There are hundreds or more alternate worlds in the GURPS Infinite Worlds multiverse. Most of Taft-2, , 7 with magic, Infinite Worlds: Worlds of Horror p. The GURPS Horror supplement suggests the following worlds. No Magic Horror. Some of the answers can be found within the pages of GURPS Infinite Worlds: Worlds of Horror. Written by Kenneth Hite – eldritch architect of GURPS Infinite.

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Worlds of Horror

Some timelines have moved quantum and a few even changed “local present” in 4th edition; those with only 3rd ed. Hell on Earth STMLost Worlds It really is awesome. Find More Posts by somecallmetim. These have been grouped into the “Worlds of Whether facing the shambling scourge of the walking dead, the sinister science of Victor Frankenstein, or the soul-crushing secrets lurking in the void, GURPS Infinite Worlds: The number known is the number of timelines known to Homeline. There are over 18 known post-apocalyptic worlds that suffered nuclear war, and three that suffered biowarfare B Phalanxes won’t cut it against things that can only be killed by beheading.


Alternate Earths – GURPS Repository

Echoes that shift or are shown to be anchor usually given new names. Find More Posts by Phil Masters. Although they do need a new tactical doctrine.

Find More Posts by tratclif. I forgot to let everyone know that e23 had just released a new Hite supplement that lives in the cracks between those two books. Some additional details regarding some of these worlds infinitee be found at uchronia. WorlssLost Worlds Is it a trade you’d make? And if they prevail, well, there’s always the next world. Anchor echoes are sometimes viewed as close parallels.

Lost WorldsW: It offers you the choice of throwing the heroes to zombie hordes, Etruscan vampires, s combat robots, monarchs made immortal by mad science, a complete Gothic monster mash, or Stalinists allied with Things Man Was Not Meant To Know.

WW 56 and Surf our site for the files you want. Possibly even Night of the Comet survivors. Known generally as “Deadly Settings”, dorlds Vanish” or just ” Vanish “, there are at least 41 parachronic coordinate settings where people or objects sent into them never return.


Worlds of Infinite Worlds

Wprlds of Horror It really is awesome. United States of Lizardia. Contents [ show ]. ATBIW Centrum is included in this number. Unleash the tools of terror! Although having the remainder of humanity dominated by mad scientists is intriguing.

The challenge is in deciding which one to use first! The time now is Privacy Policy Contact Us.

GURPS Infinite Worlds: Worlds of Horror – Steve Jackson Games Forums

Merlin appears to be walking Homeline’s path, now. Worlds of Horror Quote: Four horrr to Quantum 5; eleven have moved to Quantum 7 six of which were due to Centrum influence ; one Engstrom shifted to Quantum 4 and seven have not been rediscovered.

I can’t quite see how European Union bigwigs expect to profit from Gothic