By Eva Ibbotson, , European Historical Romance (Vienna, ) Magic Flutes is Ibbotson’s second novel, and showcases all of what. Summary: A story encompassing a millionaire born in dubious circumstances, a beautiful social-climbing young woman, a delightfully. Magic Flutes. Romance and intrigue make this lyrical historical adventure an unputdownable read! When a British millionaire sets out to buy a secluded fairy tale.

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For me atleast the story isn’t so much about romance really. If you can get your hands on a copy, do. She says she never wants to fall in love or marry, which makes for a good story as we watch her flute she has fallen in love and she tries to deny that fact.

Who Are You Calling Weird? Although a princess, she believes in the equality of all people and works, unpaid, for an opera company, in a wholehearted effort to support this branch of the arts she loves. I can forgive a little exaggeration, but too much and I start to squirm.

Paperbackpages. Magic Flutes Reader Reviews In addition to our Lovereading expert opinion some of our Reader Review Panel were also lucky enough to read and review this title. By the time the story opens, in the s, Guy is a millionaire, and Nerine is a widow. Oh no, fooled by tlutes great re-naming bug.

This story of love lost and found in an unlikely place could have been told tritely, blithly, boringly. The writing is good, the characters well-drawn, the conversation realistic.

If she had narrowed it down to just them, then it would have been a million times better.

Eva Ibbotson

The book is filled with beautiful descriptions and ,agic details of pre- WWII Austria and a number of quirky characters. But Guy is smitten with a snobbish fiancee and buys Tessa’s castle to impress her, while Tessa is keen to shed her heritage by working at a madcap opera company. For Ibbotson fans, this volume is not to be missed. Santa’s High-tech Christmas Mike Dumbleton.

And music permeates the pages of this book, wrapping itself around you as you read. From there their lives intersect at more or less regular intervals and these two individuals rva such wildly different backgrounds unexpectedly become friends.


Retrieved from ” https: I knew it had to be a happy ending as Ibbotson’s books have only had happy endings. In addition to our Lovereading expert opinion some of our Reader Review Panel were also lucky enough to read and review this title.

How fitting for a princess novel.

The Colour of the Sun David Almond. Overall, I rate The Reluctant Heiress 4. It took me about pages of reading this one or scanning it to become half-way interested. In addition to the passages about music ibbogson its most sublime and transcendent which had me in tears twicethere’s also a fantastically clever and funny subplot about a Modern or is it postmodern?

But secret lives can be complicated, and when a wealthy, handsome Englishman di Spring, Tessa is a beautiful, tiny, dark-eyed princess – who’s given up her duties to follow her heart, working for nothing backstage at the Viennese opera. Layer upon layer of substantial deliciousness that is almost but not quite too much, and best enjoyed with a strong cup of coffee.

Magic Flutes

There is one point near the end of the story where they find themselves alone in the same place for the first time in months and months and their quiet conversation is exquisite. This was typical Eva Ibbotson fare: Meanwhile, the heiress herself is enjoying a secret life working backstage at the Viennese opera. I can see how it draws comparison to Austen and Heyer, because there is something similar in the pacing, the level of detail about the society surrounding the leads, the gentle judgments of the foibles of many characters, and the innocent veneer softening what was surely the author’s broader knowledge of how much suffering was taking place in various strata of society.

At the age of 6 he was adopted by the widow Martha Hodge, who saw his potential and loved him unconditionally. Taking place in Austria just after World War I, we are swiftly introduced to two people obviously intended for each other: Magic Flutes, by the end of it, had stolen my heart and quickly became my favourite Ibbotson book so far.

Anyway, if you are wanting a dazzling Cinderella type story written post or pre WWII with rich details of European history then read one of these two books by Eva Ibbotson.


Magic Flutes by Eva Ibbotson – book review

TRH includes a supporting cast of lovable, if stereotyped, small parts, references to opera that I understand but would have enchanted my younger self more, quirky aristocratic poverty like that of A Brief History of Montmaray and a more satisfactory ending than that of ACBS.

Guy’s fiancee who thinks of life in terms of couture clothes; a conductor writing the world’s worst atonal opera about cannibalism; three ballet dancers called “The Heidis,” and a handsome prince dumber than a plank.

I just didn’t really care about these characters. Set in the Amazon, it was written in honour of her deceased husband Alan, a former naturalist. I just couldn’t get into it. When the Whales Walked Dougal Dixon. Ibbotson has said that she disliked thinking about the supernatural, and created the characters because she wanted to decrease her readers’ fear of such things. Nov 24, Candi Criddle rated it really liked it Shelves: Eva Ibbotson is one of those authors who leave you begging for more and I highly recommend anyone and everyone with an interest in art, music, history or theatre to pick up the book.

The characters were all so great! I generally love thick, meaty historicals full of detail. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Young girl and dashing man declare their feelings and ride off into the sunset. Eva Ibbotson born Maria Charlotte Michelle Wiesner was a British novelist specializing in romance and children’s fantasy.

View all 3 comments. LoveReading View on Magic Flutes Romance and intrigue make this lyrical historical adventure an unputdownable read! What is beauty except something we share? But secret lives can be complicated, and when a wealthy, handsome Englishman discovers this bewitching urchin backstage, Tessa’s two lives collide – and in escaping her inheritance, she finds her destiny.

Especially when contrasted with a miserably self-seeking, comically vain, narrow-minded drama queen. It is very similar to A Countess Below Stairs but also has its unique twists.