasons for this particular argument. The Soviet Union was too vast for the Germans to conquer, and Hitler hugely underestimated their strength.

scum of the earth hitler stalin relationship

The British feared Russian Communism, and they believed that the Russian army was too weak to be of any use against Hitler. He travelled by slow boat, not by plane.

He did not have authority to make any decisions, and had to refer every question back to London. The talks dragged on.

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The Russians asked if they could send troops into Poland if Hitler invaded. The talks broke down. Why did Anglo-Soviet Talks Fail? Chamberlain did not trust Stalin, who was a Communist and a dictator. In particular, he would not ever have allowed Russia to control Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

scum of the earth hitler stalin relationship

The Russians thought Britain wanted to trick them into war against Germany. Poland did not trust that the Russians who wanted to send troops into Polandonce in, would ever leave. On the other hand, Hitler was promising him peace, half of Poland and a 'sphere of influence' over eastern Europe.