Inventing Europe: idea, identity, reality. Front Cover. Gerard Delanty. Macmillan, – History – Bibliographic information. QR code for Inventing Europe. I{ETlllNKlNC IRTSH HISTORy (with patrick O’Mahony). Inventing Europe. Idea, Identity, Reality. Gerard Delanty. Senior Lěcrurer in Sociology. U niversity of Liver . Inventing Europe: Idea, Identity, Reality, Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke,

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A Theoretical Introduction This book is about how every age reinvented the idea of Europe in the mir- ror of its own identity.

This was strengthened by the Habsburgs, who, though ostensibly Germans, were in reality more of a European house. Europe became identical with the notion of a Christian common- wealth, with the emphasis being on the north-west. The age of discovery was a renewal of the crusading idea but with the difference that it was primarily western bound and the product of the new absolutist regimes and Counter- Reformation Roman Catholicism.

The main contender for the mantle of Christendom was the Inventkng empire of the Franks. While the Germanic tribes were undermining the empire from the north, the Persians were attacking from the east. Following a brief period of reunification Constantine trans- ferred the capital to Constantinople inand in the Roman Empire finally split into two parts, the Eastern and Western Empires.

Europe had not yet been ‘westernised’; nor, for that matter, had the East been ‘orientalised’. Europeanism generally signified some notion of political unitybe it that celanty the Holy Leagucsand alliances of Christendom, the Concert of Europe or the European Union. It is unlikely that a short book of this nature can achieve more than assisting in the formation of new terms of critical debate.

One of the central characteristics of Europe as a geo-political entity is the process in which the core penetrated into the periphery to produce a power- ful system of control and dependency.

The idea of Europe is not, then, without ambivalence. Includes bibliographical references and index. It was at most a region and not a continent in the geo-political sense of the term: To ask other readers questions about Inventing Europeplease sign up.


Inventing Europe – Gerard Delanty – Google Books

The West more or less abandoned the Mediterranean and the Byzantines were left to take the initiative on the east- ern front. This new framework is what we call Europe: But, as Wallace-Hadrillp. Europe does not exist any more naturally than ‘ do nations. It is also connect- ed withTnilitarism-in the sense of Europe as a security agenda. Chloe Lee rated it really liked it Nov 07, The acquisition of the New World greatly strengthened a sense of European superiority at a time when the West had failed to defeat the Muslim Orient.

Nancy rated it really liked it Nov 17, It is not something that can easily be chosen or rejected, for it itself structures the field of choices and the cpistemological framework in which it is articulated. Liam Mullins rated it it was amazing Jan 22, Sicily had for long been a crossroads of the two civilisations and it was from there that many ideas entered the two worlds.

Islam by virtue of its possession of these invenhing islands was in a position of real strength and virtually controlled the Mediterranean in the ninth century. In comparison to China it was technologically backward Needham, It must be said at the outset that while I have heavily drawn on Foucaulfs a; b notion of discourse and Said’s concept of cultural inventinv.

Isocrates, however, in the fourth century bc constructed an identi- delantyy of Europe with Greece and Asia with Persia Hay. Greek, which denotes language rather than a people, was able to lend itself to univcrsalistic ambitions. Muslim power spread over Anatolia. The dominant power in the West was no longer Byzantium.

Inventing Europe: Idea, Identity, Reality

The notion of the Occident first referred to the eastern Euorpe 2 1 Inventing Europe world and was not identical to the idea of Europe, which had less meaning as a cultural idea. The crusades were able to take advantage of a period of crisis in the Islamic world in the tenth century when the Abbasid dynasty was overthrown by the Buyids. The idea of Europe is a major aspect of modern political cul- ture and is astonishingly under- re searched Most discussions on the idea of Europe tend to lake a particularly unreflective nature without any regard being given to the wider historicaT contcxt and tnTpoli ticai consciou sness accompan ying iL T here arc several studies on the idea of the Orient as a European construction while the idea of Europe itself as an invention has never been scrutinised.


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Inventing Europe: idea, identity, reality – Gerard Delanty – Google Books

What may have been of greater significance was the Oriental-western world-system in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries and the Mediterranean civilisation of the sixteenth century Abu-Lugnod, 1 Constantinople, renamed Istanbul, the city of Islam, was now the capital of the Sunni empire of the Ottomans.

Christ was Europeanised and the crucifixion, after the tenth century, became the universal symbol of European mastery. It included a great diversity of peoples: Unlike the western frontier, which has been a frontier of expansion, the eastern one has been a frontier of defence and has played a central role in the formation of European identity.

Want to Read saving…. Erasmus, who has often been called ‘the first European’, believed that the Christian princes should stop quarrelling in order to be able to form a united front against Ottoman power Tazbir,pp.

It was founded as a political expedient in order to protect the empire from attacks from Persia. We must not, once again, overstate the difference between cast and west as far as Antiquity is concerned.