Meet the mentor session in tcsa


meet the mentor session in tcsa

Mentoring Sessions Each mentee will be matched with one or more mentors based on their research interests. TCS Research and Innovation, India. To this day, I can still remember my very first meeting with my very first mentor. At the time, as a young associate starting out in Big Accounting. Posts about TCS ILP written by saloogupta. 1)There are MTM-Meet the mentor session arranged for every TVM will be mainly 4.

What professional groups and organizations are you a part of and would you recommend? Your mentor will be the key to many many networking opportunities.

meet the mentor session in tcsa

Learn where they network, and you will learn how to increase your influence. What career advice would you give someone like myself? How did you get to this point in your career?

Chances are your new mentor had a non-conventional career path. Or that they bulldozed through their own path to get to where they are.

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Ask them how they got here, what they did, and wish they could undo. Who would you recommend I connect with? Your network is your net worth. How can I help you? Ask them what you can do for them! What strengths and interests do you have that you want to utilize or explore more? What obstacles and frustrations do you encounter?

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How satisfied are you with your career direction, education, professional development, and personal life? Get to know your mentor.

meet the mentor session in tcsa

Furthermore, having shared values is a key component of a successful mentorshipso dig a little to find common ground with your mentor and weave it into the conversation to strengthen your relationship. Be humble and open minded. Be willing to consider constructive feedback and unfamiliar options.

meet the mentor session in tcsa

Take notes on why the mentor thinks another destination might be better for you, a different geographic area or institution, a different specialty, a different grant, or a different mentor.

Expect that some advice may seem a bit challenging or contrary to your current approach. This also allows for clarification to ensure you are both on the same page.

You determine when to start, stop, and sail. You direct the rudder; you stand at the helm. Set your own schedule for when to send an email to report your progress or request a follow up meeting. You, not your mentor, decide where your career goes, and hopefully the mentor can provide you with some directions, maps, and almanacs to help you chart your own path.

Bring a notebook and pen or digital devices are fine too. Have some questions written down to stay on track during the meeting, because tick tock tick tock right?

You have a class to get to, a test to study for, or your mentor has to round at the hospital or go to another meeting.

meet the mentor session in tcsa