Mac meet the fleet eyeshadow

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mac meet the fleet eyeshadow

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In XSGCOMthe Tau'ri end up siccing Apophis and Anubis plus their allies, including Loki on Anubis's side against one another, culminating in a truly epic battle over Delmak, where their respective motherships face off.

The battle is said to involve two-thirds of Ha'taks in the entire galaxy. Anubis uses the ancient weapon, powered by the Eyes, to obliterate Apophis's mothership, but then Ba'al and his allies turn against him, and he's forced to retreat, leaving his ship behind.

He does make sure that it crashes into Delmak and leaves the planet uninhabitable. Films — Animation Despicable Me. But given that both Gru and Vector are kid-friendly Harmless Villainsit's played strictly for laughs. Shere Khan and Kaa obviously hated each other as they are in pursuit of the man-cub Mowgli as Kaa wants to eat up Mowgli for survival while Khan wants to kill Mowgli due to his hatred for mankind.

However, Kaa is too scared to voice his hatred towards Shere Khan because of the latter's strength and ruthlessness. Scarlet's last attempt to steal the crown fails because Gru takes it from her. Megamindwhen he battles Titan. Of course, the one is an Anti-Villain who cares more about the showmanship of being an evil overlord than the actual conquering-and-ruling stuff, while the other is a Jerk Ass given all of Superman's powersso there's definitely A Lighter Shade of Black in the situation.

All Dogs Go to Heaven: Subverted once their true motives are revealed. In Asterix and the Vikings, the villain schemes to outwit the other dumber vikings. He's clearly more civilized and competent than his intended victims, who, true to viking tradition, attack a town in the opening scene and keep the skulls of their victims all over the place. His plan however requires at least one murder. But he was also believed to be the bitter rival of the demon or evil goddess Lamashtu who caused miscarriages and captured and devoured infants, so his image was actually worn or carried around by those who sought to ward off Lamashtu.

Pro Wrestling Though less common than Face vs. Face, and FAR less common than Face vs. Heelsometimes happens in pro wrestling, particularly when Vince Russo is at the helm. Making one a success can be difficult though, since one of the cardinal rules of any match is that the audience should be rooting for someone. That said, it can work if the match is a prelude for one of the Heels to turn Face.

The nWo vs The Four Horsemen. The nWo Hollywood vs. One major example would be The Corporation vs. The Ministry feud, where both sides were portrayed as bad guys. Though in the end those two groups would merge together to form the Corporate Ministry, and it was revealed Vince McMahon was the mastermind behind both stables all along.

mac meet the fleet eyeshadow

It still works as not every member was in on the plan, though those members left prior to the merger and turned face. Though even in the Corporate Ministry there was fighting within the group, especially between The Undertaker and Triple H. Very common with Shawn Michaels whenever he was a heel. Beyond that, he was involved in a three-way feud with Chris Jericho and Batista inwhere of the three only Batista was really a face Shawn eventually turned face after Batista left the feud and Jericho beat up his wife.

Happened a weird way a couple of times when Shawn, mostly a face, would be allied with another face John Cena, Chris BenoitGoldbergAustin against a common heel foe, but with everyone involved painfully aware of Shawn's eventual inevitable betrayal which, sure enough, always came.

Almost always via Superkick. Bret Hart at Survivor Series 97 is the most infamous example. While Bret had the crowd behind him because it was Canada he was still in storyline a Heel. It's interesting considering it was Face vs. He also spoofed the trope when forced to defend his European Title against then-ally Triple H, overdramatizing the buildup, throwing the match, and then cutting a tearful promo about the loss.

Which led to a Crowning Moment of Funny when John Cena was appointed special guest referee, and disqualified both Barrett and Punk for ' excessive use of profanity on a PG show ', eliminating both factions from the Rumble.

Any Triple H vs. Kurt Angle match from was this essentially. Though they were both heels, they were tenuous allies at best and vicious enemies at worst.

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They would feud on and off from year to year, with neither really turning face at all the closest being their No Way Out match where Triple H was running off of Determinator face heat.

During this period Triple H even paused during his catchphrase to allow the audience to finish it — a way of hinting to the smart marks that he was going to turn face. The Hart Foundation could be viewed as this, had it not been for the overwhelming crowd reaction in Austin's favor.

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When Austin had to forfeit the Intercontinental Title due to Owen Hart injuring his neckthe finals in a tournament for the vacant title featured Owen against Faarooq. Austin helped Owen win the match, so he could beat him for the title. This one wasn't so successful, mostly because they had no real chemistry or feud, so the crowd had nobody to root for. During the "Kayfabe" era, the only time villains typically fought were in battle royals. However, there were at least two "heel vs.

The Hart Foundation vs. The Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff. In late, Sheik and Volkoff were in another heel-vs. The fans sided with Beefcake and Valentine, and the match ended in a double-disqualification. Jake Roberts on an episode of Saturday Night's Main Event a match that bore no resemblance to their matches five years later, where Savage was the face and Roberts the worse-than-evil heel.

Both were heavily booed and neither showed much respect for the other. In fact, somewhat foreshadowing Roberts' behavior toward Miss Elizabeth during the feud, he once tried to counter Savage's then tactic of pulling Elizabeth in front of him to shield off an attack by pulling Damien from his bag and nearly throwing it on Elizabeth! The WWF was indirectly responsible for the heel vs heel match as well.

mac meet the fleet eyeshadow

NWA was not going to let the belts go with them. Los Infernales would later split into two groups calling themselves Los Nuevos Infernales. In tournaments the face will usually win one match and a heel the next to set up a confrontation between the two in the next bracket. There are some exceptions: King of the Ring matches that qualify include Marc Mero vs.

Jeff Jarrett in the quarter-finals in and Test vs. Brock Lesnar in In early, she had several matches against other female heels, like Jazz and Victoria. She even teamed with Jacquelinewho was a face at the time, against Jazz and Victoria. Nidia had vowed to flash the audience if she won the title and, oddly enough, Molly was "the face" for that match.

mac meet the fleet eyeshadow

Face and Heel aside, the various feuds and matches between The Undertaker and Kane count. Both wrestlers, even when portraying Faces, maintain a gimmick of being pure evil. At best, they can be in the Noble Demon category. This means that any match between them is literal evil vs evil. The two did try to work together first but split when Strychnine got too friendly for MsChif 's liking. Of the four, only the latter group were faces.

This came to an end when Mathews became SHIMMER Champion, as she quickly proved to be the most vulnerable and cowardly woman to hold the belt to that point, and won it by hitting Eagles with a fireball. The two biggest trios in earlier The Shield and The Wyatt Family are both heels, and after several teases, have wrestled at Elimination Chamber.

Throughout the feud, both teams were heavily cheered by the fans, due to them all being interesting and well-developed characters. He would have another Heel vs Heel title defense two months later against Braun Strowman. Web Animation Death Battle has eight episodes which pit villains against other villains with similar traits. These are " Akuma vs.

Shang Tsung ", " Goomba vs. Koopa ", " Dr. Wily ", " Shao Kahn vs. Bison ", " Darth Vader vs. Doctor Doom ", " Bowser vs. Ganon ", " The Joker vs. Sweet Tooth ", and " Venom vs. Cinder is responsible for the destruction of Beacon Academy just so she can steal the Fall Maiden's power for herself, a plan that enables the White Fang and Grimm to enter the Kingdom of Vale and kill countless people.

She revels in her ability to reprogramme the robotic Atlesian army to turn on the Vale citizens it was trying to protect and ensuring that the rest of the world receives live feed of the carnage to maximise global pain, terror and suffering. The Spring Maiden has been raised by a tribe of bandits who slaughter innocent villages for personal gain and who leave the survivors vulnerable to attack from the Grimm, who are attracted by the pain and suffering the bandit raids cause.

And, while the tribe doesn't normally engage in people trafficking, the Spring Maiden revels in the opportunity to kidnap Weiss for the opportunity to ransom a wealthy family that control global Dust trade. The Spring Maiden appears to be Vernal, an understudy of the Branwen Tribe's leader, Raven, who abandoned her daughter Yang at birth and who lives by the mantra the strong survive and the weak die. Vernal is used by Raven as a decoy to hide the fact Raven is the real Spring Maiden, having obtained the power by winning the trust of the original Spring Maiden and then murdering her when Spring failed to live up to Raven's exacting standards.

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Raven successfully double-crosses and defeats Cinder, but Yang uses Raven's litany of crimes and cowardice to shame her into abandoning the Relic to Yang, cravenly allowing her own daughter to take the Relic and become Salem's target instead of herself. Web Comics Sluggy Freelance: Bun-Bun, being a Sociopathic Herotends to get this whenever an arc focuses on him.

Particularly the "Oceans Unmoving" arc where he's pitted against a naval empire out to enslave everyone in their dimension. It's not that Bun-Bun's got any ethical objections to slavery he takes a few himselfhe just doesn't want to be the one enslaved.

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