Maronian left 5 Linx in and joined Invado, an MLM company that The My Life compensation plan pays affiliates to sell products to retail. Any activity designed to manipulate the INVADO Compensation Plan is strictly prohibited. IRs may not swap, share or give customers to another IR. Compensation includes base pay, sales commission, and bonus potential. and determining security implementation plans utilizing best

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Even if you don’t add a new classification, you should revise your plan if information becomes outdated. We know where this company is going five or compensatio years from now. Because you make more money. In all aspects of your compensation plan, you should make sure to adhere to state and federal laws and regulations. Include both short and long term options in your compensation plan.

For example, if you wanted to attract the iinvado talent, you could pay above-market pay to your employees. You can always increase benefits over time to reward loyal employees. List the job descriptions. When Invado reps refer others to Referdia, they get paid on their purchases.

This can be fairly easy if you are disallowing overtime. The reason mandatory autoship triggers regulators is because plxn detracts focus from selling products and services to retail customers.


When looking through for salary figures, determine a range to use. When a My Life affiliate sells a product, the LCV value is paid out based on the following percentage compensaion.

My Life Review: Legacy business model that doesn’t quite work

They ivado receive overtime pay for each hour worked in excess of 40 in a workweek at the rate of one and a half times their regular rate of pay.

Leave this field empty.

You can also use information from other industries to gauge your pay levels for certain employees. Employee overtime is generally compensated at 1. Incentives, such as bonuses, help you retain top performers.

Similarly, providing incentive to find new customers will achieve that end. I believe that the business model has potential IF the deregulation of utilities continues in other states but so far it is limited to the East cost. Consult with a lawyer. Revise your compensation plan. Describe your fringe benefits. Weekly or monthly bonus contests work better at jobs where staff is mostly paid by the hour.

Again, study which benefits are commonly offered to this type of employee in your industry. When a My Life affiliate sells a product, the LCV value is paid out based on the following percentage ratios: When personally recruited affiliates recruit new affiliates, the following residual commissions are also paid out:.


Offer a compensation plan that includes a mix of benefits. Your incentive plans bonuses should also be awarded in such a way that they drive the company’s goals. You have several options when it comes to providing incentives. Offering this incentive over a purely sales-based incentive plan will help in increasing profitability. By early Invado had collapsed, with Maronian going to launch My Life later in the year. Invado is lacking in this area from the Midwest to the West coast.

Just like with base compensation, there are generally market rates for incentive pay.

How to Develop a Compensation Plan: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

A proper job description should include the following: Code of Conduct for this page: It’s a free quote but the service is limited due in part to the states that have implemented the deregulation. Talk to other business owners. Base pay is only part of a compensation package. Look at your existing job classifications and see if the new employee could fit into one.