Dog and baby meet for the first time

Dogs Meet Their Owner's Baby For The First Time

dog and baby meet for the first time

Wonder how the family dog will react to your new baby? about how things would go when she brought her infant home for the first time. Nine months is more than enough time for you and your pet to work through most issues and smooth During this first meeting, do not bring the baby too close. Watch as newborn baby Isaac enters his house for the very first time after Mom And Dad Create Brilliant Way To Introduce Their Dog To The New Baby.

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A pregnancy affects the entire household. You may feel excited, anxious, or worried. Remember, your dog will mirror your emotions. Claim your baby's scent. Bring an item that contains your baby's scent, such as a burp cloth, from the hospital before bringing home the baby. During this exercise, it is crucial that you set clear boundaries. Challenge the dog to sniff from a distance, while you are holding the item.

By doing so, you are communicating to your dog that the item is yours and then giving permission for the dog to sniff. Establish boundaries around the nursery. I recommend starting with the nursery off-limits.

When Dog Meets Baby: 10 Tips for a Smooth Introduction

Condition your dog to understand that there is an invisible barrier that she may not cross without your permission. Eventually, you can allow your dog to explore and sniff certain things in the room with your supervision.

dog and baby meet for the first time

Then you decide when she needs to leave. Repeat this activity a few times before the baby arrives. This will let your dog know that this room belongs to its pack leader and must be respected at all times.

Start by taking your dog on a long walk.

Pets Meet Baby For The First Time!

Be sure to drain all of your dog's energy. Before returning, wait at the door step; make sure your dog is in a calm-submissive state before inviting her in.

dog and baby meet for the first time

Upon entering, your dog will instantly know there is a new scent in the house. If you have already introduced the scent, it will be somewhat familiar. The mother or father holding the baby must be in a completely calm state.

Introduce your dog to your baby

The dog should be allowed to sniff the baby, but at a respectful distance. Luckily, most people are delighted to provide this kind of support even if the big day comes in the middle of the night.

Make an exercise plan. Post-baby, a walk around the block is sometimes the best parents can manage, but many dog breeds need a lot more than that. Plus, a dog that gets its exercise is less likely to develop behavior issues.

Introduce your dog to your baby | Cesar's Way

Introduce the dog to other tiny people. Have friends with infants or toddlers?

dog and baby meet for the first time

Do your nose work. You might not need baby gates until your baby starts crawling, but they also are good for dogs: They allow you to separate your dog from the baby without having to close the door on him which can make sensitive pooches feel left out.

Newsflare - Friendly dog meets newborn baby for the first time

At the introduction, remain calm and confident. Pets easily pick up on feelings, so if you are anxious when the two meet, your dog may be, too. Never force a pet to get close to the baby, as it may take a dog a while to get used to the idea of a new love in your life! If you leave the room, baby does too.