Malcador with Battle Cannon. £ Quantity: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Add to cart Usually ships within 24hrs. Description; Rules; Delivery; Returns. Description. Malcador the Sigillite, also known as Malcador the Hero by decree of the After Ullanor was restored to Imperial rule, the Emperor held a great triumph to. Malcador the Sigillite, also known as Malcador the Hero by decree of the Emperor was the First Lord of Terra as well as the Grand Master of Assassins during.

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As a result, they are rarely deployed amongst the Imperial Guard’s armored regiments. During the final chapter of the Heresy, Malcador would complete his ultimate project. Posted by 30k plus 40k at Meanwhile, the war within the Webway had been going badly for the Emperor. Because there wasn’t enough room in the tank to put shielding around the reactor that powers the laser, the tank is more prone to catastrophic damage and its crew is at an increased risk of getting cancer.

Ancient records found at the Scholastica Bellicose on the planet Mordia show that the Valdor Tank Hunter was most widely used during the Great Scouring after the Heresy, when the Imperium led the great counter-attack against the Traitor Legions, driving them all the way to the Eye of Terror.

His origins were unknown to all save perhaps the Emperor Himself. When the Horus Heresy broke out, Malcador worked closely but-not-always-that-closely with Rogal Dorn there were some divergences of opinions between the loyal-to-the-point-of-naivety Dorn and the pragmatic-to-the-point-of-cynicism Malcador in preparing the defenses of Terra and coordinating the logistics of the war effort, as well as overseeing a formation of special projects such as the Adeptus Astronomican and, towards the end of the Horus Heresy, the Grey Knights.

The Chaplains were intended to keep watch for deviations from the Imperial Truth and the use of psychic powers which had been banned by the edicts of the Council of Nikaea.

Some believed he was the first psyker to have undergone the Soul-Binding malcdor. Malcador was an exception, for he was not a warrior but a man of learning with the bearing of a priest.


He was a close adviser to the Emperor during the Unification Warsand the man credited with founding the Administratum of Terra. There was much more to Malcador than meets the eye. Ads by Project Wonderful! The Minotaur was designed rlues a forward deployment fire support vehicle, and this is proven by the Minotaur’s outfitting with an unusual amount of heavy armor and the vehicle’s extreme durability.

Malcador Heavy Tank

He was the second or third most powerful human psyker of his time after Big E and possibly Magnus the Redbeing able to do things such as plunging the entire moon of Titan in the Warp to protect what would become the Grey Knights from the attacking Traitor Legions.

He was seated upon a huge chair fully ten metres above them. The personal Sigil of Malcadorprecursor to the later icon of the Inquisition. It was a simple bargain and one that made sense to Horus. While not yet in common use at that timeImperial logisticians had projected that its services were likely to be required in ever greater numbers Oh how they are wrong given the circumstance of the 41st Millenniumespecially where Loyalist Solar Auxilia were called upon to fight the Traitor Legiones Astartes and the heavy armored vehicles they had ready access to.

Lexicanum pages needing citation. Malcador admitted he had grown sentimental of the Wolf King, and wished that the Emperor had engineered the Primarch’s to be more amicable towards one another. The organizations he founded – the Administratumthe Officio Assassinorumthe Adeptus Astronomica and the Inquisition – have been borderline fucking up everything else and each other ever since without his guidance.

The Primarchs were also appalled at the news of the formation of the Council of Terra. So it was that the seed malcadorr Heresy was first planted in the heart of the Emperor’s greatest champion mlcador within some of the most powerful military forces in the galaxy. One such event was the humbling of the Word Bearers Legion in the ruins of Monarchia forty solar decades before the start of the Horus Heresy.

So far, however, humans still exist; rulrs testament to Malcador’s administrative foresight. The Minotaur is not armed with any other weapons but can be upgraded with a Pintle-mounted Heavy Stubber or a Storm Bolter. Providing you’ve thought through how this will work with other aspects of your army it should make its points back extremely quickly.


Most of these servants were drawn from the ranks of the Terran nobility and the Space Marine Legions. But that is not for them to decide. Although the four Legions under his direct command — the Sons of Horusthe World Eatersthe Death Guard and the Emperor’s Children — had already turned Traitor and now pledged themselves to Chaosthere were still some Loyalist elements within each of these Legions that approximated one-third of each force; many of amlcador warriors were Terran-born Space Marines who had been directly recruited into the Legiones Astartes by the Emperor Himself before being reunited with their Primarchs during malacdor Great Crusade.

Malcador Infernus rules. : Warhammer40k

When they arrived they found a Fortress-monastery already fully prepared and stocked with everything necessary to create a new army of Space Marines including supplies of gene-seedwhich is suspected to have been taken from the Emperor directly, and all the necessary armaments. Four were lords malxador administrators, and eight were Space Marines from both loyalist and traitor legions.

It malcadr more common in many Imperial armories than the standard heavy tank upon which it is based. Through the use of Malcador’s malcadorr, Titan had been cloaked from the ravages that had befallen the Sol System during the battles of the Horus Heresy. Community Forum Discord Server. He also demonstrated his potent telekinetic ability, retrieving his fallen staff and bringing it quickly to his hand.


Now the Warp Gate He had constructed required virtually kalcador of His psychic power and mental concentration to secure lest it rip open a permanent doorway between Terra and the Warp, flooding the homeworld of Mankind with the daemonic legions of the Ruinous Powers. In this way, Titan and its Grey Knights were protected from the final battle of the Horus Heresy while Janus and his seven comrades built and organised their new Chapter safely within the Warp.

The Space Marine Primarchs openly resented his authority, constantly questioning his right to command them and refusing to maintain contact with him.