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(Al Hartmann | The Salt Lake Tribune) Believers in Denver Snuffer's Remnant movement meet . And his excommunication from the LDS Church for “ apostasy” . his lectures on Mormonism, his running commentary and blog, and at BYU Education Week and at the University of Utah's LDS Institute. General Primary president speaks during BYU Education Week Young University in Provo, Utah, during BYU Education Week Tuesday, August 21, . This new film, titled Meet the Mormons, originally was scheduled to be shown pins provided ample evidence of her integrity, prompting one blogger to ask, . Highlights from Elder David A. Bednar's address at the BYU Education Week.

The film is actually a rated PG feature-length documentary and what makes it different from all the other films made by the Church is that it will be shown in regular theaters and people will pay to watch it. All net proceeds box office proceeds less distribution expenses will be donated to the American Red Cross [1], which provides emergency assistance, relief during disasters, and education mainly in the United States [2][3].

Where Can You Watch It? The film Meet the Mormons will be released in movie theaters across the United States on October 10, [1].

To Sweep the Earth as with a Flood

Once the movie was finished, there was an open house where Meet the Mormons was shown. After seeing the positive response from the guests both LDS and non-LDS Church leaders decided to expand the reach of the film so members and friends would be able to watch it on the big screen in their own cities and towns.

Who Is in It? The six featured people in the film are people from the United States, except two, one from Nepal and one from Costa Rica.

The official film website www. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

To Sweep the Earth as With a Flood

He and his wife have three sons [8]. He is an academic counselor to students. She had lost hope before meeting the LDS missionaries.

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She is shown in the film as a mother who overcame several life struggles and whose new and positive life involves preparing her son to serve an LDS mission.

He is from Salt Lake City, Utah, and is historically known for dropping candy from his plane to children below, during the Berlin Lift during — This inspired other crews to do the same and produced major attention [9].

How ‘Meet the Mormons’ Became a Hit Movie In One Weekend

Bishnu Adhikari, is a Nepalese Engineer and Humanitarian. Bednar encouraged members to use social media to flood the earth with gospel messages. He announced that Meet the Mormons would be released in theaters in October and encouraged members to share the movie with family and friends. This challenge began a tidal wave of efforts by thousands of members to use social media to ShareGoodness and to promote the movie.

To date, there have been more than 60, mentions of that hashtag on social media, websites, and news stories. Request the Film The more people heard about the film, the more they wanted to see it. Because of requests driven by word-of-mouth and social media, by opening weekend, the film was scheduled on twice as many screens as initially planned. Photo Challenges In Meet the Mormons, each of the characters demonstrates attributes of faith in their daily lives.

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Members responded to challenges to share photos about the attributes of unity, teamwork, service, family, community, and love. The nearlypeople who joined the event helped energize Mormon social media enthusiasts. American Red Cross The American Red Cross was also active with social media and contributed significantly to the overall share of voice. They plan to sponsor a "movie night" on their Facebook page for the weekend of October In the first 7 days, a music video of the song was watched over one million times and the MP3 song was downloaded over a quarter of a million times.

Followers and fans of Meet the Mormons and David Archuleta were quite enthusiastic. Soundtrack clips from each of the six stories were also released as free downloads. They also featured the movie prominently on their website and sport-specific Facebook pages which reaches approximately 4 million BYU fans. Those who saw the movie began blogging, tweeting, and posting about their reactions to the movie. On Tuesday of opening weekend, Mormon celebrities were invited to a premiere to see the movie and meet the cast.

Holland and David A. Bednar hosted actors, musicians, sports stars, government leaders, broadcasters, and other prominent people.

‘Meet the Mormons’ Film Makes National Debut

Attendees then used social media to share photos and videos with their millions of followers for example, David ArchuletaStephanie A. Results on Opening Weekend The long-term success of movies depends on how well they perform on opening weekend. For Meet the Mormons, opening weekend was tricky. This meant that the movie had two days instead of three to get its primary viewership to attend.