Carlon Robbins PHILS Reading Response 12/05/10 Irigaray: “Plato’s Hystera,” from Speculum of the Other Woman The Belgian-French feminist. Speculum de l’autre femme (; Speculum of the Other Woman), which was highly From Irigaray held a research position at the Centre National de la . Luce Irigaray is a Belgian-born French feminist, philosopher, linguist, psycholinguist, psychoanalyst and cultural theorist. She is best known for her works Speculum of the Other Woman () and.

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Influenced Catherine MalabouMartha P.

Speculum of the Other Woman: New Edition by Luce Irigaray

Request removal from index. Irigaray and the Sacrifice of the Sacrifice of Woman. References to this book Cultural Studies: The majority of both men and women consistently chose “il”.

You fuckers are pigs! Irigaray’s view of ethics is criticized because she describes the quintessential ethical relationship using a man and a woman.

The Ecole Freudienne was founded by the famous psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan. Irigaray thus argues that Western culture privileges identity, unity, and sight-all of which she believes are associated with male anatomy. Further, Irigaray discovered that young girls seek an intersubjective dialogue with their mothers, but that their mothers did not reciprocate. But she was removed from her position as an instructor at the University of Vincennes as well as ostracized from the Lacanian community.

Refresh and try again. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Language Since Irigaray agrees with Lacan that one must enter language culture in order to be a subject, she believes that language itself must change if women are to have their own subjectivity that is recognized at a cultural level.

I particularly respect her guts in going after not only Freud, but Plato and Hegel as well. Speculum of the Other Woman.

Speculum of the Other Woman: New Edition

Useful discussion of how the imaginary body plays out at a cultural level. Overall, she maintains the belief that biographical details pertaining to her personal life hold the possibility to be used against her within the male dominated educational establishment speculim a tool to discredit her work.


The material she offers varies from new concepts about religion and bodies-expressed through both the novel use of existing words and the creation of new words-to utopian ideals. Under the persuasion of Zeus, Hades agrees ov release Persephone from the underworld for half of each year. However, Irigaray follows speculmu French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan in understanding sexual difference as a difference that is assigned in language.

Okay, so what’s real femininity? Irigaray argues that both men and women have to reconfigure their subjectivity so that they both understand themselves as belonging equally to nature and culture.

An accessible compilation of key essays in Lacanian thought. Irigaray’s writing is undeniably challenging and complex.

Irigaray: “Plato’s Hystera,” from Speculum of the Other Woman | Carlon Robbins –

Continental Psychoanalysis, Misc in Continental Philosophy. From this perspective, female subjectivity looks like a deformed or insufficiently developed form of male subjectivity.

The discourse of reason, solar and paternal metaphor, will never oust the fantasy structure of the cave completely. The Other as Another Other. Changing relationships between mothers and daughters also requires language work.

Interesting discussion of strategic essentialism. She continued to conduct empirical studies about language in a variety of settings, researching the differences between the way men and women speak. Irigaray alleges that women have been traditionally associated with matter and nature to the expense of a woma subject position.

Newsletters Comment Print this page. Irigaray’s interpreters debate about the relationship between her early work and her most recent texts. This occurs in the mirror stage at roughly six months. Irigaray’s interpreters remain divided on this question. Addresses the relationship between men and women within the context of the elements and the senses.

Completion of the Paideia. The publication of this thesis gained her recognition, but also negatively affected Irigaray’s career. Sep 23, Andrew rated it igigaray liked it Shelves: However she distances herself from Lacan in two key manners. Psychoanalysis Irigaray states on the opening page of An Ethics of Sexual Difference that each age is defined by a philosophical issue that calls to be thoroughly examined-ours is sexual difference.


In contrast, when she gave a sequence that implied the use of il as a subject, it was almost always used. Gender and Sexuality Studies.

Irigaray, Heidegger and the potentiality of matter”. Irigaray utilizes her analyses of the male philosophers to discuss the following themes which are essential to her ethics: She believes wlman nothing short of altering wkman views of subjectivity, science, and religion can change this situation.

When Demeter learns that her daughter is missing, she is devastated and abandons her role as goddess of the earth. University of Texas Press, Zeus conspires with his brother and, in effect, gives his daughter away without consulting either Persephone or Demeter.

The question arises of whether or not Irigaray is suggesting that the speclum couple is the model for ethical relationships.

Luce Irigaray (1932?—)

Strategic Essentialism Irigaray’s use of strategic essentialism has been criticized as essentialism itself-or of endorsing the belief that iriyaray behavior follows from biology.

Irigaray’s Project Irigaray argues that, since ancient times, mothers have been associated with nature and unthinking matter. Engendering with No History of Problems. Mimesis, strategic essentialism, utopian ideals, and employing novel language, are but some of the methods central to changing contemporary culture.

An Impracticable Sexual Relationship.