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New Adventure to Become an Animagus - Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

meet the animagus

James Potter first met Sirius Black aboard the Hogwarts Express. They sat in the same carriage as Lily They became Animagi.' Harry Potter and the Prisoner of . A new adventure to become an Animagus in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Go to the library to meet with Penny, Rowan, Tonks, and Talbott. This is Meet the Animagus, which is the 5th story in the Meet the series. The other stories in reading order are: Meet the Lupins, Meet the.

Inside the house itself, in a bedroom upstairs away from all the excitement, Carrie Winters was in the middle of a crisis. Locked away in the privacy of her boyfriend's bedroom, having expelled both said boyfriend and his meddlesome tie that he had been busy tying into increasingly baffling knots, she stood before the bed, glaring furiously down at the two dresses that she had carefully lain out half an hour previously.

She was pondering an age old question that she was pretty sure had been plaguing the minds of people the world over for centuries: What should I wear? In truth, Carrie wasn't really the sort of girl to spend hours fussing over her appearance and if she were entirely honest with herself she would have to admit that she felt a little silly for spending such a long time deciding upon her outfit for the afternoon.

In all honesty it didn't really matter what she wore for this, the most exciting event that she had been counting down to for the past few months, because the most important thing was that she was going to be there in the first place.

She very nearly hadn't made it. She had very nearly failed to persuade her boss Peter to give her the day off from work. But she had known better than to point this out to her melodramatic employer. Instead she had explained: They're going to have a blessing and a huge party and I promised everybody that I would be there! She hadn't bothered attempting to explain that if she had gotten married in the same circumstances and the same manner that Remus and Dora Lupin had done some twenty years previously, she would probably have wanted a second shot at the whole wedding thing too.

Because there was absolutely no chance that Peter would understand the perils and difficulties of getting married during the middle of a war he probably didn't realise had even happened, whilst being on the run from the authorities of a government that he had never heard of, and getting married with little if no ceremony at all because your marriage was in actual fact an illegal one under a set of laws that as far as he was concerned hadn't even existed. Besides, Peter wasn't allowed to know any of that, whether he would believe it or not.

Indeed, there were a whole lot of things about Carrie's boyfriend Teddy's family, friends and general existence that she was obliged to keep secret.

Because the Lupins were magical. Not magical as glittery costumes and top hats sort of magical, nor magical as in inhuman super heroes, the action figures of which Carrie's older brother's had collected when they had been teenagers.

meet the animagus

No, the Lupins were magical as in real, proper magic. Yes, Carrie was dating a boy whose family consisted of a couple of wizards and a witch. Two shape-shifters and a werewolf, to be even more precise.

Carrie had first met the Lupins many summers previously, just prior to her eleventh birthday when she and her family had moved into the house next door to them, and it had not taken Carrie long to realise that there was something unusual about her new neighbours. She and Teddy had soon become firm friends and every summer since Carrie had spent more time at the Lupins' house than she had done her own.

She had revelled in the magical little world that she was privy to for many years until one summer when she and Teddy had been seventeen, when Carrie's life had been turned upside down in more ways than one. For one thing, she had become Teddy's girlfriend. That had been a development that Carrie hadn't really seen coming, despite growing suspicions that she wouldn't be entirely happy with life until she and her best friend became an item.

She hadn't seen her parents having their memories wiped and being landed in the magical hospital St. Indeed, that had been possibly the most shocking and downright tragic occurrence of Carrie's life thus far. Since then her older twin brothers Thomas and Timothy had gone to live with their cousins in the neighbouring town of Moorbrook, whilst Carrie had moved in with their Aunt Susan who lived in a small flat in a tower block, the other side of town from the Lupins' house.

Carrie would have preferred to have gone with her brothers to Moorbrook, but the rest of the family, who were under the impression that Carrie's parents had suffered irreversible brain damage after a terrible car crash, had decided it better she stay in Eddington so that she might complete her A Levels at the nearby Goodwin College.

She'd asked Dora if she might just move in with Teddy's family instead, but the witch had regrettably told her that they didn't have the space. Teddy had offered to sleep on the sofa so that Carrie could have his bedroom, but Dora had told him not to be daft.

Carrie hadn't really thought this a daft idea, but Dora had disappeared off to work before they could argue with her any further and when they had posed the question to Remus instead he had told Teddy to ask his mother.

Don't be a wuss, Dad! Teddy had demanded when the werewolf had disappeared behind the refuge of his morning newspaper. Tell Mum Carrie can stay with us!

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But Remus had simply laughed and told Teddy that he had a lot to learn about how marriages work. He'd then consented to echoing Dora's excuse: And so Carrie had gone to live with her Aunt Susan for a year before heading off to study History at University, returning to her aunt's during the holidays and to the full comfort of her secret magical little world.

It was a good thing, Carrie mused as she stared down at the dresses upon the bed with a frown, that she was so well practiced at keeping secrets, because it just so happened that the true nature of today's grand occasion was exactly that: Dora had absolutely no idea that she would be renewing her wedding vows in just a hour's time.

As far as she knew, her husband had arranged a "little anniversary party", much the same as the one he had thrown the year beforehand. Carrie was very much looking forward to seeing the look upon the witch's face when she found out the truth, when she saw the explosion of flowers and the marquee and the archway and! Carrie positively beamed at the very thought.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Adds Animagus Event

It was going to be brilliant, fantastic, just wonderful! When she'd expressed to Teddy just how amazing and romantic the whole thing was when he'd picked her up from her aunt's that morning, he had rolled his eyes and told her not to be such a girl.

But Carrie hadn't taken much notice of him, since Remus had unexpectedly dragged his son out of bed at half past five that morning to start conjuring flowers, which had left Teddy indigent to say the least. He came out to check on me at eight, once he'd bundled Mum into the floo to Grandma Molly's, took one look at all the flowers all over the garden Teddy had ranted as he had led Carrie by the hand down the stairs towards the tower block entrance.

They're not big enough! Carrie had expressed her disappointment that evidently Teddy had not inherited his father's zest for disproportionately huge romantic gestures, to which Teddy had looked mildly offended before pointing out that unlike Dora, Carrie was by no means comfortable with being the centre of attention and therefore if her accusations were true she should probably thank her lucky stars.

When it came to Teddy and his family, Carrie certainly did count her lucky stars, and as she stood scowling down at the dresses upon the bed she began to suspect that it was due to this fact precisely that she had developed the sudden urge to be picky about her attire.

Carrie Winters wanted to be perfect. She wanted to fit in seamlessly with everybody else at the party, not stick out as The Muggle Girl. She didn't want to be in any way shape or form an embarrassment to Teddy or the rest of the family. And it was this realisation that at long last solved her wardrobe dilemma. Because as stunning a dress as the one she was currently eying was, bright red silk and the occasional glittery bead or two was hardly likely to aid her in her mission to blend in with the crowd.

Indeed, she was pretty sure everybody would see her a mile off. Mind made up, she reached instead for the other option; a mottled handkerchief dress of earthy browns and greens that she had last worn the previous summer to a family wedding that had been a far more dull occasion than today's, and set about getting changed.

She had just finished attacking her carefully arranged chestnut locks with a can of hairspray when it suddenly occurred to her that she had forgotten to pack the necklace and earrings that she had carefully selected the evening beforehand.

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Sadly for Carrie, there were many random acts of magic that she had witnessed over the years in the Lupin household, but the appearance of missing jewellery out of thin air was not one of them. The muggle pursed her lips together in irritation and, glancing over at the clock upon Teddy's bedside table and noting that she was fast running out of time, decided to take drastic measures.

She hastily made for the bedroom door, flinging it open and with the briefest glance down the staircase towards the hallway to ensure nobody was looking, she dashed along the landing and reached to throw open the door to the master bedroom, stumbling across the threshold in a manner that was nothing like the covert fashion she had been hoping for. Nevertheless she hastily turned to push the door carefully closed, only to freeze at the sound of a voice behind her.

Become an Animagus! New Adventure in Hogwarts Mystery

My heart's not getting any younger, after all. There was not, as far as Carrie was concerned, a man who was calmer or less easily startled than Teddy's father, indeed had she managed to wrench the door off its hinges and hurl it across the room it was entirely likely that the werewolf would not so much as flinch. And, judging from the raised eyebrow that she found herself offered when he turned his back upon the window he was staring out of, Remus knew this fact about himself all too well.

She should probably reframe from reminding him on a daily basis just how an impressive a trait she felt this was, Carrie mused as she offered him a rather abashed smile, because as Dora had reminded her only yesterday, such comments only made him even more of a smug git than usual.

meet the animagus

Take what you want. When they get married. As Carrie listened to the sound of his fading footfalls, Carrie reached to slip the choker around her neck, fiddling with the clasp for a long moment and as she did so her eyes came to rest upon the envelope upon Dora's pillow. She instantly began to fight the urge to reach forward and pick it up. Carrie Winters had known ever since she was a very small child that it was rude to be nosy, however she seemed to have developed an uncanny ability to overlook or entirely forget this fact when it came to the Lupins.

Originally she had put this down to her thirst to know about magic, then to the idea that, despite being relatively private people, they really didn't seem to mind her probing And Remus had left the envelope open Carrie couldn't quite help herself. Glancing over at the bedroom door to ensure she was entirely alone, the muggle reached to pluck the envelope from the pillow, sliding the small piece of parchment out from within.

She recognised Remus' carefully formed script at first glance, printed in bright scarlet ink. Attempt 2 at a Honeymoon, After Attempt 2 at a Wedding. You tripped 2 times over the same tree root, In the space of about 2 minutes. You told me at least 22 times not to call you Nymphadora. It was 2 days after full moon, And probably barely 2 degrees outside.

I went to sleep having given you our only 2 blankets, And woke up to find you had given me 2 blankets back. And by the time our 2 days were up, I'd attempted to tell myself at least times, That I hadn't fallen for a girl I'd barely known for 2 weeks. It took you the best part of 2 years to make me see sense. And though you'll tell me I'm being at least 2 hundred times more soppy than you can stand, I must confess that since then I can't stand to think of the 2 of us being apart, Not even for a moment or 2.

So let's get away for 2 weeks. Because you deserve as much after 2 lots of ten years being married to me. Just the 2 of us. Scrawled across the bottom corner, seemingly an after thought, Carrie read: And Ted obviously, but we can leave him with Edwin and the others, call it Work Experience.

Earn all the stars and your character will find a Mandrake Leaf. This completes Part 1 of the Animagus Adventure, you will be rewarded with gold. Animagus Adventure Part 2 First Activity: There you will hand over the collected ingredients to Penny and study the Animagus Potion as a group.

This is yet another 3 hour activity that requires all 5 stars to complete. Upon completion Penny will give you some instructions and make plans to meet during the next full moon. Turns out there is a forced 5 hour wait time before the next step can be started.

Afterwards she asks to meet in the potions class room. At potions class Penny reveals that the potion must be consumed during the next electrical storm, which I assume will conveniently be happening soon. The potion will have to be stored in potions class until that time. Now search the potions classroom for a place to hide the Animagus potion. This is another 3 hour activity that requires all 5 stars to complete. After finding a suitable hiding place, Penny will direct you to Talbott who will teach a special Animagus Spell.

This completes Part 2 of your Animagus quest and you will be rewarded with a whopping 5 gems. Animagus Adventure Part 3 First Activity: Meet Talbott in the Charms Classroom Talbott is still elusive about his past, but he plans to quickly teach you the Animagus Spell before the next storm. This is an 8 hour activity that requires all 5 stars to complete, so plan accordingly. Complete the stars to learn the spell and cast it on yourself.

meet the animagus

This leads to the next step. Meet with McGonagall to discuss the merits of becoming an Animagus. This is a 3 hour activity which requires 5 stars to pass. Upon completion it is revealed that Talbott is an unregistered Animagus. With his secret revealed, Talbott offers to meet in the Courtyard to explain himself. Meet Talbott in the Courtyard Talbott will ask which type of animal you wish to become.

This may have an effect on your Animagus form. Then he offers to tell his story if you can defeat him at gobstones. Distract Talbott to win at Gobstones. Answers are as follows: When did you meet Penny? How do you like Gobstones? I eat Gobstones for breakfast.

  • Part 2 of our Animagus Event Walkthrough is here!

After defeating him Talbott will tell you about his past. His parents were Animagi who opposed Voldemort, they taught Talbott to become one to keep him safe. His animagus form is an eagle. Animagus Adventure Part 4 First Activity: