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Devido à sua importância para o país, foram sancionadas a Lei nº , .. Disponível em: [ Links ]. The interpreters of Sign Language have an essential role in the education of [Paper reference 1]. 6 set. No caso dos relativamente incapazes, a lei não lhes retira a ingerência ou a participação na vida jurídica. Eles praticam os atos em seu próprio.

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Crítica à nova sistemática da incapacidade de fato segundo a Lei 13.146/15

dm Translated by Albert J. Russian Essays on Visual Culture. These professionals also reported the importance of teachers learning sign language for improving the psychological aspects of these students and their perception of the institution acceptance. Terracota Editora,p. Verbal-visuality helps build the object of knowledge from a theoretical-methodological perspective. O teatro no cruzamento de culturas.

Because inclusion is not just a detail here en there, but as a whole, from the entrance door to the classroom.

Most answers pointed out that IFECT is on the right path in relation to the permanence of deaf students. As they form citizens technically prepared for working on the real life, the presentation of an inclusive profile is crucial for contributing with the education of people with special needs such as deaf people. Text in the source language — Portuguese: This explains how important it is to consider interpreting studies as an independent disciplinary field. Our objective is to investigate verbal-visual discourse and its sense effects on Libras interpreting by means of a qualitative analytical-descriptive study of two theater performances in which Sign Language Translators and Interpreters SLTI interpreted them so as to guarantee communication accessibility to deaf people.

This article also aims to diffuse the results of workshop aimed at reducing misinformation caused by the linguistic and cultural barrier existing between the deaf and hearers. In this topic, we detected a problem in one campus as all negative answers were from the same campus. Cadernos Educacionais, 36, The John Hopkins University Press, In this study, we take sign language translation and interpreting as a discursive practice which occurs in a concrete enunciative situation and mobilizes discourses from many different spheres of language use.

Creative Education, 5, Communication with deaf and hard-of-hearing people: Importantly, the presence of these students in this system brought several challenges that range from the lack of specialized support services to meet their linguistic needs e. In this perspective, translators and translation texts do not function as equivalents, but inevitably as mediators, since they are situated in an intersection of two sets to which they belong, being part both of the text and culture from where the mobilization of discourses occurs, and of text and culture into which the text is translated.


Verb-visuality; Theatrical sphere; Libras interpreter.

The current analysis pointed how important is the preparation of teachers to receive and meet these deaf students needs. Translated by the editors. As research subjects, we chose two professional SLTIs hired by the cultural institution and the actors. The two cameras were placed in those positions to help us observe the scene as a whole, and especially to record the production of utterances in Libras, as it is important to observe linguistic materiality in which utterances are produced.

The description and analysis of a small part of our research corpus do not entirely apprehend our research, but endeavour to contribute to sign language translation and interpreting, theatricalism, and verbal-visuality studies. More specifically, conference IS focused exclusively on the process of interpreting and approached the challenges interpreters face during interpreting as essentially cognitive.

According to Brait, the adopted theoretical perspective imposes obligations to the analyst, since. Speech Genres and 110436 Late Essays. In sum, we point out that the data analysis presented here reinforce the importance of the verbal-visual nature of texts produced in the theater and emphasize that this verbal-visuality, so present in theatrical scenes, is an le material for Libras interpreting, especially because its target text is a visual-gestural language, a verbal-visual language in its own essence.

In this perspective, [I]in certain texts or sets of texts, whether they are artistic or not, the articulation of verbal and visual elements creates an indissoluble whole, whose unity demands that the analyst recognize this peculiarity.

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Deafness and Hearing Loss. Thus, there is still a long road to be pursued me achieve their full constitutional rights. Lri inquiries appeared in the field of conference interpreting from the s, influenced by cognition studies, cognitive psychology and neurolinguistics, which, with empirical and experimental surveys, aimed at describing and presenting interpreting specificities as translation of oral texts in face-to-face interactions.

Investigating it beyond its verbal dimension, we considered it as an organic whole that is materialized at the very moment theatrical scenes happen. Discourse Analysis versus Content Analysis.

Text in source language — Portuguese: In Chart 03we observe Scene D, in which the character holds the paper that is on a table.


Deaf people are currently strengthening their citizenship. Editora 34,p. In general, translators in this sphere work with a written text that was uttered in a concrete staging act and plan their translation knowing it is not possible to maintain the same starting situation, for it is to be enunciated in a yet unknown scene PAVIS, a.

There are many authors who understand translation and interpreting both as similar and distinct processes at the same time. Each period and social grouping has had its own repertoire of speech forms for ideological communication in human behaviour.

These texts constitute a verbal-visual totality which creates an indissoluble whole directly influencing their forms of production, circulation, and reception. In dealing with a theatrical scene, especially, we must be aware of the unrepeatability of that scene, which is singular the moment it happens. Rather, as it seeks forms to produce and establish senses, it traverses a series of dimensions: That way, every act integrates content and form, meaning and theme, theoretical elaboration and materiality, being in the world and categorizing the world, repeatability and unrepeatability, being perceived in a specific context and situation SOBRAL, Based on this context it is important to consider that the success to reach an effective inclusion of deaf students does not rely only on the teachers work but also on many elements necessary to achieve it.

In addition, we applied a questionnaire so that SLTIs could describe how they prepared themselves for interpreting and give their impressions about their own work at the very moment the performance occurred.

Due to the geographic distance between IFECT units, seven interpreters received the questionnaire delivered in person, whereas four received it by e-mail, immediately answering and returning it.

She then chooses to point and delineate the space the paper occupies on the table.

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From operation to action: All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Besides, all these elements compose the genre discussed emm. At same time their unsuccessful experiences have been informally reported, revealing the necessity of specialization and further continued training.