Posy simmonds meet the webers

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posy simmonds meet the webers

Sabine Durrant meets a cartoonist who is never happier than when Posy Simmonds, the writer and cartoonist, lives in a quiet Georgian square the lives and times of the left-wing Webers, Wendy's huge round glasses and. Mrs Weber's Omnibus [Posy Simmonds] on hidden-facts.info *FREE* Unfortunately it did not meet my expectations; the comics are not at all funny or insightful. Retrospective Posy Simmonds: Essentially English opens on June 12th at the If you have not met her before, Posy is simply one the world's most liberal Weber family, or discovered her charming stories for children such.

posy simmonds meet the webers

Its numerous pretentious characters clash with long-suffering polytechnic lecturer George Weber and his wife Wendy, who find their efforts to live ethically undermined by the actions and attitudes of neighbours, colleagues, students — and their rebellious children.

They tend to operate on the Alice in Wonderland principle, with troubled children falling asleep and finding themselves in a dream realm of talking clothed animals. This is the scenario of Fredas a brother and sister are in mourning for the death of their much-loved cat.

posy simmonds meet the webers

In Literary Lifeher targets share the trials and tribulations of the world of books, as observed in authors, publishers, booksellers and readers. These cartoons and strips typically show women writers juggling the demands of work and family, or typing their frustrations into laptops. Male writers test their egos at readings and book-signings and are forever flirting. The cover drawing, for instance, shows a middle-aged man with his arm almost around a young waitress.

The Webers are a long, long way from the Broons.

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She takes it at its polite and mealy-mouthed word, and social havoc ensues. She pricked consciences because it was so funny to see the anxious, guilty English middle classes writhe uncomfortably.

posy simmonds meet the webers

One of her favourite prickles was second homes. The smug upper-middle-class family with a second home is sure to suffer from cottage-related aggravation.

A life in drawing: Posy Simmonds

The Cornish village of Tresoddit stands for all remote communities replete with second homes who only come to life for three days at Christmas and in the summer holidays. Stanhope Wright uses his second home for his secret affairs that his wife really does not want to have to hear about.


Posy Simmonds had a particular genius for pinning down the moment by how her characters dressed. Five years ago, on these very same steps, she slipped and broke a vertebra that has left her with permanent back trouble.

posy simmonds meet the webers

By the window is her drawing-board and, above it, a mirror, so that she can check the contortions of the human face in the throes of embarrassment, anger and surprise. Simmonds's distinctive style is concerned with the minutiae of what people say and do, their charms and follies.

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Even as a child, growing up on a farm in Berkshire with her sister and three brothers, she was aware she possessed acute powers of observation. As a very young girl, she would flick through the pictures until she realised she had taught herself to read.

posy simmonds meet the webers

In this way, I started drawing comics. I was fascinated by teddy boys, mainly because it was the Fifties and everyday clothes were rather drab. I thought they were wonderful.