Relationship marketing with the internet

The importance of online relationship marketing

relationship marketing with the internet

Streetwise Relationship Marketing On The Internet (Streetwise) [Roger C Parker] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Streetwise is devoted. Dec 29, Having a strong relationship with your customers is worth a fortune. So turn your internet marketing into relationship marketing and make it key. Relationship marketing emerged from a shift to a market orientated business climate focusing Is Internet really supporting relationship marketing, or on.

Holding onto their existing customers is the only way they can maintain their position at the top of their industry. This is true for businesses in all industries, from cell phones to baby food. When the company changed the font in their ubiquitous catalog, Ikea lovers took to the Internet to air their complaints.

Rather than alienate their customers for a trivial reason, Ikea changed the font back in the next catalog.

Relationship Marketing | What is Relationship Marketing?

Direct Recruitment — The direct mail marketing firm sends out handwritten birthday cards to clients and associates every year. This simple, personal touch helps clients feel like Direct Recruitment cares about them as people rather than simply consumers. American Airlines — The airline maintains a comprehensive frequent flyer program that rewards customer loyalty with the promise of free flights, upgrades, and discounts.

relationship marketing with the internet

Dell — Dell computers created a special online store for high volume corporate customers. By tailoring the ordering process to the specific customer's needs, Dell was able to expedite many of the hassles corporate technology buyers face. Providing a higher level of service leads to increased loyalty.

relationship marketing with the internet

Vyvanse — The makers of the popular ADHD drug created an extensive online portal that included videos, forums, expert articles, and mobile apps to help those who suffer from ADHD. Rather than relying on the strength of the product alone, the drug makers created a place for users to gather and interact that was linked back to the company.

Relationship Marketing Using the Internet

Sites like Facebook and Twitter make it fast and easy for companies to communicate information to their customers.

But in order to make this a long term relationship, the company has to get their customers to become regular followers of their social media profiles. As the chart shows, most customers do not elect to follow a company out of mere curiosity. Companies can increase their social media followers if they offer incentives like coupons or insider information.

Relationship marketing can involve revising major aspects of the way a company conducts business.

Internet Marketing = Relationship Marketing

This can be expensive, time consuming, and have serious consequences for both customers and employees. The only way to carry out a relationship marketing strategy in a thoughtful and effective way is to follow a comprehensive marketing plan. Companies must first look at demographic and historical data about their customers to understand who they are, what they buy, and how to provide for them over the long term. The company must understand why a consumers returns for repeate business.

There is the tendency to think that customers return because the company has served them well, but maybe they return to a store because it is the closest to their house, or the only one in the area that stocks the product they want to buy.

Analyzing the nature of customer loyalty is the best method develop a working relationship marketing plan. With a wealth of customer data in place, the company can begin to segment these customers and develop unique marketing strategies for each segment. A customer who appreciates a product's value has different qualities than one who has had a helpful customer service experience.

This also increases contact frequency between the company and the consumer.

Relationship Marketing

Digital technologies like email, online chat, rich web content its help company reduce their overhead cost thus improving their bottom line. The customer relationship management provides key support to marketing activities through the following: Sales forces receive active support in efforts by providing them real time customer related information.

Customer service agents are able to effectively serve consumers as they have a ready database containing customer and their purchase related information. Customer Lifecycle Management A customer lifecycle management from an organization perspective contains selection, acquisition, retention, and an extension of the customer.

relationship marketing with the internet

This also includes developing marketing strategies for customer acquisition, retention and extension. This includes targeting high potential and value customers. This includes identifying product offering based on customer profile. This includes upsell, cross-sell, re-sell and lead generation. Implementing electronic customer relationship management Organizations execute following strategies to implement e-CRM: But the focus is to attract quality visitors who are likely to make purchases.

This increase visibility of the website can be done through online or offline promotion. They should be able to get the desired information and browse the website for extended periods for sell activity to happen.

There should be enough incentives for consumers to make the first purchase. The online forms should be easy to operate for its completion.

Relationship Marketing Through The Internet

This is done by sending periodic email highlighting current happenings of the website. This also includes showcasing specific customer information after logging in, for example, purchase history, related products etc.

relationship marketing with the internet

We reccommend you to… …. KLM greatly matches its language with the customer in order to communicate on the same level.

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Master peer-to-peer relationships Another very important aspect of maintaining relationships is the peer-to-peer relationships on the social web. Your customers will not only interact with you, but also with their friends and family or even with random strangers.

Customer service; off you go! In the past, interactions between companies and customers happened in closed-off settings. Customers had to make a phone call or write an e-mail and other was witness of the communication between the company and customer. So in other words, if your organisation is not engaging interactively with the target audience, you are missing an opportunity to nurture the relationship through an open and honest interaction.

And at the same time, you get free feedback and have the possibility to improve your business in order to attract more loyal customers. This new way of customer engagement should feel less like a marketing or sales campaign, but more like a well-developed friendship founded on the basis of mutual needs and respect.

relationship marketing with the internet