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meet the cast of austin and ally wiki

My powers of empathy, my ability to reach into another's heart, cannot They offer the false promise that abandoning a stalwart ally is somehow the path to strength. He defined America's cause as more than the right to cast a ballot. at Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library in Austin, Texas on April 10, Reach out to us if you need any help! If you're new here and aren't sure where to start, you can check out this chart to help you figure it out! Once you decide on. Cast. Main cast. Rowan Blanchard as Riley Matthews; Ben Savage as Cory Matthews; Sabrina Austin and Ally guest star in this Girl Meets World episode.

He's considerably dense and lacks much logical understanding which tends to lead him and the group into messy situations.

He has a complicated love-hate relationship with Trish. Recurring[ edit ] Cole Sand as Nelson, an awkward young boy who takes music lessons from Ally. He constantly uses the phrase, "Aww, nartz!

meet the cast of austin and ally wiki

He is completely ignorant of Ally's musical talents and believes that Ally has a billion-to-one shot at making it in the music business, just like Austin's parents have told him. He and Penny, Ally's mother, are divorced. Megan is eccentric and constantly uses teenage slang terms such as "totes" or "hilar".

Girl Meets World: Of Terror 2

She is stubborn and nosy as well, as she is bent on getting the stories she's after for the magazine. Her bad breath was caused by her constant eating of garlic and anchovy pizza. Her bad breath cleared away afterward. John Paul Green as Chuck, a short, country-speaking teenager who believes he is better than Dez at everything. Their rivalry follows a long history of their families feuding, so Chuck and Dez often get into similar battles.

He usually wears cowboy attire. Dez himself has no interest in her and is more intimidated by her than anything, as Mindy is overbearing and aggressive. Hayley Erin as Piper, Carrie's sister and Austin's ex-girlfriend. Cameron Deane Stewart as Jace, a boy who Trish met when she was on tour and Trish's long-distance boyfriend. Cameron Jebo as Gavin Young, a country performer and Ally's ex-boyfriend. Austin bet that Jimmy will give Ally a record deal. Ally thanks Trish then hug her, then Trish tells her to submit her as "Manager of the Year", and then hands her the envelope of the application.

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When Ally opens it, she says she already filled it out and it just needs a stamp. Dez told Ally that he's so happy for her and then says group hugged everybody. Trish looks confused because she was touching Dez and it was soft. Trish mentions that she was nominated for the Manager of the Year Award. Jimmy tells her he can see why because she brought him a hit song, and that he wants his new female artist to sing it.

Ally, thinks that he was talking about her and she was excited. But when Kira walks in and Jimmy and said "there she is" and Ally was confused, Trish assumed that Kira was his new female artist and she was right. Jimmy says that he wants to buy her song for Kira Ally and Trish in Jimmy's office 's album.

meet the cast of austin and ally wiki

Ally, disappointed, assumes that he's not offering her a record deal. Jimmy tells her that she is very talented, but he's still not sure if signing her and Austin on the same record label will be a good idea.

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Ally says that it's okay, but says she can't sell her song. Kira thought that it was because of the dating Austin drama but then Ally says it wasn't about that at all, she explained that the song title was Finally Me and it was about her and it would be wrong if someone else sings it and when Jimmy wrote the price for the song she refuses, even though Trish was about to seal the deal, Ally tells them she can't then leaves with Trish.

She realizes that Austin does like Ally, but tells him to call her when he makes up his mind.

meet the cast of austin and ally wiki

She then finally agrees just after Austin and Ally kiss, though she doesn't know that they kissed. After multiple failed attempts to break up with her, Austin finally breaks up with her. She doesn't take it so well at first- it's assumed that she started cursing at Austin, hence the construction sounds blocking her screaming- but after that, the two hug and agree to be friends.

meet the cast of austin and ally wiki

However, they record over this as well, getting Austin fired. Later on, Ally confronts Kira, agreeing to give her the song if she talks to Jimmy about re-hiring Austin. Kira is unsure, since it seems unlikely that they accidentally recorded over her song she finds it a little more believable once hearing Dez was therebut says she'll think about it.

After being called up, she talks about Ally's song and decides only one person should sing it- Ally.

meet the cast of austin and ally wiki

While Ally is performing, Kira tells Jimmy what happened, convincing Jimmy to not only forgive Austin, but offer Ally a record deal as well. After this, Kira heads back up to finish her concert. This is because Dez saw Them together saying they had a secret. Kira admitted the secret saying they were trying to get Maroon 5 to play at Ally's surprise party.

Kira dances with Austin when he sings Steal Your Heart. In this episode, Kira and Ally find out they have a lot in common. Trivia Her bad breath could be is likely result of her eating habits.

She was once stuck in a hamster ball, along with Ally. Kira was also stuck on a Ferris wheel with Austin. She thinks that Austin and Ally like each other. She once had a cat that she sung to every night until it ran away. Austin calls her flawless, although that was before he smelled her breath. She's scared of heights.