Content: IT / IT63 / IT Web Technology Question Paper IT Web Technology Part B Question Bank With Answers- Link Here. IT/IT63/ IT Web Technology Question Bank With Answers CSE 6th Semester Regulation | BE Computer Science and Engineering. IT WEB TECHNOLOGY IMPORTANT 16 MARK QUESTION WITH ANSWER KEYS ANNA UNIVERSITY QUESTION BANK. IT WEB TECHNOLOGY.

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Making the connection Making a request Receiving the response Closing the connection State the use of web server logs and list the contents of a message log.

Closing the connection Are you finding any study materials?

This isknown as Stateless Connection. Really very informative post you shared here. What is the difference between node and host? It is a communication channel between web browser and web server. VLINK — Changes the default color of a hyperlink that is already visited to whatever color is specified with this tag.

Arch Admission – Today is It is a method for referencing an object without declaring the full path to the object. Anna University – Counselling dates for B.

In addition to these resources, it offers some university updates, and also included uqestion previous year university question papers. Prior to joining Narayanaguru College of Engineering I was working as a software programmer for two years. Specifies the size of the border to place around the image. The syntax of the form is.



What do you meant by server side programming? What is meant by a XML namespace? What is the role of server?

What are the issues of next generation IP? MIME was originally designed to facilitate multimedia email and to provide an encoding that could questionn binary data past the most train —damaged mail transfer programs. Indicates the amount of apace to the top and bottom of the image.

Tutorial is just awesome. If you have a circular button that links to another page, how do you prevent a rectangle from appearing around it? What are the necessities of using HTML forms? It is really helpful for a newbie like me.

Each time a request is made to the server, it is as ifthere technooogy no prior connection and each request can yield only a single document. How do you add music to a web page? It uses MIME to encode data. Give syntax of bahk URLs 3. One way to translate a hostname to an IP address is to look it up in a simple text file. How do I make text show in italics? How do you make a graphic a link? Anna University 8th Semester – Results Announ What is meant by Name Resolution?

SreeBrothers: IT63 / IT – Web Technology – University Questions

User can specify the color name of a hyperlink or an equivalent hexadecimal number. HTTP specifies how a client and server establish a connection, how the client requests data from the server, how the server responds ttechnology that request, and finally how the connection is closed.


Making a request 3. MIME is an open standard for sending multipart, multimedia data through Internet email.

KLNCE – ANNA UNIVERSITY: Web Technology / WT previous year question papers

Nowadays JavaScript has etchnology of job opportunities on various vertical industry. Linked regions of an image map are called hot regions and each hot region is associated with a filename.

It begins on the client side with the browser sending a request to the web server for a document. Alagappa Engineering College Admission for This document is preceded by the response header, which has details about how to display thedocument that will be sent by the server.

URI Uniform Resource Identifier is a string of characters in a particular syntax that identifies a resource. Linked regions of an image map are called hot regions and each hot region is associated with. Arch Admission – Counsellin EC Microprocessors and Microcontrollers— Gathering user information 2.