La Caverna De Las Ideas/ The Cave of Ideas by Jose Carlos Somoza, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Be the first to ask a question about The Athenian Murders .. La caverna de las ideas ist bislang das einzige Buch, das ich von Somoza gelesen habe, und so. The Athenian Murders is an historical mystery novel written by Spanish author José Carlos Somoza. Originally published in Spain under the title La caverna de las ideas (The Cave of Ideas) in , it was translated into English in by Sonia Soto. The Athenian Murders is Somoza’s first novel to be published in English.

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Yes at heart it is a murder mystery, and if you don’t lik Like The Club Dumasthis book is not what it appears to be. It’s interesting because the violent and repeated images of the eidesis left uneasy impressions on my mind, like the afterimages after seeing bright colors.

These aren’t your usual dry, academic footnotes: The Athenian Murders is not. While the mystery itself is pretty straight forward with it twists and turns, the parallel contemporary story that works along with it —the foot noted part — gives more interesting twists that kept me intrigued and the pages turning.

They believe that he was not killed by wolves and that his death was no accident.

Meanwhile, iedas translator who is never named provides frequent commentary on the work, particularly as he believes it to be an example of a fictional ancient literary device called eidesis.

Set in ancient Athens, and having to do with Plato’s Academy, as well as his teachings, The Cave of Ideas is a clever and appropriate title.

La Caverna De Las Ideas/ The Cave of Ideas : Jose Carlos Somoza :

Not just the icing, the cherry, the gold dust, the everything. Somoza’s cave-like book was quite the entertaining and thought-provoking detective story.


This book was a surprise to me. There are additional deaths. In the original Spanish the book was published as La caverna de las ideas. The reader is also made aware of the fact that the novel is an “eidetic text”. The problem, I think, is that after a few chapters you get accustomed to the metafictional device Somoza deploys in this book; at that point, a lot of the tension goes out of the narrative. Will it sell more copies with this least inspired and inspiring of titles?

Diagoras, the boy’s erastes and tutor at the Academyenlists the help iideas a “Decipherer of Enigmas” a detective named Heracles Pontor to learn more about Tramachus’s death. It’s a novel about ideas and words, and whether one can exist without the other. This book is something special! Bizarre but hypnotic and enthralling on every page! As they begin to dig, more corpses turn up in ancient Athens. For Somoza, the novel was a literal cave of ideas and possibilities.

Simply for pleasure, I conceive worlds that differ from this one, voices that speak from other times, past or future Jan 13, Rise rated it it was amazing.

This is also the title of the book at the centre of the novel, called The Cave of Ideas in the English version. There are Dionysian rituals. Feb 23, Tanja rated it really liked it Shelves: To say more would spoil one of the most ingenious literary constructs I’ve had the pleasure of reading: Somoza’s narrative is supposed to be a modern translation of an ancient Greek murder mystery! Pages to import images to Wikidata.

Archived from the original on There are dangers from unexpected corners, and slowly an explanation emerges.

La Caverna De Las Ideas/ The Cave of Ideas

Lists with This Book. His teacher,Diagoras, guilty for not protecting him, joins forces out of guilt with Heracles Pontor, the “Decipherer of Enigmas” to unravel just what really happened to his student.


I will definitely be seeking out further works from this author. Return to Book Page. Though, the book within a book thing is nothing original The Solitaire Mystery and Pale Fire being other examples of this sort of storybut the story is very well thought out and, I thought, executed well.

The puzzle was evident from the novel’s epigraph, from Plato of course: And despite being a translated book, it does not seem to lose the essence of the story or feel over simplified.

Ganz kurz zum Inhalt: I’m quite disappointed that eidesis is not a real literary technique, but I’d probably get obsessed, just like the translator, if it was real. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The Athenian Murders is a very clever book. Hijos de Dune Frank Herbert. According to Platothe realm of Ideas is the only true reality; our world is made up of imperfect, ephemeral imitations of the true ideas.

The translator appears essentially only in footnotes, beginning with the first which comes before the text proper starts. And, slowly, the ingeniousness of the book hit me. Quotes from The Athenian Murders. The upshot of it was that I felt like the whole point of my studying literature was being interrogated and found wanting, and I felt like the author dragged me along for the ride along with the translator who is honestly a great stand-in for the literary reader, I felt like I was walking in his shoes.

Most of it works too, and the parts that don’t are still exciting.