Demi meet and greet

Tickets and Meet and Greet Passes to Demi Lovato - MOViN - Seattle's #1 Hit Music Station

demi meet and greet

Your one of the largest and most up-to-date Demi Lovato photo gallery online. Last updated albums - Meet & Greet. jpg. Singapore, Singapore - April So basically the whole story started when one fan named Madison wrote about a time when she supposedly met Demi at a meet-and-greet. Twitter user @gomezxrusset says she met Demi Lovato through a paid for meet and greet and thought the star was "extremely rude".

Meet and Greet was like half hour and then after that we waited like an hour for the concert. How about an hour Meet and Greet and half hour wait?

But I know Tinashe had no say over that. The rules clearly said no albums, no posters, no nothing for her to sign.

demi meet and greet

People brought some anyway. Tinashe signed them happily. She did everything she could to make the fans happy in her tiny bit of time so when she said "I love you" to the crowds yes, it was believable that she loved her fans. Maybe she was like that once.

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Maybe she's jaded after years of going through being rushed. Yes it's a rush but she had an attitude. I've been to Meet and Greets where the celeb had mentally checked out before it started.

They have very little time this is true but some people know how to work that time. Some celebs know what to say and how to make the fans smile so everyone is happy when they leave. My friend still looks back on Christina Milian fondly and that was who knows how many years ago. Man it was like Eve told the guards what to do. First off she came in before the Meet and Greet time so when people got there on time she was already taking pics, posing and the line was moving quick.

She followed no rules and took people's cameras, did selfies, whole nine.

demi meet and greet

Tinashe isn't on that level so I don't expect it from her but she tried. It isn't about the smile.

demi meet and greet

It's about the experience. Lots of Barbies and other popular dolls for little girls are white, so Zendaya wanted to see more representation for girls who looked like her! However, Zendaya could not just celebrate her moment without Demi butting in.

Demi began tweeting about how she could model for a new, curvy Barbie Doll.

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While we understand her point that most dolls are meant to look very thin and unrealistic it was not the time to be making it.

She should have stepped back and let Zendaya have her time to shine without trying to force her way into the spotlight.

demi meet and greet

Let Zendaya celebrate without any silly comments! What did Selena ever do to deserve that?

Demi Lovato | Bridgestone Arena

Either way, Demi basically made it clear that their friendship was over on Twitter. Ending friendships and putting each other on blast over Twitter should be reserved for thirteen-year-olds, not twenty-somethings. Demi and Selena have been friends since they appeared on Barney together as kids, so it must have been difficult to lose a friend that has been around for so long. A few years ago, Taylor said that she personally did not identify as a feminist.

demi meet and greet

In that statement, Demi really contradicted herself. She said that Taylor was wrong for tearing down other women but then went on to insult Taylor and her friends, who had done nothing to her. However, she forgot to tag Demi in the image.

Not a big deal, right? Clearly, it was just an innocent mistake. But Demi did not see it that way.


In fact, she was super offended by the fact that Nicki forgot to tag her! Then, she went and posted a picture of herself and Nicki on her Instagram where it looked like Nicki was making a nasty face at her.