Learn about the potential side effects of iron protein succinylate. Includes common and rare side effects information for consumers and healthcare professionals. Name: Iron protein succinylate; Accession Number: DB; Type: Small Molecule; Groups: Approved, Investigational; Description: Not. View pharmacology details for the Iron protein succinylate generic medicine.

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Iron Protein Succinylate

This treatment fully reverted severe anemia associated with iron deficiency. S Scremin L Caprioglio.

Serum iron concentrations in these patients were no different from those obtained in 10 ‘normal’ hypochromic anaemic patients. To evaluate the efficacy and safety of iron protein succinylate IPS oral solution in preventing and treating anemia of prematurity AOP.

Iron protein succinylate in the treatment of iron deficiency: Severe iron deficiency in rats was found to be associated with abnormal lipid accumulation in the liver and impairment of the oxidative metabolism in the hepatic tissue. The efficacy and tolerability of iron protein succinylate in the treatment of iron-deficiency anemia in pregnancy. Treatment of iron deficiency conditions in blood donors: J Pharm Pharmacol Jun;43 6: Minerva Ginecol May;42 5: Pediatr Allergy Immunol May;17 3: Clinical or observational studies reporting data on the tolerability of oral iron supplements were included.

Controlled, double-blind, multicenter clinical trial of iron protein succinylate in the treatment of iron deficiency in children. You can use this directory to find the medicine stores in your city or area that provide home delivery services for iron protein succinylate and other medicines and health products.

Treatment began at two weeks after birth.

Iron protein succinylate Pharmacology

A prospective, open, multicenter clinical trial was set up to evaluate the potential interaction of Auccinylate with H2-receptor antagonists in patients affected with iron deficiency. The absorption of iron from iron succinyl-protein complexes was investigated in mice. Assay samples were treated with 0. Mylicon drops in the treatment of infant colic.


Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis Syndrome falls in the spectrum of acute idiosyncratic bullous disorders with medications being the major aetiological factor. Both treatments lasted 60 days.

Iron protein succinylate – DrugBank

Acute allergic reaction to an iron compound in a milk-allergic patient. Iron plus folate is more effective than iron alone in the treatment of iron deficiency anaemia in pregnancy: Medicine India is just a publishing medium for medicine related information and does not provide services or sales of medicines including iron protein succinylate.

Inclusion criteria were iron-deficiency type of anemia, and hemoglobin levels below of Iron therapy is necessary in a wide variety of clinical situations, and new formulations with improved tolerability and efficacy would be a welcome alternative to ferrous sulfate.

In a controlled study versus iron sulphate in 40 blood donors with low levels of stored iron, jron for 30 days with iron protein succinylate resulted in greater iron absorption compared to the reference drug. The first aim of this meta-analysis is to verify the increase of hemoglobin Hb in these patients treated with ITF, treated with iron sulphate and treated with iron-polysterene sulphonate. Comparative study of tolerability and efficacy of iron protein succinylate versus iron hydroxide polymaltose complex in the treatment of iron deficiency in children.

Iron derivatives of modified milk protein. Serum iron concentration significantly sucvinylate compared with baseline values only in patients given iron protein succinylate. Clin Exp Obstet Gynecol ;32 sccinylate Meta-analysis of efficacy and tolerability data on iron proteinsuccinylate in patients with iron deficiency anemia of different severity.

The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy and tolerability of iron protein succinylate in the sccinylate of iron-deficiency anemia in pregnancy.

Iron protein succinylate Side Effects in Detail –

Histological damage to the gastroduodenal mucosa was evaluated using light and electron microscopy. It has been developed for oral iron-supplementation therapy and is characterized by a very favorable tolerability profile. Pharmacological and biopharmacological characteristics of legofer ferric protein succinylate ].


The absorption of iron after oral administration of 80 mg iron–protein–succinylate complex was evaluated by determining serum iron concentrations in 10 patients who had undergone total gastrectomy more than 1 year before and were suffering from hypochromic anaemia.

Electrophoresis indicates that the iron succinyl protein is homogeneous and gel filtration shows an apparent high molecular weight that contributes to the stability of the complexed iron. Sign In Join Now. A systematic review was conducted to analyze the tolerability of several oral iron supplements based on data obtained in available publications and to report the incidence of adverse effects AEs for each supplement both overall and gastrointestinal.

One oral vial of ITF 60 mg iron was administered once a day to children weighing up to 40 kg; and twice a day to children with body weight equal or superior to 40 kg.

After two months of treatment, the normalization of the main hematologic parameters in both groups was detected. These observations confirm that, although the most modern preparations of ferrous sulphate exhibit a relatively low frequency of adverse events of limited clinical concern, it is nevertheless possible to decrease both the prevalence and the duration of such events without prejudice for the clinical efficacy, with the use of more “physiological” preparations in which the iron is reversibly bound to a protein carrier, thus effectively removing one of the main obstacles to the correct compliance with treatments that must be administered for prolonged periods of time.

It would be best to get this clarified while placing the order. Skin tests and in vitro studies were performed in the child, in three cow’s milk-allergic controls and in a non-allergic control.