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It is a reflection on the research process and results, which may include conclusive ideas, important applications, and implications of the research.

Intel ISEF Forms

Thick mucus traveled a maximum of cm. Skip to main content. The abstract should be a brief, yet comprehensive synopsis of the research project. Additional pages may be attached. Please submit one for asbtrct participant; we do count them.

Attach extra pages if the continuation involves more than 3 years of research. Any information that is unnecessary to include in a brief explanation should be saved for the written research paper or the project exhibit board.

How to Write an Intel ISEF Abstract

Documeny MUST display a copy of this document at their project on the day of the fair. All changes must be included in an addendum; if no changes are made, include in an addendum the statement that no changes were made after the original research plan and approvals. It will be reviewed by Special Award Organization and Grand Award Judges to determine whether the project stands out within its category or abztrct for special awards.


Each sample was analyzed for maximum distance traveled and distribution of droplets. Official Abstract — Abstract — A summary of experimentation. Skip to main content.

Rules for all projects. The forms should be filled out and signed before any research takes place. Thin mucus traveled a maximum of cm, suggesting a potential spread of virus-containing particles of up to 4 meters abetrct our tests.

Abstract Instructions | Student Science

Unless significant, do not include any of the experimental design difficulties encountered in research. Explain thoroughly the differences between each documsnt research; must be significantly different than previous studies, such as a new variable introduced. Abstract Form with 17 Scientific Categories. W-9 Tax Information Form required of all U.

R esearch site is home, school or field: It should seek to highlight the research question sexperimental procedures, data, and conclusions in a way that is concise and easy to understand.

Student enters name and title. Vertebrate Animal Form 5A and 5B. Do not include acknowledgements in the abstract.

How to Write an Intel ISEF Abstract | Student Science

The general public and other Intel ISEF visitors read the abstract for a quick overview of the research design and findings. Compared to thick mucus mean distance of Universities, research facilities, and industrial settings require Form 1C. Disseminate and collect in a abstct that protects privacy and confidentiality.


As part of your paperwork submission process, you will use our online system to write your abstract. Students who have been chosen to compete at Intel ISEF must upload an abstract of their research during the online entry process. The Society will make a documet correction and notify you of the change or they will contact you with instructions on how to correct the electronic copy for documenr to the SRC.

The abstract should be words or less. Research projects that were conducted at: University, Experimental Biosciences Web site: Procedure A brief overview of how the investigation was conducted, highlighting key points, and including methods and resources used.