Flirt pkp intercity english

Stadler Flirt III- Serbian Railways.

flirt pkp intercity english

InterCity (IC) – comfortable travelling owing to European Union funds extended with 20 EZTs, Flirt3 type and 20 sets “Dart” that shall reinforce InterCity brand. Aug 28, POLAND: PKP Intercity has selected a consortium of Stadler Rail and Newag for a contract to supply 20 Flirt electric multiple-units for. Under its contract with PKP Intercity, Stadler is required to provide for permission to operate the 20 two-car FLIRT electric trains for Łódzka.

Listen to your customers Set up a focus group. Run customer satisfaction surveys. Ride your trains and talk to passengers.

flirt pkp intercity english

If you need inspiration talk to Anthony Smith at Passenger Focus. Listen to your employees Another excellent way of discovering what your customers think of PKP is to talk to customer-facing employees like train managers and ticketing staff. They hear an enormous amount of complaints at first hand. Actually it is quite a good idea to set up a way of getting feedback from all your employees.

flirt pkp intercity english

Passengers travelling, say from Lodz to Zakopany and changing at Krakow Plaszow from one TLK train to another, should NOT have to buy two separate tickets thus loosing the through journey discount when purchasing their tickets through the Internet. It is only possible to buy tickets four weeks in advance. This is something you should be able to sort out quite quickly.

Improve the customer experience at stations In the last few years major stations have undergone complete rebuilds or makeovers — a process partly accelerated by Euro championship though relatively few football fans actually travelled around Poland by rail. But there are still major deficiencies in the quality of the station experience: Make your managers and directors travel by train!

Stadler FLIRT

I have always been amazed how much — bearing in mind that they work for a national public transport network — senior railway people in Poland travel about on duty by plane, or are chauffeured around in luxury cars. What a missed opportunity for senior people to see what is really happening on the railway! If not, please order these two seminal books for yourself and for all your fellow board members.

Deming proved that it is possible to increase quality and reduce costs simultaneously. In the recently modernised station at Katowice, one of two pedestrian tunnels has been fitted with escalators leading to the platforms. Access to this subway is via a flight of steps. Further along the concourse an escalator and wheelchair ramp leads to another subway, but this tunnel has only stairs leading to the platforms.

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Similar barriers exist at the brand new station at Krakow Glowny. One can — for a time at least — excuse such problems at legacy buildings like Warszawa Centralna, but for brand new facilities this is inexcusable!

Empower staff to deal with certain problems on the spot When things go wrong such as a broken down train one of the most infuriating things that can happen to a passenger is to be told by the train manager that one has to buy a brand new ticket, and that a refund for the old ticket can only be obtained via a Kafkaesque complaints system.

Please, please, empower train staff to deal with such minor problems on the spot, by granting them powers to revalidate old tickets, or issue new replacement tickets, without charging the customer a second time. Flinker leichter innovativer Regional-Triebzug is a diesel or electric multiple unit railcar made by Stadler Rail of Switzerland. The articulated trainset comes in units of two to six cars with two to six motorized axles.

The trains can have two to six sections and electric variants are available for all commonly used power supply systems AC and DC as well as standard and broad gauge. It has jacobs bogies between the individual sections, with wide walk-through gangways. The floor height at the entrances can be chosen by the operator, providing level boarding at most stations.

Automatic couplers of either Schwab type on all Swiss units or Scharfenberg type at both ends of the train allow up to four trains to be connected. On the two-section trains, only one bogie is powered, while on longer versions it is possible to have a third powered bogie in the middle, found on the trains for NSB and for PKP Intercity in Poland. Acceleration also varies between 0.

The diesel version is essentially a electric version with a diesel power module inserted, generating electricity for the electric motors. The first vehicle was delivered in for the use on the Stadtbahn Zug. These 43 four-section units can only be used within Switzerland.

They also consist of four sections and are used on the Basel S-Bahn.

flirt pkp intercity english

The first 19 units of this type to be delivered were four-sections long, and were followed by eleven units ordered that six-sections long and are additionally equipped with the ETCS Level 2 train control system. Minsk — Minsk National Airport and other sub-urban routes. Stadler trains are also used as inter-regional transport in Belarus.