User guide • Read online or download PDF • HP xw Workstation User Manual • HP Computers. View and Download HP Xw user manual online. HP xw Supplementary Guide. Xw Desktop pdf manual download. Also for: Xw, Xw We have 30 HP Xw – Workstation – 2 GB RAM manuals available for free PDF download: Service And Technical Reference Manual, Reference Manual.

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The warranties for HP products are set forth in the express limited warranty statements accompanying such products. Microsoft and Windows are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Intel and Xeon are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U. Starting up the Linux operating system Fault notification manuall recovery Product overview This chapter presents an overview of the hardware components of the HP xw Workstation.

Product features Component view The following image shows a typical HP xw workstation. Drive configurations can vary. For complete and current information on supported accessories and components, see http: Front panel majual The following image shows a typical HP xw Workstation. Product specifications The following table lists the physical dimensions for the HP xw Workstation.

HP xw Workstation User Guides | HP® Customer Support

Table Physical characteristics Weight typical configuration Tower dimensions Power supply This section describes power supply specifications for the HP xw Workstation. NOTE To reach zero power consumption, disconnect the workstation from the power outlet or use a power strip to switch off the power.

For additional information on power-saving features, see your operating system documentation. Table Environmental specifications continued Vibration operating Vibration non-operating Chapter xd4400 Product overview NOTE Values represent individual shock events and are not indicative of repetitive shock events. Like HT Technology, dual-core processors enable better performance over traditional processors. Dual-core processors provide the system with two true processors in a single socket, rather than the two “virtual” yp provided by HT Technology.

To access or learn more about manuwl applications: This behavior is normal. The boot process continues its execution after the screen returns.

Red Hat box set. The Installer kit includes the HP CDs necessary to complete the installation of all versions of the Red Hat box set that have been verified to work on HP workstation hardware. Linux operating system on page 16 For more information concerning the setup of Linux-preinstalled or Linux-enabled workstations, refer to the HP User Manual for Linux located at http: For more information about HP and Linux, see http: Chapter 2 Installing or restoring the operating system in this chapter.

HP software The following HP software may be installed on your workstation depending on the operating system and options: There may be additional CDs you can create depending on the options you purchased. You also have the option to move images of the CDs to another location, such as a network share, to be burned to CD at a later time or from another system. Protecting the software To protect software from loss or damage, keep a backup copy of all system software, applications, and wx4400 files stored on the hard drive.

See the operating system or backup utility documentation for instructions on manuap backup copies of data files. System management This section describes the various tools and utilities that allow for the system management of the workstation.


Use the arrow left and right keys to select the appropriate heading. Use the arrow up and down keys to select the option you want, and press Enter.

Saves changes to system configuration and exits Computer Setup.

Lists all installed non-SCSI storage devices and provides options for getting specific information about each device. Computer Setup F10 Utility Follow the on-screen instructions to continue Chapter 3 System management http: Based on your profile, HP will supply you with personalized product tips, feature articles, and driver and support alerts and notifications. It also results in greater productivity and lower total cost of ownership.

Power on the workstation. A setup configuration is model-specific. File system corruption can result if source and target workstations are not the same model. Select a setup configuration to copy, and reboot the workstation. World wide website HP engineers rigorously test and debug software developed by HP and third-party suppliers and develop operating system specific support software to ensure performance, compatibility, and reliability for HP workstations.

HP has made the task of locating, accessing, evaluating, and installing the latest support software easier. You can download the software from http: This website contains the latest device drivers, utilities, and flashable ROM images needed to run the latest Microsoft Windows operating system on the HP workstation.

For more information, see http: If a setup password has been established on the workstation, you will be prompted to enter it each time you run the Computer Setup F10 Utility. ENWW Enter to bypass the title screen, if necessary. To enter a setup password: As soon as the workstation is powered on, press and hold the Setup F10 Utility. When the key icon appears on the monitor, enter the setup password, and press Enter. ATA Security command set are detected.

DriveLock is intended for HP customers for whom data security is the paramount concern. For such customers, the cost of the hard drive and the loss of the data stored on it is inconsequential when compared with the damage that could result from unauthorized access to its contents. Since the initial configuration of DriveLock is typically performed by a system administrator, a master password should be set first. HP encourages system administrators to set a master password whether they plan to enable DriveLock or keep it disabled.

This will give the administrator the ability to modify DriveLock settings if the drive is locked in the future. In a single drive system, if the drive is drive-locked, then the system will most likely not boot to the operating system. The system may try to boot from the network instead, depending on the boot ordering options. Regardless, the drive-locked drive remains inaccessible without the DriveLock password.

In a two drive system where there is a boot drive and a data drive, one can apply the DriveLock feature only to the data drive. Be prepared; order this key before you need one.

If the workstation is connected to a network managed by HP Client Manager Software, the computer sends a fault notice to the network management application. With HP Client Manager Software, you can also remotely schedule diagnostics to automatically run on all managed PCs and create a summary report of failed tests.

When HP workstations are built, each installed hard drive is tested using the DPS, and a permanent record of key information is written onto the drive. Each timethe DPS is run, test results are written to the hard drive.


Removal and replacement procedures This chapter describes removal and replacement procedures of most internal components. Service considerations The following sections discuss service considerations that should be reviewed and practiced before removing and replacing any system components. Lifting the workstation from the front bezel or lifting it incorrectly can cause the unit to fall and harm you and damage the workstation.

Preventing electrostatic damage to equipment Many electronic components are sensitive to ESD.

HP Xw4400 – Workstation – 2 GB RAM Hardware Manual

Circuitry design and structure determine the degree of sensitivity. The following packaging and grounding precautions are necessary to prevent damage to electric components and accessories. If an incorrect screw is used during the reassembly process, it can damage the unit. HP strongly recommends that all screws removed during disassembly be kept with the removed part, janual then returned to their proper locations.

Lifting the workstation from the front bezel or lifting it incorrectly could cause the unit to fall and cause harm to the user and damage to the workstation. To properly and safely lift the workstation, lift it from the bottom of the unit from either the desktop or minitower configuration. Cables and connectors Cables must be handled with care to avoid damage. Hard mxnual Handle hard drives as delicate, precision components, avoiding all physical shock and vibration.

This guideline applies to failed drives as well as replacement spares. Customer Self-Repair Customer Self-Repair enables you to obtain replacement parts and install them yourself on your workstation. Predisassembly procedures Perform the following steps before servicing the workstation: Close any open software applications. Remove any diskettes or CDs from the workstation. Shut down the operating system.

Power off the workstation and any peripheral devices that are connected to it. Remove or disengage any security devices that prohibit opening the xd4400. System board components The following image shows the system board connectors and sockets on the HP xw Workstation.

Figure System board identification Table System board components Component Second serial port adapter Rear chassis fan Auxiliary power Processor Solenoid hood lock System board architecture The following image shows the HP xw Workstation block diagram. Steps for removal and replacement of components This section discusses the procedures necessary to remove and install various hardware components on your workstation.

Review the safety and precautions and the well as the Safety and Regulatory Information, before servicing or upgrading your system. Read all safety information and precautions. Security lock optional If a security padlock is installed, remove it before servicing the unit. To remove the padlock, unlock it and slide it out of the padlock loop as shown in the following image. Yp Removing the security lock Chapter 4 Removal and replacement procedures Front fan removal optional.

Cable lock optional If a cable lock is installed, remove it before servicing the unit. To remove the cable lock, unlock it and pull it out of the cable lock slot as shown in the following image.