A day in the life of a group of year-olds when they are let off school because a girl in their year has killed herself after relentless. Kidulthood ticks all of the aforementioned boxes in outrageously When I was writing the script I was collecting at least three or four articles a. The script for Kidulthood was written in “ or ,” while Clarke was working in a gym. Not with the thought that it would ever get made, just.

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I can’t believe you swallowed that guy’s spunk. No, he ain’t gonna do that. Why don’t you show him how to do it, then? Hey, don’t be on no hype, you know. And don’t bother trying to call him, because kdulthood phone’s off. I see you at school the other day. Yeah, you did, man, you did say no onions, blood, man.

And now you’ve been caught out, you’re trying to drag Trife back into this. But then you go into their stories, and the heist happens simultaneously scriptt their stories.

Hug him up like the fucking batty hole you scripf. If anyone should fucking die, it’s him man. So, Rebecca, who’s your lovely friend? I’d get so fat if I kept this. But I want some E’s today and maybe some coke. Didn’t I tell them no onions?


She was fucking fifteen, man. In my drum as well! Hey, that must be his room. See, that’s what I want, blood. Only our year’s got the day off. I fucked that grl a few weeks ago, blood. Give me one fucking reason why you shouldn’t die! No, I like you.

Low it low it, come on, come on. You have the thing? Have you kldulthood her? Sam jacked my sister’s GameBoy, kidulghood, I’m just here to take it back. She killed herself because you and your friends bullied her Have you seen my address book anywhere?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, all right, take care, yeah. Yeah, man, let him come, man. I’m doing you a favour in the first place by getting you one. Come and take this boy outside, man. I don’t know, maybe we shouldn’t go to the party.


You know what, mate, I got passed by five black cabs today. Man, that’s nasty, man. It’s because you’re so buff, yeah, and like you’re good, man. If you was somebody else, I would have stabbed your claret, rude boy!


Kidulthood Movie Script

Because we wanted to catch a cab, man. I thought you liked Moony? What, man, you think that scares me?

None of kidultgood did shit to help, man. But I will have to test it. You’re gonna come up here like you’re bad. I’ll wait for you back at mine. She ain’t no virgin. Another man introduced early into the mix was Damon Bryant, a former cameraman turned producer, whose credits include James Joyce biopic Nora and the Daniel Craig vehicle Flashbacks of a Fool. I fucked that girl a few weeks ago, blood.

Kidulthood: Based on the screenplay by Noel Clarke: Noel Clarke: Bloomsbury Children’s Books

Because he don’t want you, and Trife don’t want you either. All right, I’m twenty-two, but I’m mature, man. White girls usually fuck you for a browns.

If you’re gonna do something to me, then do it. All the acids in your stomach kill it.