Mathematics for the Million – Lancelot Hogben ***. June 20, This is one of the strangest maths books you are ever likely to encounter. Written in the s. Mathematics for the Million has ratings and 20 reviews. Taking only the most elementary knowledge for granted, Lancelot Hogben leads readers of this. “It makes alive the contents of the elements of mathematics.”—Albert Einstein. Taking only the most elementary knowledge for granted, Lancelot Hogben leads .

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Hogben then explains how Achilles can catch up to the tortoise.

Mathematics for the Million: How to Master the Magic of Numbers

It enables us to calculate and measure. Decent math, dry exposition, intrusive politics. Written in the s and reissued init’s an attempt to provide mathematical instruction up to around A-level standard though obviously the curriculum has changed a lot for someone who, perhaps, doesn’t respond well to the classroom and works better from self-teaching.

Mathematics is no use unless it makes things happen. See 1 question about Mathematics for the Million…. He explains why this was such a puzzle to the Ancient Greeks, and how the puzzle can be elegantly and simply solved by present-day, grade-school mathematical expressions and a simple graphical diagram. His illuminating explanation is addressed to the person who wants to understand the place lanelot mathematics in modern civilization but who We see how geometry might have been used by Egyptian architects, and how trigonometry benefits those who need to navigate by the stars.

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Mathematics for the Million – Lancelot Hogben ***

You are commenting using your WordPress. Because Diderot had no knowledge of algebra, he conceded the debate and walked o Okay, a book on math that’s over pages long! I actually really enjoy this book but the first time this teh was given to me I passed it on to a friend who is much more math loving and math inclined than I.


Lancelot Hogben is Oct 11, Peter Matt rated it it was amazing. It’s not approachable enough to read purely for fun, but Hogben’s distinctive, quirky style, combined with what is sometimes a rather tedious approach to the maths, means that it’s not the best way for a modern reader, with no mathematical training, to learn about the subject.

As a new regular feature of the HPM Newsletter, members of the HPM community will be asked to name a book or books, or a paper that has been important to them and to give their reasons for this. But both books, enormously popular as they were, were incidental to his main work in biology and statistics.

James Nickel rated it really liked it Jun 04, Aug 05, Christian rated it it was amazing. First published in and reprinted several times since, Hogben’s book took everybody’s worst subject and explained it in a way that made it comprehensible to the average person. It seems to be devised as a self-teach textbook of the future as seen from the sthrowing away the strictures of the rigid teaching approach of that period for something that is more approachable.

The 24th link is pegged at the point from which the right angle is to be ror out, the nought end of the chain and the 96th link are pegged together, back along the lwncelot line, so that the piece of chain is taut.

No trivia or quizzes yet. His illuminating explanation is addressed to the person who wants to understand the place of mathematics in modern civilization but who has been intimidated by its supposed difficulty. The customary way of writing a book about mathematics is to show how each step follows logically from hogbem one before without telling you what use there will be in taking it. Toekomstverkenning r… on Conference report: Mar 02, John rated it liked it.


Essential for anybody who wants to understand mathematics.

Books by Lancelot Hogben. Preview — Mathematics for the Million by Lancelot Hogben.

Once I found a paperback version, I bought it immediately. Hogben, in a distinctive, mellifluous if sometimes prolix style, starts with the basics of arithmetic and leads us all the way through to calculus.

Mathematics for the Million | W. W. Norton & Company

Between them, these two behemoths of twentieth century physics underlie the vast bulk of physics very well – but they simply can’t be put together. I haven’t finished this book, so this review can’t be considered complete, but the thing I noticed the most about the introduction is that the author subscribes to a naive and quite arrogant Whig You are commenting using your Facebook account. Okay, a book on math that’s over pages long! He had a copy of this book given to him by his father-in-law.

I have to stop to think about most of the pages and even go to the dictionary and look up some of the words. Taking only the most elementary knowledge for granted, Lancelot Hogben leads readers of this famous book through the whole course from simple arithmetic to calculus. This is weird, too! Science has made enormous progress since the Stone Age and mathematics is the tool that allowed such progress.

As far as Greek science is concerned, the centre is Alexandria and Hogben is careful enough to insist on the description Alexandrian and to point out that the only thing that the mix of peoples associated with Alexandria had in common was their use of the Greek language.