Long distance relationship meeting for the first time kids france

25 Great Books To Read If You're In A Long Distance Relationship

long distance relationship meeting for the first time kids france

Long-distance relationships can be difficult to navigate with challenges Wanting to spend as much time as possible talking to my partner in a different Every relationship requires a willingness to meet each other halfway, but this is I was child-free with a job that allowed me to work remotely, while she. When it comes to a long-distance relationship, most of us get . We went to France last Christmas for him to meet my family. It was the first time for him but also for our daughter, who was 4 months He says I sound like a kid. Advice for those considering a long distance relationship .. I (20/F) flew to Chicago to meet him (28/M) for the very first time, it was the first time.

Together in that same city where we fell in love.

long distance relationship meeting for the first time kids france

In spite of the distance, the obstacles, and the cultural differences. Also, one of the funniest and romantic moments of our relationship was when he proposed to me. I really did not expect him to do it. It was a family outing, my family. My entire family, from my mom side. My grandparents, my uncles, my aunties, my cousins.

Even my mom, who lives in France, and my brother, who lives in Saigon were there.

long distance relationship meeting for the first time kids france

We hired a van and went a little bit out of town to that amazing restaurant with a fountain and gorgeous garden with flowers and bamboos and stuff. After lunch, we all came out and sat in the garden to drink tea and eat cakes. It was really great. The weather was glorious, sunny and windy.

long distance relationship meeting for the first time kids france

My husband was very jumpy and seemed agitated. I asked him if he was feeling OK.

There Are Rules to Long Distance Dating -- East, West and the Middle

He stood up and sat down a bunch of times before he finally told me: Everybody was cheering, laughing but also crying. It was very emotional. I will never forget that moment and cherish it always. A romantic dinner just the two of us or something.

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Oh boy, I was in for a surprise. He later told me he was actually carrying the ring in his pocket for weeks, waiting for the perfect moment. He never really felt the right moment until that day. The setting was beautiful and I was surrounded by my loved ones. When you two were together, how did your and his family react to this cross-cultural relationship and then marriage? I think any Vietnamese mothers always wish deep down that their sons marry a good Vietnamese girl.

And then, 1 year passes, 2 years pass, then 3 and more. With time I got to learn to know his family and him and vice versa. My mother in law is an amazing woman. We went to France last Christmas for him to meet my family.

It was the first time for him but also for our daughter, who was 4 months old at the time! First time in Paris for Hoang Anh Prior to meeting your husband, had you ever dated anyone from a different culture? I have to specify that my mother is also Vietnamese, therefore I am not completely unfamiliar with the culture here, the traditions, even the language to some extension. But as a teenager, I remember always telling myself and swearing myself three things. Prior to meeting Hoang Anh, I only dated Frenchmen.

As I said, I never expected to be dating a Vietnamese man! I guess the main difference is that Vietnamese men consider family as being a big part and a big priority in their life. I cannot speak for all Vietnamese men since I have only been with Hoang Anh, but he sure is, more thoughtful, caring and mature than most Western men I dated in the past.

When we first started dating Have you two ever had any cross-cultural miscommunications? Since my mom is Vietnamese, I can speak it quite fluently now actually, I have been taking writing and reading lessons since I moved here in Forcing myself to read a lot, anything on the Internet really. He says I sound like a kid. One time, back when I just moved here, around earlywe were together on his bike, driving around town and I was feeling hungry.

So I was like awesome! It was dirty and smelly and there were tools and bikes in pieces everywhere. I asked one of the guy: When I turned to Hoang Anh, he was laughing so hard he had to sit down on the pavement.

Accentuation is everything in Vietnam, I learned it the hard way. As you two are from different countries, so we are curious about your wedding. Could you please tell us about it? The plan was to have 2 weddings, ideally in Vietnam and in France. Turned out we ended only having it here. Lets be honest, if you aren't in a position to travel or don't have the time to do so then this will eventually get tough.

Spending quality time is still a very important thing when dating. Getting to see that person in different scenarios is key to the future in that relationship.

If you have a busy schedule and don't even have time as it is now, then unless something changes, you won't have time for this relationship either. Each person needs to be self-sufficient in terms of coping without human interaction. So simply put, if you thrive off of constant interaction which is fine then this is definitely not for you. Some people, depending on their love language needs to be held, touch or face-to-face with their special someone constantly. If this is the case then distant-dating may be challenging for you.

FaceTime will honestly have to be sufficient on those days where you just want to see that person or even get a hug. That is something you need to assess before getting involved with that person. That will indirectly cause all sorts of issues to arise in the relationship and will eventually make it sour. Coming to an understanding of long-term or short-term expectations and seeing what the plan would be.

Obviously people don't date to just date. And if they do then distant-dating would not be something they would be into. But prior to that, come to an understanding of some sort about how this whole thing would play out. How often will you see each other? Who is able to travel first? All of this is necessary because if there isn't a plan, you will find yourself on the MTV hit show Catfish. No seriously, have a plan! It assures each person that you are committed on some level to doing this distant-dating adventure.

Creating a middle spot or neutral ground for future plans. If you live in California and the other person lives in New York, what will be the middle spot or neutral ground once its time to take the relationship to the next level?

You have to discuss that! Now the timing on when to have this conversation is completely up to you and the other person but it does need to be acknowledged. Cali and New York are two completely different places in terms of culture.

So if neither person is feeling either states then what will be the neutral ground? I promise you, this will save you so many arguments.

Jobs, living situation, etc. Which is why you both will need to discuss this up front if this is going to work. Last but definitely not least, 6. Distant-dating is a deeper investment than a local dating situation. You have to make time for each other by setting virtual dates more often than usual to make up for the lack of physical time ; You have to travel to and from on a regular basis; You have to trust that person to a whole other level.

So, the investment is definitely deeper.