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meet the breeder blogspot

We've been sorting through the dogs that were seized last week during Oakland Animal Service's raid on a notorious backyard breeder. Breeding Bird Atlas II as a field biologist, author and technical editor. This is her second hawkwatch and she looks forward to meeting the . If you enjoy reading this blog, please support it by becoming a CMBO member. The latest Tweets from The Breeder (@meetthebreeder). NYC-area top man. If you missed it earlier today, in my latest blog post I get all inspirational 'n' shit.

Now, where was I? The last time I added a ferrety Friday on my blog, I wrote about where you can actually get a ferret, which included 1 Pet store, 2 Shelter, 3 Private breeder and 4 Classifieds.

meet the breeder blogspot

And since the information for the pet store was getting a little long, I decided to place the different subtitles together in another post or each one in its own. Today, I will write about private breeders and in the future I will add some information about the other two. Well, a ferret too, but you still have to start with a good breeder. Good breeders breed good ferrets.

What I mean by a good breeder is a reputable one.

meet the breeder blogspot

And the way to go about finding one is with some research. Now, like any other type of breeder, there are good and bad ones.

Some breed because they really love ferrets, others breed only for profit.

After some time, Gary agreed to have Sam neutered and vaccinated. In the following days, we picked up Sam and brought him to Animal Friends for his exam and surgery. We quickly realized that we were lucky to meet Gary when we did. Sam was cryptorchid, meaning that one testicle had not descended, putting him at a much higher risk of cancer. Once he had recovered from surgery, we brought Sam back to his home.

As it turns out, Nancy had four dogs of her own.

meet the breeder blogspot

With no access to an affordable clinic, they had never seen a veterinarian. I was surprised to be welcomed with open arms. These new people I was meeting were so nice, warm and friendly. I almost felt like I was starting in a new church. I can not even put a value on being a part of OKA. This club and the people who are in it are a wealth of knowledge.

Search your area for an all breed club. This is a great start. Many of the people in these clubs know people who own, show and breed frenchies. You can even join if you don't already own your dog. You should have to attend a certain amount of meetings so people can get to know you. You may be given a questionnaire to fill out. The breed club will be able to tell you about local shows and events.

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They can even give you information on where you can purchase your dog. Even if you have made a mistake in breeding or showing. This is life and you can fix it. You can turn things around any time you want to change and do the right thing by these wonderful animals that love you so much. Many of the new things that I am putting on this website I learned from these wonderful new friends. I would not be where I am today without them. I would have known this, if someone was willing to help me to start with.

meet the breeder blogspot

I feel that as scary as it is, as breeders we need to educate other new breeders on what is right and wrong to the best of our ability In fact is should be our responsiblity. None of us knows everything, but its a start and lets face it we all started somewhere. If we don't bring in and educate responsible new owners and breeders french bulldogs will be the ones who suffer.

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Right now the French bulldog "market" is exploding. There are so many dogs being exploited and over bred. It could be fixed if we just took someone under our wing and helped them to know how to do it right. Finding a French Bulldog to Show This will be a project and finding a mentor to help you is very important.

This is where it helps to have already joined a local kennel club.

Amazing Pig Mating and Shit of Sow, two men support at country side Siem Reap, Cambodia

Getting to know people and trust people is imperative to doing it right. You may not get your first dog and have them finish. If your breeding your dogs. It helps if your dogs have parents and grandparents that are of champion blood lines. Look for health testing on the parents and puppies.

Ask to see a pedigree and google it to see if they have been associated with any puppy mills or won any championships. A reputable breeder will ask you to fill out a questionare or do a phone interview. The breeder will also not ship the puppy in a way that is stressful. I only allow hand delivery that's me putting the puppy in your hands personally. The breeder should have the dogs in their home.

The puppies parents should meet the breed standard. This increases the chances that your puppy will also meet the standard. Have the new friends that you have made help you by looking at the puppy before you buy it. If the breeder says you need to make a decision quickly, then move on. They are probably just trying to sell a puppy.

Be diligent this is a long difficult process, but you also do not want to end up with a dog that you can't show. Although you may still love and care about them its another dog in the house to care for an give all of your attention to. I personally do not rehome any of my dogs. It is however appropriate to rehome your older dogs if you are not able to spend time with them or do not have adequate room for them put the dog first and not your needs. I have been blessed with lots of room and lots of people around to provide this.

Your dog should be very expensive.

It's not good for them or your reputation. The good breeders have a reputation to uphold and do not want any negative comments spread around about their dogs from unhappy owners. The dog should also be AKC registered.

meet the breeder blogspot

Finding a French Bulldog to Breed This all goes back to finding a mentor. You can not and should not be breeding a dog has not been proven in the show ring, has not had proper health testing, and has not been cleared healthy by your vet.

If you do this the right way, you will not have the guilt associated with just breeding a dog and possibly having it result in a sick puppy that has to live their life this way or possibly a dead one.

You have every right to charge a high price. It took your time and commitment to get good breeding stock that you had to prove by showing and finishing them, which costs money. You should be paid accordingly. Again don't get me wrong, if your doing it right your not making any money.