Betty and veronica meet the punisher comic

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betty and veronica meet the punisher comic

Betty and Veronica Meet the Punisher - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online. exaclty what Archie comics - betty by koushikhalder. Cover to Archie Meets the Punisher (Archie Comics version). quickly realizes his mistake and henceforth teams up with Archie to save his girlfriend Veronica. excerpted from the website blurb: Betty and Veronica meet The Punisher is a role -playing game where you take on the roles of teenage girls in Riverdale as you.

Punisher Meets Archie Vol 1 1

It is the best creepy smile in the history of comics, and if you disagree, you can start your own blog and talk about it. Man, Betty is awesome. Archie is making our crossover complete, as Punisher follows the criminals who kidnapped him. Get ready Archie, because you are about to meet The Punisher. Yes, Archie, The Punisher. That may be the image that makes the book.

Of course, no matter how ominous that panel may look, Punisher at some point decides that pointing a gun is just a smidge safer if one opens their eyes, and he realizes that Archie is not his prey. Archie manages to get away with an assist from his pal Jughead, which I love. In the face of imminent death, Jughead and Archie are best friends, and he finds a way to help his pal. I have done so via massive consumption of fast food. For real though, this is an incident that exemplifies what I spoke of when I sad that Batton Lash showed us these characters together without violating the integrity of either set of characters, and this little bit with Jughead helping Archie speaks volumes to that.

Hopefully, you have not been as big an idiot as Mr. Andrews has when he has called the police in the past. Why are Archie and Jughead winking like they got over on the cops?

I mean, not only are the cops obviously not going to help, but you asked them for help. Also, that is the worst undercover cop ever. He looks like every stranger I was warned about in elementary school, and he would fool no one into believing he is not with the fuzz.

Also, Archie and his pals are sharp, except for Jughead, who has more courage than brains, it seems. Do they really need Reggie to warn Veronica? Punisher gets emo again during his infiltration of the school, and he also stumbles upon the reason that Betty tolerates so much from Archie. Melvin proves he is not Archie in another way, but the really fun thing is the little Easter Eggs stuck in everywhere.

One of my favorites is a conversation between Katy Keene and Millie the Model! How can folks really confuse this guy for Archie once they are up close? Miss Grundy knows what she wants when she sees it! You have got to like that! Miss Grundy is also a woman who would never let you down and definitely carry her fair share in a relationship probably more, as my beloved Emily does. Check out some of her work under the Archives! Oh Moose, you want to help so badly.

Punisher and Archie finally find themselves able to sort out their identity crisis, and they pool their resources, which leads to what s, in my mind, the funniest moment in the book.

Jughead apparently managed to pay off his tab, as he is waving that hamburger around like that drunk guy at 4th of July parties does. You know the one. Note that I said Shield, and not S.

betty and veronica meet the punisher comic

We also have Sonic the Hedgehog, which Archie licensed and published. If memory serves, it was quite successful for quite some time, and it had appeal to multiple markets, as kids like my cousin would buy it, even though they did not care for comic books in general, because it had Sonic, Tails, and all the characters from that universe in it.

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It only happens in balloon form, but it happens, kids. Take a gander at the first Aliens vs. Predator movie if you need to reminded. Buscema, and Palmer are to be commended over and over for taking these two wrongs and making them into something right. I also cannot help but believe that this was the genesis for Archie publications like the Afterlife with Archie zombie stories or the recent death of Archie in Life with Archie.

Hell, without this comic book, we might not even have had the adult Archie stories in Life With Archie that preceded his demise.

I think this is the first time in a long time that Archie Comics stretched what an Archie comic could be, and while it may not have paid immediate dividends, it did impact the line in the future. Punisher and Microchip continue to secretly monitor Archie, hoping the remaining thugs will make the same mistake and come into the open. As Red and Veronica arrive at the school dance, Red is recognized by a stage worker and low-level drug dealer, who, hoping to improve his standing among the cartel, calls them and tells them where to find Red.

Punisher and Microchip, who have been monitoring the cartel, also head for the dance. Meanwhile, Archie is told Veronica went to the dance with someone who looks like him, and realizing that she is with a criminal, he too goes to the dance. Punisher sneaks into the school and realizes Riverdale truly is as innocent as it appears.

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Determined to prevent it from being corrupted by Red or other forces, he disguises himself as a chaperone and, while looking for Red, identifies the thugs, who have dressed like caterers. As Archie arrives, the thugs mistake him for Red again and move in to kill him. Punisher uses non-lethal methods to disarm and incapacitate them, but the real Red escapes with Veronica as a hostage. Red forces Veronica to call her father for ransom, but she takes the opportunity to use code words to let Archie know that she's being held in a specific warehouse.

Archie and his friends accompany Punisher to rescue her. At the warehouse, Punisher reveals to Red that the informant who called the cartel to the dance has agreed to testify and Red is no longer needed alive.

Archie Meets the Punisher

During the subsequent scuffle, Red accidentally triggers the automatic doors that open the warehouse roof and gets his foot tangled in a rope attached to a large parade balloon.

As the balloon floats away with Red attached, Punisher considers killing him, but does not. Before leaving Riverdale for Gotham City the next morning, Punisher and Microchip say goodbye to Archie and his friends.

betty and veronica meet the punisher comic

Critical reception[ edit ] Many people thought the crossover was a joke when it was first announced, but it was surprisingly successful. As late asyoung fans and fans new to comics would still ask Lash if the comic really existed.