Nicole and jionni meet the fockers

‘Jersey Shore’ recap – Season 5, episode 9

nicole and jionni meet the fockers

Jionni J. LaValle (born March 20, ) He is first known to Jersey Shore by Snooki, who Jionni with his fiancée, Snooki at the Baby Shower in "Awkward!" . He met Snooki during the filming of Jersey Shore Season 3. Jionni also owns his own ATM machines; Snooki & Jionni lived with his parents in East Hanover. At least that's how Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi feels. Snooki, Jionni LaValle Talk Son Lorenzo And Their Lives As New Parents. NEW . House Republicans Called Emergency Meeting On Cheese As Shutdown Approached. The episode opened with Vinny and Snooki returning At Karma, we meet Jionni's parents, which is ironic because I would not imagine that.

Jionni Lavalle Bio, Height, Age, Net Worth, Married, Wife, Family

I found myself not wanting to go out and just wanting to be with him all the time. Lorenzo has made me more mature and more responsible, and he made me grow up.

nicole and jionni meet the fockers

What are some of your go-to resources for information when you have questions about caring for a baby? Which ones did you find the most helpful?

A lot came naturally. If Lorenzo gets sick, I call the doctor or one of Jionni's siblings because they all have kids. I did research to answer questions I had when I was pregnant.

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  • Snooki, Jionni LaValle Talk Son Lorenzo And Their Lives As New Parents

Instead of relying on the usual books everyone reads, I found pregnancy apps that were full of great information I found to be relatable. What has been the biggest obstacle during your first year with Lorenzo? Lorenzo does not sleep through the night because he's teething. Sometimes I pick him up and hold him, which helps him fall back asleep, or I give him a bottle. We've also bought a variety of teething toys and given him a spoonful of cold applesauce for his gums.

What will you teach your son about good nutrition and exercise as he gets older? I feel like he's going to be into sports because Jionni played a lot of sports.

nicole and jionni meet the fockers

In terms of making good food choices, when you lead a healthy lifestyle, you feel good and so much better about yourself. I will show him that making smart choices gives you more energy and makes you happier. What activities do you and Jionni like to do to bond with your son? We always take him for a walk together or push him on his new swing. I can tell that Lorenzo loves alone time with his daddy. It's like Lorenzo gets that he and Daddy are both guys and have a special connection.

When he's with me, Lorenzo loves to be held and cuddled. Does Lorenzo have a favorite book that you read to him? Does he have a favorite blanket or stuffed animal? His favorite [book] is Simple First Words: Let's Talk, by Roger Priddy.

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Lorenzo loves to push the buttons and hear all of the different sounds. He has a favorite pacifier that has a small stuffed animal attached to it. Deena quickly refutes this claim and the girls leave it as is. The same way you and I may pack a lunch for work, Snooki prepares for work by filling a water bottle with Southern Comfort, because you know, we all need a little liquid courage to sell t-shirts.

nicole and jionni meet the fockers

At work, Situation busts his butt and makes a large number of sales, apparently he works better drunk. While on his break, Situation plants the seeds to finally expose Snooki to Jionni by calling his friend The Unit, and getting him to come down to Karma later that night. Pauly D and Vinny, clearly upset that they are the two single guys in the house, decide to take back the smush room for themselves by dragging the bed outside and hiding it from Jwoww, who plans to use it with Roger.

Seeing as a bed is a difficult thing to hide, Jwoww quickly drags the mattress, which contains more bodily fluids than a hospital, back into the house. Before heading out to Karma, the house rips Vinny for his questionable fashion sense.

Jionni Lavalle Bio, Height, Age, Net Worth, Married, Wife, Family

Situation, who claims that trouble is his middle name, prepares to humiliate Snooki in front of now not only Jionni, but his parents as well. Alerted to the trouble Situation is trying to start, Snooki decides to pull a quick escape back to the house with Jionni. Situation catches them leaving and grabs The Unit, who is drunk beyond belief, to follow them back to the house.