Kitab-ı bahriye (Turkish Edition) [Pirı̂ Reis] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hardcover Editors: Translator: pages. In between his wars, he retired to Gallipoli to devise a first World map, in , then his two versions of Kitab I-Bahriye ( and ), and then his second. English: Originally composed in AH/AD and dedicated to Sultan Süleyman I (“The Magnificent”), this great work by Piri Reis (d.

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He began his maritime life under the command of his, then, illustrious uncle, Kemal Reis toward the end of the fifteenth and early centuries. This section also includes descriptions and drawings of the famous monuments and buildings in every city, as well as biographic information about Piri Reis who also explains the reasons why he preferred to collect these charts in a book instead of drawing a single map, which would not be able to contain so much information and detail.

For many years, little was known about the identity of Piri Reis. As for Kahle’s original find, one regret he expresses, was that the fragment found in the Topkapi Museum was only one from an original map, which included the Seven seas, Mediterranean, India, Persia, East Africa, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Red Seathat’s the world in its vastness, and at a very early date.

A century after Piri’s death and during the second half of the 17th century, a third version of his book was produced, which left the text of the second version unaffected while enriching the cartographical part of the manuscript.

They were the natural base of the Turks led by Kemal rais, and amongst whom was also Piri Reis. The lost, op cit, p.

Piri Reis – Wikipedia

Mantran’s 50 study although adequate is less worthy than Soucek’s, which is here relied upon. Kahlehad made a thorough analysis and description of it12, observing that Piri Reis was an excellent and reliable cartographer. He indicates how to sail there using a mountain as landmark.

Maps of the Ancient sea Kings, Philadelphia, The recent voluminous work by Harley and Woodward, by far the best on the subject, shows in rich detail, the meritorious role of Muslim cartography and nautical science. Islamic Charting, op cit, p Piri Reis must have seen the Hammadite palaces and was so impressed by them before they were destroyed by the Spaniards when they took the city note 2 page Islamic, op cit, pp By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


At the time, though, both places were under the Hafsid dynastic rule. Retrieved from ” https: The harbor of Tunis itself is a bay which opens toward the north, and anchorage, he points out, is seven fathoms deep, the bottom even, and the holding ground good.

Kahle, again, pioneered the study of this work in two volumes. Byhe was again at sea as a ship captain in the Ottoman fleet. South of the island of Calta Galitehe notes great danger when southern winds blow. Egypte de Kitab I-Bahriye: According to his imprinting text, he had drawn his maps using about 20 foreign charts and mappae mundi Arab, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Indian and Greek including one by Christopher Columbus.

Category:Piri Reis, Kitab-ı Bahriye (Walters MS 658)

University of Chicago Press. This work first published bahriys the Ottoman Empire is now in the public domain because the Empire’s copyright formalities were not met copyright notice, registration, and depositor because the copyright term 30 years after the death of the author, sometimes less expired before the Empire was dissolved details.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. History, op cit, vol 2, book one, pp In his early youth he joined kitahi uncle Kemal Reis The city was retaken from the Spaniards in by Sinan Pasha and Turgut. He also gives reasons for making his compilation: Adobe Photoshop CS6 Windows. The Evolution, op cit. Kitab-i balhriye translated by Hess as Book of Sea Lore ,34 is what is commonly known as a portulani. Marseilles, its port and coastline, receive greater focus; and from there, it is said, French naval expeditions are organized and launched.

Later, he acts as a pyrotechnicianscholar and cartographer. And in his introduction, Piri Reis mentions that he had earlier designed a map bxhriye the world which deals with the very recent discoveries of the time, in the Indian and Chinese seas, discoveries known to nobody in the territory of the Rum.


Danger lies, however, in the vicinity of the island of Zembra, which is exposed most particularly to southerly winds, whilst rocks often covered by water p can be very treacherous. The description of the Tunisian coast, in particular, deserves thorough consideration. Further to the east, his attention is caught by Stora, now part of Skikdaits ruined fortress, and the large river which flows in front of its harbor, its water, he notes, tasting like that of the Nile.

Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Turkish Republic, There are many differences between the two.

On 26 February he recaptured Kitzbi from the Portuguesefollowed in by the sack of Muscatwhich Portugal had occupied sinceand the strategically important island of Kish. The southern shores of the Mediterranean, however, capture even greater focus.

Piri Reis moves onto Jijel and the region around, noting that it was under the rule of Bejaia prior to the Spanish take overunder the protection of Aroudj Barbarosa p. It is the only full portolanaccording to Goodrich of the two seas Mediterranean and Aegean Seas ever done, and caps both in text and in charts over two hundred years of development by Mediterranean mariners and scholars. GallipoliOttoman Empire.

When the Portuguese turned their attention to the Persian Gulf, Piri Reis occupied the Qatar peninsula to deprive the Portuguese of suitable bases on the Arabian coast.

Permission Reusing this file. The first by F. The first dates from bwhriye the second from five years later. This page was last edited on 4 Mayat Nautical instructions in Kitab I-Bayrye. By that time he is describing the city, though, it had already fallen into Spanish hands, something that aggrieved him so much.