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meet the usher pwi wiki

1 The Wedding Usher; 2 Entering the instance; 3 Fireworks; 4 Quests The groom will take the quests Meet the Bride and Open the Door. This article may need cleanup to meet quality standards. Additional invitations can be purchased from the Wedding Usher at a cost of. Free MMORPG - Perfect World International - PWI Midsummer Night's 2x EXP + Spirit! Well guys, grab an iced tea and some bug repellent (or in our terms that would be Charms and Hyper EXP Stones): To usher. Meet us on the War Front!.

Wedding Chapel

After the 3 minutes are up, you should see some red text with the oaths, there will be two separate blocks of it. Fighting[ edit edit source ] The Jealous Ex will be summoned automatically sometime after the Oaths.

meet the usher pwi wiki

He will show up behind smaller mobs called Wedding Crashers. The Jealous Ex has 30 mil HP, which shouldn't take long to knock out if you have enough people.

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The groom and bride should not attack any of the monsters or the boss otherwise the quest might fail. This boss can be summoned multiple times for more contribution, but it costs 5.

If no one wants to do this then the groom should continue the quest at the Wedding Planner. Exchanging Rings[ edit edit source ] Two items will spawn at the front.

The groom should dig the one labeled the bride's ring box and the bride should dig the one labeled the groom's ring box. After both have a ring in their inventory, they need to do a trade and trade them to each other.

meet the usher pwi wiki

Throwing the Bouquet[ edit edit source ] This is where the bride takes the bouquet quest from Father Derrial. Diggable bouquets will show up behind the seats. Everyone should try to get as many of these as possible since they give contribution.

Tables, Ladders and Chairs in a three-way ladder match against Kingston and Jack Swagger[76] but lost the title to Kingston at SmackDown on January 4, ending a five-month reign at days.

meet the usher pwi wiki

However, Long interrupted Ziggler's ceremony and accused Guerrero of orchestrating the attack, prompting Guerrero to reveal Ziggler as the attacker and Long to rehire Edge.

Long also gave Edge a rematch against Ziggler, who lost the championship back to Edge [82] and was then fired by Long.

After Jack Swagger suggested to Guerrero that she should manage him in addition to Ziggler, a jealous Ziggler teased tension with Swagger.

  • Mark Henry
  • Sasha Banks
  • Dolph Ziggler

On December 16 at TLC: Ziggler then attempted to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase on Big Show after Show was assaulted by Sheamus, but he was attacked by Cena before the match could start. During the match, Ziggler resumed his feud with the returning Chris Jericho whom Ziggler managed to eliminate.

On the October 28, episode of Raw, Ziggler and John Cena shook hands together backstage, which The Authority interpreted as a deal to plot against them. As a result, Ziggler was put in a match against Kanewhich Ziggler won.

Naomi (wrestler)

Ziggler then joined Team Cena at Survivor Series. The crowds always get behind him for the start, no matter how many false teases there are, and then a few weeks later, the company always takes him back down". Ziggler contributed to Rusev being counted out, then after all his teammates were eliminated, he pinned Kane and Luke Harper. Triple H twice prevented Ziggler from pinning final opponent Seth Rollins, but the debuting Sting provided an assist to help Ziggler win the match, thus ousting the Authority from power.