sample Keppe Motor Warning: the handling of the material and tools suggested in this manual is improper for children under 12 years of age. List of suggested. III – Instructions for building the sample Keppe Motor Warning: the handling of the material and tools suggested in this manual is improper for children under Yesterday, The STOP the Destruction of the World Association announced the release of a new Keppe Motor Fan Kit & Assembly Manual.

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Then, fix the rubber cylinder in the cor- rect position with a drop of superglue between it and the shaft.

In his landmark book, The New Physics, Dr. My wish is that this booklet can help lift Physics out of the pit it has fallen into. Scrape about 1 cm of the wire shield from the wires. To facilitate the hand winding procedure of the coil, trim the edges of the strips with the scissors. Keppf Motor Fan Kit 4.

Step kepe Put some drops of superglue around the holes and attach the ball bearings as shown in the sequence of photos below. Glue the two pieces of cardboard very close manyal the shaft so that they touch it lightly. Keppe Products Keppe Motor Manual 4. Keppe Motors are suitable for use as environmentally friendly alternatives where traditional, inefficient electric motors are currently being used. The idea was put forward that there is a particle of matter — the atom, the smallest particle — composed of two particles plus a neutral element formed by the fusion of protons and electrons.

Keppe Motor presented in the United States

Edit wiki on beta. As of the launch of this announcement yesterday, they said they had 10 ready to go. Scroll down to “Kit and Manual 4. There was an error working with the wiki: Step 19 Connect the two alligator clip terminals to the Reed switch.


Designed with educators and students in mind, the Keppe Motor Kit 1. Step 21 Turn on the switch. Step 15 Glue the wooden support for the Reed switch under the shaft as shown in the next picture.

It came in a hand-crafted wooden box with a sliding lid on it, and a couple of CDs, along with the kit materials. Pierce the center of the sheet with a pencil and mark the two points for the holes for the shaft ball bearings. This is equivalent to a rotating motor at rpm for approximately 14 days, 24 hours a day.

Manual 4.1 – Keppe Motor

The Keppe Motor Kit 1. Portuguese BrazilSpanish Read more. Keppe Motor Manual – Working Principles Nowadays, such an assembly is mostly just a memory of the “good ol’ days,” but not with the STOP Organization, for whom such things are a way of life. After finishing the primary coil, pass to the secondary coil without cutting the wire, and provide turns more in the same clockwise direction.

See the explicative document: Step 1 Draw a 6 x 4 cm rectangle on a blank sheet of paper. From exploring the truth about energy and matter, to discussing the true source of energy, to examining the enormous impact of psychology on genetics, Keppe clarifies science and disinverts its incorrect metaphysical orientation. Get the magnet with the two pieces notor cardboard glued to the shaft. Industry Education Features of keppw Keppe Motor A New Technology for a New World Keppe Motors are suitable for use as environmentally friendly alternatives where traditional, inefficient electric motors are currently being used.

Keppe & Soos — Electromagnetic Motor

De Lorenzo has extensive experience and expertise in keppf systems, thanks to continuous evolution with projects in educational institutions around the world. This is the size of the larger face of the transformer support. One of the ends of the switch should stay 1 cm from the center of the neodymium magnet, as shown in the picture below.

Keppe analyzes the mistakes in science that have mxnual us to be so destructive and out of resonance with nature, and to offer concrete solutions for fixing our inverted scientific worldview. Center Draw two diagonal lines and place a mark in the center, as shown in the photograph. Dimensions of the inner hole: Portuguese BrazilSpanish.


I was searching the internet for information about solar panels. The figure below shows how the support with the two holes should look.

Keppe Motor presented in the United States – Keppe Motor – Tecnologia para um Novo Mundo

Step 7 This step is a preparation for the construction of manuzl rotor in the next step. Advanced Fan Manufacturing Guide”. Here’s a photo of me today with that Keppe Motor Kit 1.

Keppe pages Translated to: Complete with easy to follow professionally mnaual illustrations, this manual also comes with the blueprints and 3D printable. You’ll also find a basic exploration of Norberto Keppe’s New Physics, the science behind the Keppe Motor — a must-read for anyone interested in the scientific basis behind this revolutionary technology.

Then glue the tube onto the base making sure the hole faces the battery sup- port. Help Center Find new research papers in: If the motor does not start, gently spin the shaft in a clockwise direction. Click here to sign up. Be careful not to touch the red and blue terminals or the motor will not work.

In this profound and extraordinary book, Dr. The complete coil primary plus secondary must have a total of 1, turns in the same direction clockwise. Step 9 Glue the rectangular piece of cardboard onto one side maanual the wooden base and then glue the motor on top of moto, as shown in the keppee.

It happened like this. Their work has been completely based on the discoveries of scientist, Norberto R.