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Originally from the Western NY area, Gabe got his start in music where he recorded and toured with the band Madhatter out of Buffalo, NY. Gabe has spent most. Meet the good lookin' guys and girls working round the clock to ensure your music is available to buy on the major digital music platforms around the world. How to Meet Band Members at a Concert. It's totally normal to want to meet the members of your favorite band. After all, when you see them in concert, you're.

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Kenn and Rick were busy with the Pravda label as well, releasing records by a number of bands. During this time the label was perhaps best known for producing a pair of tribute albums to K-tel Records, a nostalgic compilation of 's one-hit wonders performed by well-known local and national bands including The Smashing Pumpkins, Mojo Nixon, and The Young Fresh Fellows.

meet the band

Along with running the store and the label, Kenn and Rick were busy with their new band, The Service, which by now included Gary Schepers on bass. The Service was a mainstay of Chicago's new-music club scene, and the band's four albums are full of sturdy, no-nonsense songs and inventive arrangements.

Their music has aged well, as critic Peter Margasak noted in the Chicago Reader on the occasion of Pravda's 25th Anniversary: I still have an awful lot of underground rock records from the mid- to late 80s, before media and marketing geniuses cooked up terms like "alt-rock" and "indie rock," and few of them have aged as well as my Service albums. They were the epitome of the midwestern rock of the time: They had a good run, but after several years the pressure got to them. Their recorded output — 10 releases in all -- is an avalanche of chaotic, absurdist power pop.

NDI performs when the feeling is right.

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Following his love of country music he created Country Swagg in the winter of While Tim had pursued other styles of music throughout his years, he recently rediscoverd his interest in country. Tim has been playing electric guitar for seven years and has played with many local musicians and bands.

meet the band

Tim has played at many local venues. Tim found he was leaning more toward the country side of things and found that Country Swagg was the perfect fit for his playing style. He started playing drums in his high school band at the age of 14 and after high school quickly found his way into the Syracuse, NY music scene.

After playing and recording with some of the area's top bands and musicians, opening shows for world touring acts and gaining an abundance of knowledge in the music business, he has now found his calling with Country Swagg.

meet the band

His home environment was alive and with no musical boundaries. He caught the guitar playerbug at the age of 5 with his discovery of the rock group KISS, and their fiery guitarist Ace Frehley.

meet the band

At the age of 12, Todd started playing with more dedication and tenacity when he was further inspired by Eddie Van Halen. Todd is also sought after not only for his skill as a player, but for his easy going demeanor and ability to pick up songs quickly.

meet the band

Albums Live Series performing classic rock albums in their entirety.