International car at meet and greet faro

Faro Airport (FAO)

international car at meet and greet faro

The pick up booth at car park 4 saw a lot of unhappy people due to the delay in receiving attention. My original agreement stated pick up type “meet and greet” in . Answer 1 of 2: In both Mallorca and Menorca we've used local car hire companies who meet us at the airport and walk us to our hire car, avoiding the Faro Airport Post Office; International airports & airlines flying into Faro. Faro Airport (FAO) is approximately four miles away from the city of Faro. The following companies offer car hire at Faro Airport on-site: AurigaCrown; Auto.

If you want to get straight into the holiday spirit, then throw all your beach gear into the back of the car and head to Praia de Faro for sun, sea and sand. Nearby Faro Having a hire car gives you plenty of independence and driving for an hour or so along pretty routes to explore more of the surrounding area is an absolute must.

The small village of Monchique, nestled among the mountains, is just 85 kms away and perfect for those who love the great outdoors. At the complete opposite end of the spectrum is Lagos, the liveliest town in the Algarve. Longer drives It is no wonder that the sleepy fishing village of Cascais has become the playground for Lisboetas looking to escape the capital. It has three very attractive bays, winding lanes leading to lush gardens, stunning boutiques and al fresco restaurants.

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Keen surfers can extend their trip nine kilometres north-west to Praia do Guincho. Slightly closer, but just as pleasant to visit is Sagres, about an hour and 20 minutes from Faro and still in the Algarve.

Here, you will find the most southerly tip of mainland Europe, as well as a great selection of beaches and coves to explore. With such a coastline, it is not surprising that seafood is on the menu at the local restaurants, with traditional Portuguese cooking styles the order of the day.

Be sure to visit the Sagres Fortress before leaving, as this incredible defensive building occupies a windswept position atop three natural cliffs.

international car at meet and greet faro

Top attractions to visit in Faro Enjoy unlocking all that Faro has to offer by driving to different sights in your hire car. It was constructed under the orders of Bishop Francisco Gomes in the aftermath of the earthquake, when much of the city was reconstructed. Algarve Regional Museum Taking a look into the life of ordinary folk who have lived in the Algarve for generations is absolutely fascinating. Fuel policy and mileage limits As the rent-a-car market is very competitive, you should always be informed of the fuel and mileage policies associated with your car rental.

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Some car hire companies advertise very attractive rates, but contractually clients have to purchase fuel directly to the rental supplier at higher prices.

Although unusual, some companies may also apply a fee if you exceed a certain mileage during the rental. Always be aware of the respective policies during the booking process.

Border crossing If you want to cross the Portuguese border with the rented vehicle, most likely you will be charged an additional fee for extra coverage on the car insurance.

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If you plan to travel outside Portugal look for this topic in the rental conditions during the booking process. Additional drivers Only the rental contract holder is authorized to drive the vehicle. For other people to be legally allowed to drive, usually, an extra fee is applied for each additional driver.

international car at meet and greet faro

Child Safety In Portugal, children under 12 years old and under 1,50 m tall may only be carried in cars with the help of child restraint systems. If you are travelling with minors, by paying an extra amount you can request baby seats or booster seats during the car rental booking.

The equipment will be pre-installed on your vehicle. Out of hours charge For flight arrivals and departures during the night, between If one of your flights at Faro airport fits this schedule, be aware of this detail in the rental conditions.

international car at meet and greet faro

Charging of tolls on the A22 highway - Via do Infante The Algarve has two main traffic routes - the free national road N and the paid A22 motorway, also known as Via do Infante. Both extend along the Algarve and establish the connection between the region most important cities and tourism locations.

During the summer months the N becomes quite congested and many people opt for the faster alternative through the A22 motorway. Initially free, the recent global financial crisis led the Portuguese government to introduce electronic tolls on the A22 and other major motorways throughout the country in late The A22 motorway construction didn't foresee the use of pay booths and as a result the charging method is a bit unusual.

Tolls are charged through the use of electronic gates placed along the motorway that identify the vehicle's plate on each passage - no pay booths and no need for stops.

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In the early stage, this automated system led to numerous complications to the rent-a-car companies. Due to the lack of proper information, many tourists used the motorway without being aware of the costs involved. Many of them refused to pay the respective costs later which originated hundreds of fines addressed to the car hire businesses, the actual owners of the vehicles. Currently, the majority of rent-a-car companies operating at Faro airport have equipped their fleet with transponder devices to identify the passage of their vehicles in the A22 toll gates as well as in other paid motorways across the country using the same charging method.

The use of such motorways can be charged directly to the customer's credit card or paid later when returning the car.

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To avoid later unforeseen expenses you should always ask your car rental supplier about their method of charging the use of paid motorways. Alternatives to car rental Renting a car to get around the Algarve at your own pace and with total freedom is certainly an excellent option to explore the region. However, for those who spend their holidays in just one place, close to all amenities, renting a car can become an expensive option, especially during the summer high season.

international car at meet and greet faro

At this time of year the demand is greater than supply causing rental prices to rise considerable. For such scenarios, other transportation options become more desirable. The most common alternative for those who just want to move sporadically from A to B is the private transfer service - transport between Faro airport and also between Algarve locations.