DOWNLOAD BRILLIANCE OF THE MOON KISAH KLAN OTORI 3 brilliance of the moon pdf brilliance of the moon Download brilliance of the. Kami persembahkan buku pertama sekaligus penutup seri Kisah Klan Otori yang in later/earlier books, as well as giving a backdrop to the Three Kingdoms. Also known as:* Legendele Clanului Otori* Opowieści rodu Otori* Leyendas de los Otori* Leyenda Otori* Opowieści rodu Otori* Klan Otori * Kisah Klan Otori * A Saga dos Otori * Le Clan des Otori . · 36 Ratings · 1 Reviews · 3 editions.

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Open Preview See a Problem? Probably I should have reread the original Otori series before circling back around to this prequel novel; I got confused about who people were, at least at first, and I’m sure some moments that were supposed to be emotionally significant didn’t otorl because I lacked the proper context, but it is still a compelling, and at times devastating read.

Would I want to have lived in that period, particularly as a woman?

Tales of the Otori Series

She fights in a competition in her father’s place and wins against her suitor, the warlord Saga who threatens to attack the Three Countries. This is the prequel of the series “The Tales of the Otori”, and being a Klsah I absolutely fell in love with this book. Shelve His Kikuta Hands.

But it was also quite – dare i say it – dull. A world where samurai existed and the magical powers of the ninja too existed in the families of a few.

Aug 27, Haidn rated it really liked it. When they’ve been defined in a certain I loved the first three books of the Tales of the Otori series, but I don’t think I can ever reread this one. I wanted otri really root for someone and watch them survive valiantly despite all obstacles, and I kept getting the rug yanked out from under me.


The sexual abuse of the young Hisao and the twisting of his mind and personality by Akio is just one horror which is never fully examined as a horror. Want to Read saving….

Once again the casual attitude to the brutality of the world in which the series is set at once both lessens and deepens your horror at the suffering of so many of the characters. I have loved the rest of this series, but because of the repeated prophecy of the death of the protagonist, I have dreaded the end of this book, and completely put it down for about ten days, in the middle.

May 17, Trisno rated it liked it Shelves: Shelve The Harsh Cry of the Heron. The author is a British author who developed a facination with early Japan. The epic conclusion to the bestselling Ogori of t… More. Tapi ini kan novel seri.

Heaven’s Net is Wide

Heaven’s Net is Wide is the final book and also the first book in the ltori. Brilliance of the Moon, Episode 1: Walau sudah tahu akhir dari tokoh-tokoh utama, tapi tetap rantai cerita kisah ini harus berawal di sini.

Definitely read the series in the order it was published. Sixteen years has come and gone since the end of the last book. Seeing as I already knew how it’s going to play out, the motivation wasn’t really there to dip into this story as often as i have done with the previous four books.

Sejujurnya aku berharap lebih dari buku ini dari sekadar bacaan obat kangen pada seri ini. You know how it is when you have a favorite book or movie thatyou don’t think anyone else knows about about but you, and that it seems made for you?

However, I have not completely abandoned it.

Hardcoverpages. Meithya Rose Prasetya Penyunting: Otori TakeoKaede Shirakawa. Kisah mengenai kekalahan Otori dan intrik-intrik setelah kekalahan tersebut dikisahkan dengan sangat menarik dalam buku ini sampai akhirnya Shigeru menemukan keponakannya yang selama ini hilang dan tidak diketahui orang lain selain Shigeru dan Lord Shigemori.


Tales of the Otori Series by Lian Hearn

Buku ini memberi sedikit klsn tentang hubungan kekerabatan antara Shigeru dan Takeo yang tampak random di buku Akhirnya untuk menggalang kekuatan melawan Zenko, Shizuka bersedia menjadi istri sang Jenderal dan Takeo meletakkan kepemimpinannya dan kembali ke biara.

Don’t get me wrong. Books by Lian Hearn. I don’t read many female authors because of the social stigma that many of them present with romantic writing.

Prix Imaginales for Jeunesse Fifteen years of peace and prosperity under the rule of Lord Otori Takeo and his wife Kaede is threatened by a rogue network of assassins, the resurgence of old rivalries, the arrival of foreigners bearing new weapons and religion, and an unfulfilled prophecy that Lord Takeo will die at the hand of a member of his own family. This is the story of Lord Otori Shigeru-who has presided over the entire series as a sort of sp The new beginning-and the grand finale-to the beloved Tales of the Otori series.

It seems, at the point I had reached, they are just now introducing elements and characters that would play out in the other four books, and even knowing that, I still don’t care. The first half of the book is a bit awkward technically, but this is made up for the fact that in terms of storytelling, Lian Hearn is here at her peak performance. Unfortunately, if you’ve read the other books in the series first, this slow introduction can seem tiring and tedious, and for the most part does not offer you any additional insight.

Shigeko, Takeo’s oldest daughter. And don’t read it before the other 4 books just because it’s a prequel. And I thought Japan was against Western influence.