Papyrus and sans meet bill cipher plush

papyrus and sans meet bill cipher plush

See more ideas about Bill sans, Gravity falls and Underswap. shocolatovann: “ Have some Sans Cipher doodles, its good for your soul I'm so in love with. See more. Papyrus, Sans, and Gaster - Steven Universe - Here Comes a Thought #song AU - Cipher!Tale Bill Sans, Undertale Comic, Bill Cipher, Crossover. You, as a thief for the Vargas Mob, break into Sans and Papyrus' apartment to steal information from them. .. a mysterious adventure yet the biggest mystery of all was meeting Bill Cipher. .. Toy Freddy x Oc/reader (btw, I don't like this bear).

Life hasn't always been easy but it's looking up more and more every day. He takes it as a good sign you're baking in the middle of a snow storm, and decides to take advantage of how good you look in that apron, until you tell him something that rocks his world. Takes place during the movie Frozen instead of Elsa alone and isolated, you were there already trying to help her and along the way fall in love with her as well but it can't happen between you and Queen Elsa right?

Now you are suddenly falling for the Queen. You swear on your life that you will protect her and Anna as their new personal guard. But now a war is beginning to form between your father and the other kingdoms, and Arendelle is his first target. Can you keep that promise in the end? Elsa x Female Reader Rated M for later chapters. In this story, I explore the idea of Frisk not being the eight human that saved everything.

Instead, you get to take the role of one of the souls, that didn't get a chance a the original game. Which of the souls? Read to find out. Rose and Jade look on with mixed horror and awe. Just like the reader. Along the way, she meets a new family that treated her better than her actual family have ever had.

You meet the gang, meet new friends, all the cliche crap. But things just have to get worse before they get better.

papyrus and sans meet bill cipher plush

Sans, being the judgey guy he is, points fingers at Chara M - English - Romance - Chapters: She'd abuse you, a lot, and nothing could stop her.

Until you ran away. Your parents told you that she was your childhood friend.

papyrus and sans meet bill cipher plush

The problem is you can't recall anything about her. Short story and Vore by GlowingRain reviews Yes, this is a one-shot and yes, this is a short vore story and you don't have to read it if you don't want too. No hate comments either. This is just a one-shot. To finally be able to take a breath, to be able to take things easy.

To heal from your past. But maybe quiet isn't what you need, something you quickly discover upon a small family of skeletal monsters becoming your new roommates. Reader X Gaster, eventually. Will be rated M later on. A Project's Past by Chinsangan reviews New to Arendelle's School for the Gifted, you try to build a new life for yourself over the one you lost. You meet new friends, new enemies and even love.

papyrus and sans meet bill cipher plush

However after you discover one of Arendelle's students has the power over ice, her past starts to come back to haunt her After meeting the Pine's twins your life had changed into a mysterious adventure yet the biggest mystery of all was meeting Bill Cipher.

Little did you know, he would become the king of your dreams. Gravity Falls - Rated: You Don't Hate me? There is one problem.

You are Linda's kid. Also this isn't perverted or anything, the reader is the same age as Frisk.

papyrus and sans meet bill cipher plush

Rated T for some mild cursing Undertale - Rated: But will such a thing last forever? Or will those blissful experiences only become a phase and memories of the past? Rise of the Guardians - Rated: Nightmares of war and tragedy. With no memory of your life before the age of 8.

Papyrus and Sans Meet Bill Cipher

But Your life is about to turn upside down the day you started at North Mountain Academy, the day you met the Arenden Sisters. One fateful night, you get sucked into this crazy adventure with him: An adventure that decides the fate of the world. Jack Frost x Reader story, taking place during the Rise of the Guardians film. May extend to after if requested This is not your typical x Reader story: These are all X Readers. Although I may have the occasional One shot for my OC.

Blind Date by MoonyNights reviews Reader goes on a blind date and ends up having a better time then expected. Would you go with him, fall in love with him, and sacrifice everything to keep him? Or would you knee him where the sun don't shine and call the cops?

Megalovania is the song for this battle as mentioned earlier, Toby first used it on a Earthbound Halloween romhack, and was used once again on Homestuck, 2 years later. It doesn't allow me to edit the video, so In November ofI made this Flowey with an Object Show style Object Shows are animations about inanimate objects that are in a contest to win a prize. Basically something like Total Drama Island ,that you can find on Youtube design.

When I got into Undertale last fall, I got an idea to make Flowey based off of the character, Flower from Battle for Dream Island since they're both evil flowers. Also do you hate this video? Good I do too. I even cause some guy to get mad at me to write a freakin' entire essay to criticize me and the video. Like yeah it's okay to give me criticisms because I made this video purely for fun and I didn't have an experience in animation back then but you don't need to give me THAT much criticism.


Also if you were hoping for Flowey vs Flower 2 then sorry but I canceled that too. I lost interest in both BFDI and Undertale like ages ago and I don't really want to see another unneccesary essay of random hate towards me. D So this one is It's got more animation then all my other ones AND it's much longer.

So if you know me on DA you'd know I'd been teasing at this animation for over 2 weeks. However this animation will probebly be more popular because of the song If I'd have to guess my next product would be 1 of two things.

So Just Gold will probebly have to wait whenever I get around to it XP I'm also very happy with how fast I've been making animations but it might slow down a bit so I can draw my Comic. I'll definitely try on another undertale animation but actually clean some lines add backgrounds and color. I've been wanting to try out fullbody for sometime now and since I apparently know how to draw a few characters from undertale I decided to give it a shot.

Sorry if it's bad lol. This battle is based on the fight that happened at some point between Sans and Flowey, back when Flowey had reset powers.

The text from the intro is extracted directly from an easter egg in the game where Flowey mentions how Sans was the only one able to stop him AKA dunk the crap out of his ass.

I hope you enoy it, I had a lot of fun making it. I'm sorry it took so long! Beyond all this, there's a bad guy on the loose, leaving a trail of trouble! Will the detective find the baddie before it's too late? Friends in this video: Ashlie Undyne - http: Undertale is probaly one of the better games in and most like will stay around for quite some time. Johnfn - Groovin while breaking laws http: You may go ahead and tell me to die. Because screw freedom For those people who don't mind about this, I actually made this as a poster for my English class.

Then, I felt like, I gotta animate thisthen I made this. Undertale - Megalovania Uppermost - Futur support him and his country And the voice is: Though I gotta say. I don't like a lot of parts of it anymore and could do better now haha But that's the thing when you work 5 month on something heh: Also thanks to my Trash Squad to beeing so.

Please do not reupload without giving credit to me or claim as your own!

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I spend 5 months!!! Though I would really appreciate it if you share it through my original Youtube link here, or share my tumblr link http: If you'd like to support me you can do so through http: Sorry it was something I could pose while I could work on You Can't Hide a little longer, but still give some stuff to you guys.

papyrus and sans meet bill cipher plush

I can already see the gratuitous amounts of fanart after this is uploaded, haha. Anywhoozies, I hope everyone enjoys my latest video! I do not own any of the rights to the copyrighted material used in this video. Please be sure to follow me on tumblr: Lost Human Visual Effects: The song was made by The LivingTombstone and is in no way mine Please support him and his songs here's the original song and video: