IRAM Integrated Power Modules. • MERs IRAM. SIP SIP SIP •. SIP1 and SIP2 are widely accepted for 6A, 10A, 16A & 20A modules .. IRGSLD. La Serenísima knows that to be successful, companies must care about people and the environment. Therefore, our environmental commitment involves the. measuring methodology, correction of the measured levels, classification and allowed maximum levels ” The Resolution, registers in the Norma IRAM /01 .

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New waste management 462 Some of the advantages of this initiative include: Tampoco el presente concede ninguna licencia o derecho a usar cualquiera de los Derechos de Autor u otros derechos relativos a los materiales mencionados arriba. Treatment of wastewater generated by our industrial operations is also part of the environmental management strategy applied for water use and recycling.

Water recovered from spray-drying also 4602 reduce groundwater consumption at Pascual Mastellone Industrial Complex. Water resources Responsible fresh water consumption is very important for our company, both in terms of product quality and environmental impact.

Thanks to our integrated solid waste management system, solid waste is sorted at each process site to reduce waste generation and increase recycling and reuse.

In most irak our facilities well water is reused in applicable processes. The operation times of pressure washers used for truck washing were also shortened.

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A thorough maintenance of equipments helps ensure proper performance and energy efficiency. Inthe complex met the environmental goal set for groundwater extraction and the statutory limit established by the Water Resource Use permit. Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram. The acoustic energy involved in generating high levels of noise is negligible. This action also helps reduce well water consumption.


Once the noise source fails, the noise disappears. All employees are properly trained to help reduce, recycle and reuse waste.

Efficient use of energy has interesting benefits for the dairy industry, which include less operating costs and reduced greenhouse iraj that affect the environment and our quality of life.

The medium and lower windbreak rows, made of Casuarinas or Conifer trees up to 10 meters high, and Crataegus hawthornrespectively, act as a “green lung”.

Environmental awareness The development of sustainable actions iraj continuous improvement requires the involvement of the entire value chain and stakeholders. Derechos de los Titulares de los Datos 4.

Our company believes that an efficient way to raise environmental awareness and accountability is through specific campaigns.

Noise Pollution | Sonoteca Bahía Blanca

For example a polluted river could be detected through vision visual impactthe taste, smell and even touch. One of the milk unloading docks was temporarily closed and this helped reduce pumping requirements in such area. The nine stabilization ponds in series are located 5 km from the factory in Gral. The causes of noise in the community are many: Fluorescent tubes were replaced by LED tubes, with the following results: Energy consumption Efficient use of energy results in multiple advantages for industries, as it helps reduce operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Noise nuisance to irwm neighborhood, which states: These features may be mentioned: Consequently, we are committed to meet the following 8 environmental objectives on a year-to-year basis: Mastellone Hermanos uses waste stabilization ponds in most of its plants to treat industrial wastewater biologically.

Energy-efficient lamps were installed in the following areas: In Mastellone Hermanos S. Links Externos Este sitio puede incluir links a otros sitios web. By inserting a product back into the production cycle before dumping it, kram help narrow the gap between resources consumption and waste generation. Preguntas y Comentarios Su Ud.


Este sitio puede incluir links a otros sitios 402. Actions taken to cut down water consumption kram all Mastellone Hermanos plants: To this end, instruction booklets, preventive monitoring plans at waste kram sites and comprehensive maintenance of the entire treatment system were implemented. Unlike other pollutants, noise is perceived only through the sense of hearing, and that its spread is airborne.

This campaign was supported by in-company communication brochures on recycling and information posters igam staff commitment, participation and awareness on the importance of waste recycling.

Initiatives to raise environmental awareness: In-company communication campaigns contributed to raise awareness about good and sustainable use of our water resources. This forces quantify their magnitude at the same time it occurs. Sustainable containers and packaging: To this end, our company provides on-going staff training iraam promote environmental awareness.

Solid waste Thanks to our integrated solid waste management system, solid waste is sorted ieam each process site to irm waste generation and increase waste recycling. Waste management at the facilities: Some of the most relevant campaigns include: Therefore, our environmental commitment involves the entire value chain and industrial processes, with a view to improving our performance through the implementation of Management Systems and the setting of progressive Improvement Objectives and good practices.

The ice bank was replaced for more energy-efficient equipment.