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A huge archive for fanfiction of all kinds including Gundam Wing. Updated If there is something you should read, it's his 'And Never the Twain Shall Meet'. And Never The Twain Shall Meet to Heero and Duo when they are out on a mission and meet up with the Black Cats! *NEW* Gundam Wing Theme Song. Each can have their opinion, and never the twain shall meet. elaborate world of yaoi has been set up by the Gundam Wing fans, and not the anime, so that.

Oh, wait, that was never featured in the show, so I guess it didn't happen. The big factor here is that it's sooo obvious Noin only has eyes for Zechs. Does that mean I'm stuck with Wufei?? Run while you still can! Maybe Zechs is just Noin's big cover-up? First I said "Huh? Do they even meet throughout the series besides when Hilde sees Catherine but doesn't notice her, only notices Trowa at the circus? My third thought was, "This would be cute, except for one little thing.

I would support this pairing except for one thing. It'll come to me. But I guess this pairing makes sense, I mean, Hilde and Cathy are two of the most overlooked characters in the entire show. And Cathy's single, since Trowa is apparently her brother. I think they'd actually be really compatible, based on their personalities. Hilde and Catherine are both young girls who've put up with hardships and worked through their difficulties to find their niches Both are supposedly orphaned, Catherine supports herself by working at the circus, Hilde joined the army to support herself, and then later works a scrap yard.

I think Catherine would be very dominant and possessive She's Scorpio, I know she is and Hilde would be more relaxed and laid-back. I bet she's a Capricorn. I'm into astrology, can you tell? Relena and Lucriezia Noin:: Well, Relena and Noin have some interesting doujinshis together, but that's about it.

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Especially since Relena was chasing Heero most of the time Lucriezia was around. And there is the age difference factor, but I guess if Wufei can be with Trieze Really though, it's the age difference that makes this pair unsettling. However, the two seem to get along, but I really don't think Relena is a lesbian, personally. The Straight Pairs Relena and Heero:: It would probably be colder, distanter, due to Heero's social personality You know, Relena is either an Aquarius or a Leo The least you could do is give me a lil' something-something!

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Lick my boots, or I'll beat you again! This is a fun like this pairing! I mean, Quatre and Dorothy would be perfect. Sooo many people completely misjudge Dorothy, calling her "evil" and "scary" and "blood thirsty.

And he's the "evil" one. Look at Dorothy, at the end of the series. After she stabbed Quatre, she was sooo sad. This 16 year old girl that manages to single-handedly control a fleet of mobile dolls! Dorothy is definitely one of the most complex, kind, emotional and admirable characters in the series. She's more than a match for Quatre, if I do proclaim so myself. Dorothy is a un stable, hard-headed young woman, and I think her upbringing would interfere with her ever being able to form a successful relationship.

Not that she needs one. I kind of imagine her as marrying, and then stabbing her husband to death, and taking his fortunes. Hey, politics is dirty. In episode zero, the manga, Catherine is revealed to be Trowa's long lost sister.

But perhaps they don't know that, because Catherine says, "I don't want to lose him. Trowa's like a brother to me. Fans still tend to pretend, and write lots of fanfics about these two circus freaks and their undying love. Une and Trieze definately had something for eachother Milliardo, Wufei and now Une! Trieze has a lot of options even though Trieze is dead now He's locked in my basement. Mariemeia will probably be adopted by Une, and Trieze even says in one of the episodes, "Her [Une's] feelings for me is causing her to have split personalities.

Definitely a pair, but I hate Treize, so therefore think Une even if she is a schizo could do better. I was throwing all movable objects at my television set when they were talking about this.

And at the end of the series, Happy Heero comes back and Zechs is supposedly dead and Dorothy is paying respects to Trieze's grave Why did she like him so much anyway?! You were totally in love with Mr. Milliardo and you're not paying him any respects! What the cheese is up with you?! I know Zechs is still alive out there, somewhere. And in Endless Waltz Endless Waltz is awesome Zechs tells Noin she doesn't have to stick with him and submit herself to all of this if she doesn't want to, and she says something like, "I'll always stand by you no matter what.

I hate this couple, even though it's evident. For the Gundams, "self-destruct" is apparently code for "It'll take a couple extra parts to fix. After being tricked into killing a plane full of Alliance leaders leaning towards peace, Heero seeks out every single family member and loved one with pistol They all refuse and forgive him.

and never the twain shall meet gundam wing

Department of Redundancy Department: In early drafts, Wu Fei was a Newtype with the ability to sense evildoers. When it comes to completing missions, Heero definitely is this. He actually snaps his broken leg back into place and keeps working once, prompting wincing from Duo. What triggers Quatre's Freak Out!

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First the colonies betray him, then his dad gets himself killed in a rather pointless mannerthen his sister was knocked unconscious by bumping into a wall, all in rapid succession. Some people just cannot catch a break. Relena Peacecraft gets captured a few times in the most polite manner possible.

Do Not Adjust Your Set: Happens a few times throughout the series. This happens if a pilot loses control of the zero system: There was at least one case where the pilot's allies had to abandon the attempts of calming him down and quickly vacate the area. Lady Une to Treize. At first he's the Dragon to Dermail, but after leaving Romefeller he proves how influential he was when the troops loyal to him break away to form the Treize Faction. Romefeller is divided until he returns and becomes their leader.

The Gundams and their pilots quickly become this to everyone. Heero tries to kill himself twice note Yes, only twice in the series. Quatre's Sandrock Gundam wields a pair of massive heat shotels as its primary weapons. The Latin-American dub makes Quatre canonically in love with Trowa. Dude Looks Like a Lady: Quite a bit of role reversal with the main male cast based and modeled after women, while the female cast is much more masculine then you'd see in other anime.

Wing Gundam made an appearance towards the end of the series prior. Much like in this series, it gets destroyed. While largely the same as the rest of the series, the first episode had a few odd moments such as Heero laughing when he shot down an enemy mobile suit. When Heero is disabling the self-destructing missile at New Edwards Base, the front of the casing has a little badge that reads "Intel Outside.

It names the Gundam's composition as "Gundarium theta". The Gundam pilots clearly have a support network to keep them in spare parts and munitions that was put in place well before they arrived on Earth, and the first wave of attacks in Operation Meteor target not OZ units, but the infrastructure that OZ needs to replace combat losses. Elites Are More Glamorous: The Specials who received better equipment and training was this to the regular Alliance.

This caused a bit of friction between the two groups. Despite this, OZ barely stood a chance against the Gundams. Eventually, OZ does develop more advanced mobile suits that prove to be more of a match.

Several of the Gundams show signs of intelligence over the course of the series. Sandrock acts on its own when Quatre triggers its self-detonation device, urging him to get out of the cockpit.

Heero also often addresses Wing Zero as though it were intelligent and capable of holding a conversation. The teddy bear shows up in these instances: In the first opening, where Relena is brushing away snow from a teddy bear at an attack site which was revealed to be the scene in which the boy who would become Heero Yuy destroyed a military base in Endless Waltzin episode 36, when the Sanc Kingdom is under attack, and in the final episode, where Heero gives Relena a teddy bear for her birthday.

Two examples in this series: OZ ultimately ends up winning and either forcing them to surrender, or destroying the last remnants of any holding out. Later within OZ itself between the Treize Faction and Romefeller, which occurred largely because Treize was against Romefeller's use of unmanned combat drones that minimized the sacrifices that human soldiers made in war. Most of the main cast in some form or another.

Particularly Heero, Duo and Zechs, but the other boys have their own strong following as well. This show singlehandedly brought thousands of female fans not only into the Gundam franchise, but anime in general. Rumor has it they purposefully made the pilots more appealing to broaden their demographic and garner female interest; it worked.

The massive amount of yaoi fangirlism this show has spawned is staggering. Even Evil Has Standards: Lady Une's first attempts at stopping the Gundams drew this reaction from Treize. Edwards base self-detonate, then tried to force the Gundams to surrender by threatening to blast the colonies with missiles. In episode 13, Zechs and two OZ troopers are attacking a holdout Alliance base. After a brief skirmish, he orders them to surrender, and they initially agree, but the other two OZ troops continue to open fire on the surrendering soldiers.

The Alliance then launches a last ditch attack, which kills one of the OZ soldiers, and the other one turns on Zechs for not being ruthless enough against their enemies by slaughtering them all. Zechs, partly due because he has to defend himself, and also because he's appalled at the two trooper's lack of decency towards surrendering soldiers, destroys the second mobile suit himself.

When the mobile doll technology is on the verge of mass production, Treize protests this decision by the Romefeller Foundation, and resigns his position, because he feels taking humans out of the battle diminishes the sacrifices and the roles they play in those conflicts. Consequently, many OZ troops believe in this as well, and split off to form the Treize Faction. For a given definition of evil, the five Gundam engineers drew the line at two things: Everyone Can See It: Heero and Relena, with a good portion of the main cast noting it.

In fact, in Episode 46, when Heero travels to The Libra to rescue Relena, the other Gundam pilots that stay behind talk about it. It was a boarding school, and his roommates-three boys named Trian, Ari and Rolvo-often marveled at the speed with which he completed assignments.

Hiroshi soon found himself in demand as a tutor. In return, his buddies introduced 'the poor, deprived kid' to other aspects of their normal boyhood life. They took it upon themselves to introduce him to the joy of practical jokes played upon disliked teachers, to the technique of talking oneself out of detention or into an extra serving of lunch.

They told him that one must sneak out of the Academy as often as one could, to spend the day at the mall. The 'sneaking out' bit, of course, was no trouble at all. It was what to do after he sneaked out that troubled Hiroshi. As usual, he learned fast. The arcade soon became a haven for the young boy, a place to bond with his newfound but already close friends, much like a bar for his older brethren.

At first, he'd been almost pathetically confused by the vast array of blinking monitors, assorted noises, and the simple control interface stumped him. But after they'd taken it upon themselves to initiate Hiroshi into the ranks of the 'Arcade Lords', Hiroshi blew them away. His sharp eye, good head for tactics, and his uncannily quick reflexes soon put his initials on top of every high score list.

and never the twain shall meet gundam wing

But he was so self-effacing, so modest, and still so bewildered by what his friends considered commonplace, that no one begrudged him that. One day, while the boys were all seated around a table at 'Bennigan's'-a popular hang-out for boys at the Academy run by a cheerful, giant Irishman named of course Bennigan-a group of their female classmates approached them. Hiroshi was surprised-to his experience, the boys and girls tended to stay in exclusive groups.

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But what followed was a prolonged period of flirting. Feeling uncomfortable, Hiroshi excused himself and left for the arcade, where he played and finished the game Viper Squadron for the enth time.

Fifteen minutes and a new high score later, he went back to Bennigan's. The girls were gone, but his gang of friends were laughing and discussing 'What-she-said, what-I-said' in much more spirited voices then they'd had for a while.

He sat down, after Peter made room for him. A chorus of voices answered him: He pointed at the pretty, dark-blond girl studying the contents of a shop window at the other side of the mall. That girl is an absolute snob. Dinna be awed by her good looks They 'Hmm'd' and they 'Uhhh'd'. Finally, Ari said, "It isn't because of what she does; more like how she carries herself and how she talks to us Lee said, "An' how she always talking 'bout her da Hiroshi nodded, and agreed to take their advice, but their reasons didn't seem as solid to him as they did to them.

Hiroshi watched the dance through the window. At his friends' insistence, he'd joined the dance. He was good-looking and popular enough to have gotten several dances, but he had no 'date' like his friends He'd left the dance, pleading he needed to take a walk.

He'd left the main path through the grounds, where silver moonlight and a fountain made a romantic spot for young couples. He decided instead to wander through the deserted classrooms. He didn't mind the dark, and something about the smell of musty old paper, chalk and wood appealed to him.