Keithley Instruments, Inc. warrants this product to be free from defects in material . aspects of Nanovoltmeter operation, refer to the Model User’s Manual. A. Nanovoltmeter. Accessories Supplied. Low Thermal Input Cable with spade lugs, m (4 ft). User manual, service manual, contact cleaner. View and Download Keithley user manual online. Nanovoltmeter. Measuring Instruments pdf manual download. Also for: a.

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It can be set manually or an auto delay can be used. Annunciators are located at the top, bottom, left, and right of the reading or display message. Page 20 Set the DC calibrator output voltage to the indicated value.

I know i can also address the A via the ‘s vi’s and a rs cable, but i want to address it directly via GPIB for added flexibility. Figure shows connections using the internal reference junction. VMC from unit 2 must not be ketihley. The following paragraphs discuss low- resistance measurement techniques and include some applications to test switches.

Talk commands are used to address devices to talk. Static Sensitive Devices Use the following assembly drawings to assist you as you disassemble and reassemble the Model Use the GPIB key. Figure Sourcemeter Output—point Custom Sweep Has anybody encountered a similar problem with reading out buffers? Bits B0 through B3 — Not used. Autozeroing Modes This process is known as autozeroing.


Also, refer to these drawings for information about the Keithley part numbers of most mechanical parts in the unit. Handshake lines The bus handshake lines operate in an interlocked sequence. Disassembly Disassembly Case cover removal Follow keitlhey steps below to remove the case cover to gain access to internal parts.

You can read the error queue by using the: After sending the following commands, the: The AUTO annunciator turns on when autoranging is selected.

May All Keithley product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of Keithley Instruments. PRESet enables continuous initiation. Universal multiline commands Universal commands are those multiline commands that require no addressing. Example Send default code of KI Applications Low-resistance measurements The Model can manaul used with a current source to measure resistances at levels well below the ketihley of most conventional instruments.

When Ratio is enabled, the state on or off of the REL annunciator depends on which measurement function was last selected. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Select the DCV1 function. Delta Measurement Process Delta reading.

Keithley 2182A Manuals

Page – Figure Setup of Model and Model Verification Test Requirements I Delta, Pulse Delta, and Differential Conductance Figure I-5 Pulse timing The three available sweeps include 1 staircase sweep, 2 logarithmic sweep and 3 cus- tom sweep.

Software requirements In order to use the calibration programs, you will need the following computer software: Primary Address Selection Display The display of the Model is primarily used to display readings, along with the units and type of measurement.


Addressed Multiline Commands Figure B shows what happens when the current is reversed. Addresses the Model to talk. Service personnel are trained to work on live circuits, perform safe installations, and repair products.

Keithley A Manuals

Table Of Contents External scanning example with Model Safety Precautions Service personnel are trained to work on live circuits, perform safe installations, and repair products. The Mnual reads only the signal received at its input; therefore, it is important that this signal be properly transmitted from the source.

Query analog output offset. Calibration Step Commands References to the Model apply to both the Models and A. Set the calibrator to output DC volts, and turn external sense off. Sending a response message After sending a query command, the response message is placed in the Output Queue. If a longer settling time is required before performing each measurement, kanual a manual delay from the Model keitnley Standard Cell Comparisons Status Subsystem These query commands are used to read the event registers.

Page Stepping and Scanning Stepping and Scanning