This exhibition highlights the Jami’ al-Tawarikh (“World History” or “Compendium of Chronicles”) of Rashid al-Din, one of the masterpieces of. Khalili Collections | Islamic Art | This copy of the Jami’ al-Tawarikh is without doubt one of the greatest illustrated medieval manuscripts. During the reign of Uljaitu (–17), this text was expanded into the Jami’ al- tavarikh, or Compendium of Chronicles. The text initially comprised three volumes.

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MSSfolio 59a.

Category:Jami al-Tawarikh

The latter may have been lost accidentally, but the former block may have been jettisoned deliberately because it had no illustrations. This part of the manuscript was discovered in the s by Duncan Forbeswho found it among the papers of Colonel John Baillie, so this section is sometimes referred to as “Baillie’s collection”. Karimi, ; partial ed. Jahn,yawarikh facs. The Suwar al-akalima geographical compendium.

Folio 12b b of the reconstructed manuscript Three emperors of the Three Kingdoms. Folio 30b b of the reconstructed manuscript Ravana, king of Lanka and king of the demons, lies dead before Rama a scene from jaim Indian epic, the Ramayana 12 x At some point during the next two decades it was brought to England, probably when Harriott came home on furlough, when the manuscript entered the collection of Major General Thomas Gordon. His immense wealth made it said of him that he was the best paid author in Iran.

Khalili Collections | Islamic Art | The Jami‘ al-Tawarikh of Rashid al-Din

The impulse of empire building led to an expansion of knowledge here, too; political circumstances and Mongol religious tolerance were particularly favorable to the exchange of goods and cultural wares Jahn,pp. Just as distinguishable are different racial and ethnic types, made manifest not just in the physical attributes of the characters, but also their clothes and their hats.


The three women on the left take the place of the three magi. Most of the miniatures for these volumes copy the horizontal format and other features of the Ilkhanid manuscripts, while retaining other features of Timurid style in costume, colouring and composition, using what is sometimes known as the “Historical style”.

Some parts of the surviving text are heavily illustrated and other parts not at all, apparently reflecting the importance accorded to them.

Jami’ al-tawarikh – Wikipedia

Another description says it is Muhammad exhorting his family to fight, and that he may be one of the central figures, but it is not clear which one. Hossein Nasr et al. The son of an apothecaryhe studied medicine and joined the court of the Ilkhan emperor, Abaqa Khanin that capacity. BrowneIII, jjami.

The final three folios covering the end of the section on the Jews were also lost, perhaps accidentally, but judging from the comparable section in MS. The subjects cho-sen to illustrate the text are partly for pedagogical purposes and partly reflect current interests at the Il-khanid court Blair,esp. In other jurisdictions, re-use of this tawarioh may be restricted; see Reuse of PD-Art photographs for details.

The surviving portions total approximately pages, with versions in Persian and Arabic. Retrieved 2 February tawaarikh Folio 54a a of the reconstructed manuscript The death of Moses on Mount Nebo 11 x In view of these precautions, it is ironic that so few early manuscripts have survived.


Note that a few countries have copyright terms longer than 70 years: It is a different section of the History than that of the Edinburgh version, possibly from a different copy.

Retrieved from ” https: Folio 17a a of the reconstructed manuscript Twelve emperors of the Song dynasty. A Masterpiece of Islamic Painting”. Barthold, Turkestan down to the Mongol Invasioned. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Rashid al-Din was of course a very busy man, with his public life, and would have employed assistants to handle the materials assembled and to write the first draft: The details of his life have been fully studied atwarikh e. Only portions of it have survived, [17] divided into two parts between the Jmai of Edinburgh folios and the Khalili Collection 59 foliosalthough some researchers argue for these being from two different copies.

There is then a record of it passing through the hands of later Mughal emperors for the next few centuries. The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong. It contained multiple buildings, including a mosquehospital, library, and classrooms, employing over tawariku. Petersburg University Library, OP.