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Police Commissioner William Evans to retire; William Gross named successor - The Boston Globe

meet the commissioner video converter

Johnston is expected to meet with the PROC committee to discuss his alone unilaterally choosing who the debates commissioner is, who. This video file cannot be played.(Error Code: ). New Commissioner for District 5. Weekend Forecast Follow News Submit Photos and Video. passenger transportation companies, in addition to authorizing video franchises. Our five Governor-appointed Commissioners, as well as our staff, File A Complaint · File A Formal Document · Find A Commission three of the five commissioners (a quorum) meet to discuss and vote on various issues.

The longtime officer and top police official is expected to announce his retirement Monday.

meet the commissioner video converter

They started to personally engage residents, especially at-risk children. Officers played in basketball tournaments, and took Zumba classes with residents. Evans was a regular at peace walks, flashlight walks, and after-hours tours through neighborhoods.

Advertisement Building off the lessons of the Boston Miracle that helped combat gang violence in the early s, Evans had a regular rapport with black clergy leaders, who often served as contacts with the community. He was about the people. King, who is stepping down after leading the public safety department at the Newton campus for the past eight years. Boston College did not disclose his new salary.

New Commissioner for District 5

The youngest of six brothers, one of whom died young, Evans lost his parents at a young age — his mother died of cancer when he was 3, his father died of a heart attack when he was By withholding approval of a bitcoin-based ETP because the underlying market insufficiently resembles the markets for other commodities, we set ourselves up as the gatekeepers of innovation. Securities regulators are ill-equipped to fill this particular role.

For example, trading in bitcoin is electronic, which facilitates competition and price transparency.

meet the commissioner video converter

In sum, I would rather we err on the side of approving products so that investors, who are generally better judges about these things than we are, can form their own views about a particular innovation and act on those views in the market. Conclusion By precluding approval of cryptocurrency-based ETPs for the foreseeable future, the Commission is engaging in merit regulation.

Bitcoin is a new phenomenon, and its long-term viability is uncertain. It may succeed; it may fail. The Commission, however, is not well positioned to assess the likelihood of either outcome, for bitcoin or any other asset.

Many investors have expressed an interest in gaining exposure to bitcoin, and a subset of these investors would prefer to gain exposure without owning bitcoin directly. An ETP based on bitcoin would offer investors indirect exposure to bitcoin through a product that trades on a regulated securities market and in a manner that eliminates some of the frictions and worries of buying and holding bitcoin directly.

If we were to approve the ETP at issue here, investors could choose whether to buy it or avoid it. I reject the role of gatekeeper of innovation—a role very different from and, indeed, inconsistent with our mission of protecting investors, fostering capital formation, and facilitating fair, orderly, and efficient markets.

Interim OPP boss wants probe into hiring of Ford family friend as new commissioner

BZX also proposes to provide relevant information about the ETP to its members via an Information Circular, including suitability requirements for members recommending the ETP shares to customers, the risks of trading the ETP shares, the methods by which pricing information will be disseminated, and prospectus delivery requirements.

See Letter from Joseph A.

meet the commissioner video converter

If the Commission determined that a particular industry was susceptible to certain types of misconduct, the rationale set forth in the disapproval order could justify requiring, for example, information-sharing agreements with regulators or other authorities responsible for policing such risks or enforcing relevant legal requirements. The merit-based nature of such an approach would be immediately apparent.

Even apart from manipulation, commodity prices are subject to influences well beyond the ability of any exchange selling a commodity-based ETP to control. The advisory board will be gender balanced and representative of the various regions of Canada.

Police Commissioner William Evans to retire; William Gross named successor

During the campaign, the Liberals promised to create an independent commission to organize leaders' debates to, as they put it: After studying the issue for months, the Procedure and House Affairs Committee issued a report in March recommending among other things, that the new commissioner be chosen by all parties, or based on the advice of an arms-length panel, with a term of five years or two elections.

Johnston is expected to meet with the PROC committee to discuss his new job. They didn't offer us any process by which it isn't the government alone unilaterally choosing who the debates commissioner is, who then gets to choose who their advisory committee is, who then get to choose what the content of the debates are," said Cullen.

Johnston was appointed to the position of governor general upon then- Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper's recommendation. Kusie said it is an "affront to democracy" that this entire process related to Canadian elections is happening unilaterally, without debate in the House of Commons.