Bbc school radio meet the authors marketplace

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bbc school radio meet the authors marketplace

Entrepreneurs, activists, medics and more - the women the BBC have chosen who are working to change their world in NPR interviews with top authors and the NPR Book Tour, a weekly feature December 4, • Crosby set the mold for the multimedia star: on radio, on the big. Children interview leading authors about their work.

And yet, the unemployment rate rose from 3. More jobs, higher unemployment. It has something to do with the labor force participation rate. Can the jobs report predict the future of the economy? They put out this morning's jobs report, and it's better than anyone expected: We'll talk about what that does and doesn't tell us about the economy and recap a very volatile week for markets.

bbc school radio meet the authors marketplace

Plus, is it just us or are movie credits getting longer? However, here are five other things to watch out for in the new year: To push that goal, the government has: Then we look at car sales, which still look strong despite the chaotic stock market activity and rising interest rates.

Automakers say more than 17 million new cars and light trucks were sold last year. The Labor Department said Friday that the unemployment rate rose slightly to 3. Average hourly pay improved 3.

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Populism threatens economic stability in some nations, and some established national leaders are preparing to move on voluntarily or risk being ejected by discontented citizens. Here are a few of the issues that will play out in in Europe: Maybe I can command a premium.

Hospitals now have to post prices online. Is that a good thing? Also, the arrival of brings new rules for hospitals: They now have to post prices for their services online.

Then, global markets are taking on a bit of optimism after a bruising start to the year on hopes for a deal between the U.

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Trade talks are set to officially restart next week. But how high level will the participants be? That's because tens of thousands of people are headed to Las Vegas for the annual tech trade show, CES. It's the place where companies roll out their newest technologies, from huge televisions to gaming laptops to virtual reality gear to Wi-Fi connected plant feeders.

It's all there, but the tech industry has also changed a lot in the many years that CES has been happening. For one thing, it used to be called the Consumer Electronics Show.

Will techlash show up at the CES trade show? In Florida, where many baby boomers retire, this food insecurity is compounded by a lack of public transportation. Some food banks are holding food drops to bring food and other health-related events to the neighborhoods where they live in an attempt to reach more high-risk seniors. And perhaps you'd recognize its drummer and frontman, Questlove, aka Ahmir Khalib Thompson.

Thompson is also a DJ, a producer, an author, a foodie, and a podcaster on Pandora with " Questlove Supreme. The following is an edited transcript of their conversation. The rest are good too, and the original article appears below. Postal Service has proposed increasing the price of its first-class mail Forever Stamp from 50 cents to 55 centswhich would take effect on Jan.

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However, the price for any additional ounces will drop from 21 cents to 15 cents. Like the name suggests, this piece of postage doesn't expire. But for those lucky enough to have some money stashed away, the cost of investing has been getting lower and lower.

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But the question always comes up, what exactly does employed mean? The Bureau of Labor Statistics is confused too. Could a vacancy tax help Oakland with homelessness? Then we talk about pollution from a seemingly unlikely source: Large meat processors have released more pollution than acceptable in streams and rivers according to a new study.

Global stocks retreat as U. Is it the latest buy-the-dip opportunity or are there more serious risks at play?

bbc school radio meet the authors marketplace

Afterwards, prepare for takeoff: Unlike 4G, which can be delivered through a relatively small number of tall towers, 5G wireless service relies on lots and lots of small receivers placed fairly close together. And installing all those little 5G cells is turning into a big fight. Campaigns target young voters, but will they show up on Election Day?

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The Committee of Foreign Investment in the U. The announcement has some innovation, defense and tech companies scrambling to comply so they don't face penalties. Click the audio player above to hear the full story. The department store chain has been struggling for decades, announcing one turnaround effort after another.

There's a twist here, though, because what Nielsen did not consider was how much money people spend on concerts. That's down nearly 10 percent from where it was last spring.