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Overall, I liked it, though I’d have liked it more if it was better edited.

Much of the time we are wondering if Audrey is dreaming, experiencing a strange reality or just insane. These were fine at the beginning but they began to grow old rather fast. El elegante edificio del Breviary, construido en el Upper West Side, es un pedazo de la historia, pero a pesar del bajo precio del alquiler del apartamento 14B, la tragedia ocurrida en su interior ha ahuyentado a todos los posibles inquilinos?

Arrived in NYC and regarded as a rising star at a posh architectural firm, she eventually — because needing distance from her on-off fiance, slobbish Saraub — moves into a suspiciously cheap apartment in Morningside Heights.

Audrey’s neighbor, Jayne, in particular, and some of the crazier, more suspicious residents of the house. Refresh and try again. But it wasn’t too long audrfy the book began to feel awfully repetitive. She begins to get messages to build a door. We dive dd in to some David Lynch-ian weirdness.

Audrey fought through a wrecked and violent childhood, without a father figure, without a sane and loving mother, yearning for a way out of her wretched reality. Lists with This Book.


La dde de Audrey is available for download from Apple Books. Nothing is left for the reader to imagine, because the author seems to exhaust herself explaining everything. This was my first time reading Sara Langan’s work and I must simply say that she’s marvelous.

However, you need the background to explain the obsessive nature in which Audrey is trying to take back her; a nature which lands her puera the Breviary. The next was whether or not the smoke alarms in my building langn go off if I did to this book what I really wanted to. Audrey, an architect, has just broken it off with her boyfriend Saraub, and needs to find a new place to live — fast.

The incestuous, elderly, trust fund baby tenants of the Breviary need a door to the Other Side built, and through Audrey’s Door is a chilling read about cults and architecture reminiscent of Rosemary’s Baby.

Sep 09, Scott rated it really liked it. The Breviary is of course haunted like you would not believe, and soon enough the place begins exerting its influence. On her first night in the new place, a crazy old man materializes in front of her and plays a piano in her room. The first very well done haunted house book I’ve read in a very long time Audrey’s Door is also an original tale about a woman who is just as haunted by herself and her past as the building in which she comes to live.

Mostly in the form of old newspaper articles about the property, but some websites, etc as well. Audrey Lucas runs from a painful childhood, a bi-polar mother, a demanding job, and a fiance, right into the welcoming arms of the Breviary, an old Manhattan apartment building with a questionable history of tenant suicides and murders.


Langan sets her novel in the bustle of a NY apartment. One of the primary mantras of fiction writing is to show, not tell. For this reason I found it difficult to get through. There were also the “Was that the wind?

What’s going to happen now? Someone is demanding that build a door View all 4 comments.

La puerta de Audrey

I had trouble connecting with the main character and I perceived that the mental illness portions of the story took center stage over audreg far more interesting haunted house aspects. Aug 20, Puerha rated it it was ok Shelves: This is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. The elderly clan who run the Breviary are creepy, watchful, and “selfish as the day is long” to quote Minnie Castevet from Rosemary’s Baby.

La puerta de Audrey Sarah Langan. Of course there’s a catch; a recent tragedy has stained the walls within and the whole place seems to hum with the hunger of what happened.

Audrey’s Door by Sarah Langan

Arrived in NYC and regarded as a Lots of folk have recommended that I take a look at Langan’s work, so — although I can’t really be described as a regular reader of horror — I eventually decided to follow their advice.

I found myself often checking to see how much more I had to go never a good sign. Building background and atmosphere can be a good thing unless it takes over the plot.